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Tips for helping your kids to manage stress successfully.

A specific level of stress is customary. And regular stress answers from circumstances such as changing schools and engaging new fellows can really help pupils learn and grow. But when exposed to repeated stressful events externally the tools to regulate feelings, anxiety can become emotionally and materially virulent. This guide explains the manifestations of stress in students from fundamental school through artifices teachers and parents can use to help.

Stress can influence health-related functions like rest patterns, diet, and exercise as well, taking a more extensive tool. Given that approximately half of APA study respondents explained completing three hours of homework per evening in extension to their full day of schoolwork and extracurriculars, this is acceptable.

An added study discovered that much of high school pupil’s anxiety arises from school and activities and that this continuous stress can continue into school years and lead to scholastic disengagement and mental health problems. Typical sources of student stress incorporate:

  1. School 
  2. Study 
  3. Extracurricular activities
  4. Social difficulties
  5. Developments (e.g., graduating, moving out, living individually)
  6. Profession 

Stress is a major factor in learning failure  

High school pupils face the extreme competitiveness of taking challenging courses, amassing impressive extracurriculars, inquiring and acing school induction tests, and resolving important and life-changing projects for tomorrow. At the identical time, they ought to drive the social challenges internal to the high school practice. 

What parents can do?

1. Wait for indications of school-related stress.

 With teens, parents should guard against stress-related behaviors, like intentionally cutting themselves, or feelings of desperation or hopelessness, nevertheless casual comments may sound. Younger children may have more mental indications of school stress, like pains, stomachaches, or disinclination to go to school. 

2. Prepare your kid for time-management abilities.

 With today’s massive study loads, time-management and organizational skills are essential weapons fronting stress. Teach kids to estimates their time intelligently with homework. Attempt to do something each nighttime alternatively of studying at the last minute,”  

3. Analyze whether your kid is over-scheduled.

Over-scheduling is a significant cause of school stress, experts say. Numerous high-school students enter in more Credits or Advanced Placement subjects than they can manage and then store extracurricular exercises on top. 

5. Observe the parental discipline.

Some parents may not apprehend they’re starting school stress more regretful by compelling their kids to shine. But parents who crave to ease kids’ stress necessarily displace their attitude. 

What  TEL Gurus recommends?

  • Teach your children to use an administrator or planner to keep a record of responsibilities and homework. When they complete each assignment, children can check them off for a sense of achievement. 
  • If kids fight with following their homework, encourage them by matching along with homework if their school mails assignments online. 
  • Give your kid a soft place to study, freed of disturbances, apart from the TV and video games. 
  • If likely, have kids learn earlier rather than next in the day. The following is for most maximum students, the lower their attention span. Investigate the school about sources if your child is grappling academically. Many schools now own homework centers, math clubs, and training schedules after school. 

Middle school learners are faced with provocations each and each day.  Whether those challenges come from the house, school, companions, or other environmental determinants, stress can surprise kids. 

Stress is an uneasy feeling someone emerges when they’re afraid, angry, anxious, or frustrated, which alters their mood and body in several different ways. What’s necessary to remember is that children and adolescents encounter stress the equivalent way adults act. 

Middle school students can be very sensitive to stress because of the endless changes they’re experiencing bodily, emotionally, psychologically, and intellectually throughout these years. 

A middle school senior may be encountering stressors such as homework pressure, a busy schedule, peer influence, examination anxiety, grades, memory concerns, lack of assistance, and changes in routine. The aforementioned does not involve any stressors transpiring at home or other out-of-school circumstances. 

Activities for stress management

Straw Exercise

Take a straw and arrange it horizontally on the table. Now keep both ends tightly and start twisting them in such a method that they overlay each other and create an air balloon at the center. Now request a volunteer to step ahead and split the straw air bubble with a finger or finger (as if beating the sticker on the carrom board). The balloon with burst and will generate a lot of yelling.

Debrief: Individual beings are like straws, bottling up anxiety & tension, which we examine as a part of lives and method, we become brittle over a period of time, and with a smallest ‘tick’ will burst. It’s good to acknowledge and understand your individual triggers to de-stress, which allows us to jump back.

Start talking!

A useful opening point may be to precede a tool such as the stress operators questionnaire that the complete team can do unitedly and to use this as a base for originating a conversation. 

Quick Calm Extensive breathing Activities

Quick Calm is an unconstrained deep-breathing workout that uses with every kid. 

Stress Wheel

Use the wheel strategy (similar to the performance wheel worked in coaching) to estimate a person’s stress. Propose the kids to name roots of stress and ask them to note certain down on the blank wheel gift provided, securing 0 – 10 (0 being stressed – 10 not an issue). Some examples have been ‘relationships at work, relationships at home, salary, workload pressures, personal investments, and so on. Somebody choose 6 that are relevant to them and then complete the hoop. This permits participants to classify their key fields of stress. 

Participants are invited to share with the character next to them originally. Additionally, into the program, we look at accessories and procedures to cope with the stressors classified on the wheel. This strategy allows the readers to deal with ‘real-time’ problems. 

In brief-

Parents are advised to assist their kids to cope with regular school stress by using varied activities. Managing the amount of homework is vital for managing school stress. 

Homeschooling In Lockdown Is Essential for Your Success. Read This to Find Out Why?

The homeschooling community in the UK is expanding. According to a novel study by the education magazine – Schools Week, the number of teenagers staying homeschooled has almost doubled in the past months in the UK. We offer online Homeschooling supporter for parents and guardians who have determined to home teach their children.

As the UK’s leading online secondary school, we allow pupils to study the British curriculum, in comprehensive or in part, of home.

Live schoolings are delivered by expert and qualified teachers and parents can pursue their child’s development via the online school core. We have maintained many parents and their descendants who have opted for homeschooling with us. 

Children may additionally begin off in mainstream education but be carried out of school and educated at home, that could be down to a child having distinctive requirements or being unhappy and not coping with life at a comprehensive secondary school.

Those students who want to become on with their profession can also become very frustrated when other children misbehave in class. 

Parents may also be displeased with the methods of education at schools or a movement to house education could be because parents are powerless to get their child into the school of their preference. Whatever the grounds, We have served alongside progenitors to supply spirit, resilient, Online Education for students in the encouragement of their own home. 

How Does It Work? 

We are ideal for use at home, lessons can be obtained anywhere wherever there is an internet connection affording you with flexibility. Qualified teachers lead real-time, live online, timetabled lessons anywhere student communication is supported and controlled and our staff is on hand to answer any problems you or your child may have.

Pupils inquire for our full curriculum education no more than two subjects a time to combine learning, this strategy provides our pupils to progress immediately releasing them up to attempt other concerns with more enthusiasm. 

A School that accommodates a manageable 24/7 passageway to learning, fusing live online lessons with adequately qualified teachers in small schooling groups, concurrently with independent Home Education.

We have taken the most benefit of the traditional self-sufficient private school strategy to learn and present a future-ready digital learning adventure for our pupils. 

How To Combat This Situation:

Here Are Some Ways To Generate The Best Homeschool 

1. Creating A Room Space For Learning Is Vital 

When it proceeds time to make a particular area just for school, analyze a room that is spacious and airy. Examine what you will necessitate in the room.

You will require a room for students to work; frequently, parents prefer a table or sections. Education centres are necessary for homeschooling environments, and bookshelves are a great place to store reading and education materials. Don’t ignore that you will require a lot of location. 

2. Place Teacher Supplies 

This restricted space should be practised for schoolwork and no external activities. You don’t require the room to double as a playroom, because you might discern that children stop adjusting as well. You might further notice that amounts diminish or vanish when the room is practised for play or other activities. 

Make certain that there is a well-stocked equipment station in your classroom to withdraw constantly seeking easy things during the day. You can keep everything like rulers, staplers, markers, and additional things that might not be used as frequently in a number cabinet or station. Get imaginative with labels and keep the area classified. 

3. Daily Scheduling 

Children are related to becoming a set plan or cycle in school and hence, building a similar structure or schedule for them at the house offers the most sense. You can also combine a time for lunch breaks, activity time, and TV differences to help them maintain their time well.

This will also help you prepare any work gatherings to match their schedule, which is great for both you and your kids. 

4. Using Online Resources For Learning 

During this lockdown, online sources have developed as a saviour to all parents currently homeschooling their children. There are several great sites and programs you can find online that grant free instructional content to help your kids brighten their skills. 

5. Interesting Activities And Projects 

It is essential for parents to recognize their needs and assist them while they adjust to these changes. As the environment battles a pandemic, it is important that pupils continue their education through homeschooling so that their education never freezes. So, even if the initial few days of homeschooling is challenging for both parents and kids, make sure you stick to this routine to help your kids grow more fruitful and engaged during this time. 

Apart from just delivering them books and records, inculcate your kid in activities-based learning. Talk concerning the interest of the kids use colours or visual material to obtain them engaged. Also, keep a board and marker with your children so that they can reproduce on it. While engaging the kids in visible learning make sure they don’t watch the cover for more than 40 minutes. 

6. Give Incentives To Learners 

Just like in school instructors give incentives like they ask kids to do amazing work and after that, they will give them playdough or blocks to play with. Give small incentives to stimulate your kid to focus on his task because he will also be receiving something in return. 

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7. A Key To Learning Is Motivation 

If your kid is not ready to work, talk with them regarding what can get them a favourite child and a shining kid in the sights of everyone. Also, make sure to appreciate them even for the small good work they have created. 

8. Brainstorming 

Search on the web for age-appropriate game sites, chill together in front of the TV for a short time, go for a walk, or shoot a few hoops–just do something fun for a bit prior to returning to handling the books or online quiz games. This helps squeeze up the freedom of schoolwork and keep the stress at adjustable levels.  

Conclusion – While taking this sudden, deep dive into Homeschooling due to coronavirus can be a challenge, educating can be deeply rewarding if you set up a good, organized homeschooling environment and method learning with flexibility, patience, and acknowledgement. Remember, you’re learning, too.

Make learning fun when you can and try to keep blunders and frustrations in perspective. We are all in this all together, so reach out to tutors, friends, and homeschooling groups for more guidance. They will no doubt have lots of fruitful lessons that will make this trip one remember without an agony. 

How to Set Up a Remote Learning Space for Your Kids?

The purpose of building an appealing, colourful, and educational space in a classroom, but did you know it is just necessary to create an engaging Education Space At Home? We can see, as many children plan to proceed to Learn Remotely this time, parents are undertaking to think out the most authentic method to design classrooms just around the home.

Less Money Can Design An Appealing Learning Space For Your Child

Trust it or not, a custom-built home learning space can improve the development of your child’s creativity, intensify their focus, and strengthen their motivation to study and learn.

Although you don’t possess the equivalent square footage as a school establishment, with just a little bit of money and creativity you can quickly create an impactful learning space!

Great specialists stated there are various circumstances to think about when it comes to where and how to set up classrooms for learners all inside their houses.

For learners and their parents to commence on the beautiful new world of Remote Learning, preparation is just the beginning. Preparing a new education space for at-home students should be intended and thoughtful efforts.

If you requiring to identify more about why home learning spaces matter and how you can cut out the perfect space in your already fussy home, we have a piece of amazing information and steps you can use to encourage a spirit of learning in your residing place.

With the help of the below steps, you can simply Improve your home-learning environment.

In order to accomplish optimal positioning appealing learning space for your child’s, must follow certain tips:

Design A Space For Learning

Our brains associate scopes with some exciting pursuits so setting up a physical space that’s dedicated to education will improve you be successful education at home.

This doesn’t hold to mean getting all new furniture. Rather, just repurpose a corner of your house to work as “school” for your child – it could be as easy as a placemat at the table you put out to signal that we are at school promptly.

Give your apprentice ownership over the space by empowering them to enhance it.

Consider preparing an assignment of the working spaces where you and your child will work to make it interesting! Make sure that the area has plenty of brightness and a visibly posted schedule and/or task list for the day.

You might also think of creating a comfy corner, hinder, or box for your learner to achieve that can serve as a reading nook, morning meeting corner, or quiet time-space.

Use Anticipated Routine

Every day, begin with an anticipated routine that indicates, ‘learning time is rising. Several classrooms do this by beginning with a pleasing song (for ideas, check this list). Then, reinforce some fundamental abilities by doing calendar math: On a simplistic piece of poster board, use post-its or bound pieces of paper that outline daily what day of the week it is, the date, and allow students to check in with how they’re undergoing. Then, use visual calendars to go over the plan for the day.

Scheduling is key for your growing buds or learners. Always strive to keep reading time in the morning and mathematics after lunch, for instance. Nonetheless, you could let your child have some control over when to do other exercises like outdoor activities, music breaks, and so more.

If you have multiple kids at home with various learning programs and online/Remote Learning fundamentals, build a space to home all of your plans and think colour-coding to assist you and your learners learn how the pieces are proceeding to work collectively.

Trust On Predictability Techniques To Stay Organized.

Shortage of predictability is usually what’s causing the effects that deflect learning, which is why increasing predictability can maintain the entire routines and systems to stay organized. And practices and purposes alone aren’t sufficient.

Gurus or teachers can’t restrain whether kids show up to school tired and hungry, but parents can make sure kids go to sleep, rising up with enough time to eat a healthful breakfast and get clothed in school clothes — an unconscious hint that it’s time to sharpen — before distance learning occurs.

To encourage your child to get prepared and fully organized, make a daily kanban board of assignments. This simplistic chart puts activities into three sections:

  1. TO-DO,
  3. DONE.

Set this up at the source of each class for your CHILD and show them how to take one task and move it from “to do” to “doing” and, eventually, “done.” Then you need to suggest to them each of the things they did.

Encourage Your Children To Connect With Self-Sufficient Work

Subjects’ syllabus shows that young kids benefit from the individualistic activity. If we take that a step further and see at the Montessori model of school, kids like to learn individually and enjoy imaginative activities where they act to be, you imagined it, grown-ups! Consider prizes for independence and achieving big assignments that leverage their wish to be a “great learner.”

Take off The Undesired Stress

We all know this is a lot. Remember that no one anticipates you to be a teacher and no one expects you to do it all things done perfectly. The individual approach to prioritize what you do with your child is to see at the willingness measures for your student’s age group. While there are a lot of things you can probably work on, you might question your teacher which one or two to focus on.

Don’t worry regarding undertaking all of them, just do what you can, as you can. For children under five, understand that there isn’t more than an hour of guidance that you *have* to do. Students of this generation require excess time for relaxation and exploration. Numerous low-prep exercises that can engage your child and involve their mind in different activities.


A dedicated learning space at home can improve in nurturing your child’s creativity, magnify their focus, and improve their motivation levels.

Don’t be scared to keep some spaces clear for your child’s education – don’t think they need to fill each corner with toys and movables. The learning space shouldn’t feel comprehensive or full. Instead, it should appear like a space that can take various forms and designs over time as your kids grow and find new passions and consequences.

The Importance of Online Education In the Coming Future.

Online education is simply the evolution of the traditional face to face education brought on by the arrival of the internet and made permanent by the social distancing rule necessitated by the global pandemic. As a result, physical presence in a classroom is no longer an option, especially with governments around the world, giving educational institutes time to move their learning online.

According to a survey, e-learning platforms increased by a whopping 70% all around the world, and it just seems the law of evolution has caught up with the traditional face to face learning. Keep on reading to learn ten reasons why choosing online education is essential.

10 Main Reasons For Choosing Online Learning

1. Online Is the Future of Works

The workplace today is moving online with more and more companies now accepting to work from home. As more organisations jump on the remote culture, it is apparent that online education will help your kid develop the necessary communication skills and be better prepared to work online as it won’t be a new concept to them when the time comes. Online education also develops the skills needed for the workplace – skills like communication, self-motivation, working unsupervised, meeting deadlines, critical thinking which are the foundation for workplace effectiveness and success. Online learning develops these skills in your kid early which will stand them out in future. By studying online, your kid learns how to communicate, how to meet deadlines, how to find answers to problems they have, how to manage time.

2. Flexibility and Control

With online education comes excellent flexibility and control. With great control over when and how you learn, you can get the best of both worlds and create a bespoke educational experience with online learning. You can choose based on your time, you can choose the tutor, the lessons that suit your kid’s needs, how you want the classes delivered, how to pay. You have control over your kids’ learning and with this comes better value and the best results.

3. Uninterrupted Learning

When the world went on the first lockdown, everything was affected, and the rules of social distancing were put in place. What had never been thought possible happened as the whole world came to a grinding stop for months. This disrupted everything, and the academic landscape was not spared with 53% of parents saying that because of the interruptions, kids became demotivated, and it was a struggle to learn again. With lessons, you get an uninterrupted education and keep your kid’s mind fresh and ready for when school resumes. More than that, since classes are uninterrupted, your kid learns ahead of school, and when school opens, it will be like a refresher program.

4. Accessibility

With online education, world-class scholars and academic support are at your fingertip 24 hours of every day. All you need is a mobile device or PC and an internet connection, and you are set up for success. Also, you have the option of saving the classes for later. Since lessons can be recorded and saved for later consumption, your kid can focus on the studies and not be worried about writing down and listening at the same time. This improves concentration and memory retention.

5. Hassle-free Virtual Learning Environment

Online learning tools provide the kind of engagement that your kid needs to retain information like a sponge. Through the use of videos, interactive graphics, whiteboard, and other tools, your kids have a memorable learning experience that boosts their brain and improves their IQ. Also, with recorded lessons available to download, your kid can revisit a lesson time and time again. This creates the right learning environment that boosts focus and concentration with your kid receiving the focused learning and personal attention which is needed to learn and gain understanding.

6. Personalised Interactions

Online education is a 1-2-1 learning experience that brings you face to face with your teacher. This personal focus is needed to learn. Also, you get access to round the clock academic support instead of having to wait for your teacher to provide clarity when the teacher is worried about the time available to finish a subject or course. Also, not being able to ask questions in class for fear of what others might think can create a negative feeling and self-doubt, which ultimately affects performance. Having classes online means that your kid takes lessons from home – a comfortable and safe space, and a virtual learning environment that removes the intimidation that is sometimes associated with in-person sessions.

7. Self-Pace Learning

One of the things we hear a lot of is how different and unique we are. Your kids are no exception, and since they are different, they learn at a different speed. For some kids, they only need to hear it once to understand it. For others, they need to hear it over and over again, and this is the standout benefit of online learning. Your kids are not rushed or forced to learn a concept, they know and grow at their pace. They can slow down when they need to learn a topic or need extra practice time, or speed up when they are familiar with and mastered a topic.

8. Cost-Effective

Online education is remarkably less expensive than in-person because it removes all of the expenses that come with having classes face to face. Materials are free and accessible online, no travel cost, no after-school trips to make. This drastically reduces the cost associated with education – laundry, fees and all the other expenses you can think of that is associated with traditional education.

9. Wide Range of Programs

With online education, every knowledge and subject you need is in one place. You have access to hundreds of lessons from one platform. Online education gives you plenty of choices to get the best education and skills training – it is a deep ocean that you can keep drinking from

10. Unique Learning

In the words of Albert Einstein, everyone is a genius in their natural habitat. A fish is a master in water, while a monkey a master on land. The point is your kid has a unique way of learning, and online learning has different teaching methods to suit your kid’s learning style. Whether your kid learns better with videos, interactive graphics, practically, online education has got your kid wholly covered. In this non-threatening environment, they can be themselves and thrive. Also, online learning creates an opportunity for your kid to be curious and ask questions and gain clarity and mastery on a topic.

Other benefits of online education include;

11. World-Class Education

With online education, you are not restricted to the learning institutions in the neighbourhood, and as you know, something being close to you doesn’t make it the best for you. With online education, you have access to the best education and instructors around the world impacting the best knowledge that can stand you out from the rest of the pack.


Online education has come to stay, and with these mind-blowing benefits, online education is no longer an after-thought, it is the right step in the right direction. Understanding your needs and goals will aid you, and provide a guideline for you to harness the benefits of online education.

Why Online Tutors Are Far Better Than In-person Tutors in This Current Era?

IN early times, private tutoring was only for the rich and extremely wealthy. Private tutoring began during the reign of monarchs who wanted to deepen their children’s knowledge and understanding of state matters, especially their heirs, to better prepare them for their rule. Since it was a class society where commoners and the royal family are segregated, kings would get the best and most reputable scholars on different subjects, such as lettering, government, economics, warfare and strategy, trade, politics.

Today, private tutoring has risen rapidly, with 3 in 10 parents use a private tutor to provide academic support and learning to their kids.

What is Private or One-to-One Tuition?

Also known as One-to-One Tutoring, one-to-one tuition is a learning system that involves one tutor providing customised and intensive training and academic support to a student. It is one teacher focusing on one student to provide learning support or to deepen a child’s understanding of a subject, unlike the traditional school system of one teacher to many pupils or students.
Parents who provide private academic support to complement their kid’s education do so for any of the following reasons;

1. Their kids lack the motivation to study.
2. Large class size makes it almost impossible for kids to get. Focused attention that students require to thrive.
3. Some are struggling with a particular subject or concept.
4. Some kids find school very demanding and are unable to keep up with their peers.
5. To prepare their kid for an exam.

Whatever the reason for choosing private lessons, the benefits are enormous.

Top 8 Benefits of Private Tutoring or Personal Lessons

1. Working with a private tutor deepens your child’s learning on a subject.
2. Kids who work with a private teacher see an increase and improvement in their grades and confidence by almost 40%.
3. As a parent, you have peace of mind knowing your kid is getting the attention they need to perform better.
4. Simplified learning that improves memory retention.
5. An uncompetitive environment that fosters learning and growth.
6. Learning support that removes the fear associated with an exam and prepares them to perform excellently.
7. A better learning environment that promotes inquiry, clarity, and ignites your child’s desire and interest in learning.
8. Learning that focuses on your child’s learning capability.

While getting a private teacher for your kid is a no-brainer, the question becomes, which is the best to choose for your kid; an online tutor, or in-person tutor? Online tutoring has risen in popularity in recent times, and as the pandemic has changed the way we live, it has also changed the way we learn.

Here are 10 reasons why online tutors are better than in-person tutors;

1. Uninterrupted Lessons – when the world went on the first lockdown, everything was affected, and the rules of social distancing were put in place. This disrupted the academic landscape with 53% of parents saying that because of the interruptions, kids became demotivated, and it was a struggle to learn again. With lessons, you get an uninterrupted education and keep your kid’s mind fresh and ready for when school resumes. More than that, since classes are uninterrupted, your kid learns ahead of school, and when school opens, it will be like a refresher program.

2. Technical Skills – using online education platforms to receive lessons arms your kid with specialised skills and familiarity with using technology which makes them tech-savvy, smarter and more comfortable with online tools. More importantly, it prepares them for the future as you are well aware that information technology is the future of work.

3. Safety and Comfort – Not being able to ask questions in class for fear of what others might think can create a negative feeling and self-doubt, which ultimately affects performance. Having classes online means that your kid takes lessons from their home – a comfortable and safe space, and a virtual learning environment that removes the intimidation that is sometimes associated with in-person sessions.

4. World-Class Education – the level of result you get from a private in-person tutor, can never be compared to the tremendous perks and benefit that comes with online classes. For one, you are limited to getting the best within your vicinity. Getting lessons online means that you get the best online education as most online platforms handpick the best and most certified scholars from around the world.

5. Learn at Your Own Pace and Time – the place where online trumps in-person is flexibility. You have a pick of top teachers available at your convenience. This removes the headache of finding a tutor that fits into your schedule and repeated trips.

6. Accessibility and Availability – with online education, world-class scholars and academic support are at your fingertip 24 hours of every day. All you need is a mobile device or PC and an internet connection, and you are set up for success. Also, you have the option of saving the classes for later. Since lessons can be recorded and saved for later consumption, your kid can focus on the studies and not be worried about writing down and listening at the same time. This improves concentration and memory retention.

7. Cheaper – online education is remarkably less expensive than in-person because it removes all of the expenses that come with having classes face to face. Materials are free and accessible online, no travel cost, no after-school trips to make. This drastically reduces the cost associated with education,

8. Wide Range of Subjects – With online tutoring, every knowledge and subject you need is in one place. You have access to hundreds of lessons from one platform. Online education gives you plenty of choices.

9. Get Involved – one of the challenges that parents have with their kids’ education is not knowing how to provide the necessary support or help that the kid needs. With online sessions that suit your schedule, you can be involved with your kids’ education and help your kid where necessary. This is a fantastic way to bond with your kid.

Getting the Right Online Private Education for Your Kid.

With every Tom, Dick, and Harry now providing online lessons, choosing the right online education for your kid can be daunting. “TELGURUS” provide online personalised quality education and academic support to kids, whether in KS levels or GCSE. Kids who join our hermitage see a massive improvement in their confidence, academic performance, and practical knowledge.

Four things set us apart from the rest of the online education pack –

1. Our Culture of Empowerment – Your kid is a genius. The reason for the struggles and low academic performance is because your kid has been told that something is wrong and that has eaten their confidence and self-belief. At TEL GURUS, we know that your child is a genius, and we treat them as one. The objective is to bring out the Einstein in your kids.
2. Our Learning Methodology – Our gurus are not chosen only on the grounds of their certification and expertise alone. The other reason we have them is because of their unique abilities to make learning very simple and memorable for your kid, so that like a sponge, their brain can retain information.
3. Our Promise – At TEL GURUS, all it takes is 60 minutes to improve your kids’ confidence and academic performance. With our analytical tool, you can track the progress that your kid is making and see the massive difference in your kid’s performance at school.
4. Our Extracurricular Courses – At TEL GURUS, we have a two-part mission. The first mission is to bring out the Einstein in your kid. The second part of that mission is to help you secure their future by providing Extra curriculum skills like coding and programming, robotics, digital marketing, mobile app development, that prepares them for the future and give them an edge in the world.

Turn those frowns at the end of the term or exam into a colossal smile. The first 60 Minutes is on us when you enrol today.

10 Top Reasons To Choose for Online Learning.

“Education is the only light to illuminate the world, let it shine no matter what!”

Since olden times, imparting education has always been crucial even if the student had to travel a hundred miles for quality learning. Owing to the significant advantage of the teacher being present physically, this method has always been considered the best medium to learn everything with clarity.

However, with technological advancement, you no longer need to travel long distances to acquire precious knowledge. You can easily learn anything without any hassle at the comfort of your couch. All you need is a stable internet connection and a trustable online platform with certified professionals to make this process a piece of cake!

Importance of Online Education in the Coming Future

For people with varied interests, online education paves the way to a plethora of courses. Thus, with online education, you can get hands-on knowledge on different subjects with just a few clicks.

Not only this, the upcoming time is full of unforeseen incidents. Just like COVID-19 happened out of nowhere, it may become difficult to step out of your home.

Also, with technology revolutionizing to the next level, quality education is just one click away from a learner. So, why spend time and expenses in travelling when you can save your hard-earned money and learn numerous skills at home.

10 Main Reasons for Choosing Online Learning

1. Goldmine of Different Courses

Opting for an online course is like unlocking the key to a treasure of hundreds of courses at your fingertips. These courses are quite engaging and make you feel like sitting in the classroom. From core technical topics to even casual guitar lessons, you can literally learn everything.

All you need to do is search for your required course and opt for a course that has good reviews and covers major portions of the curriculum. Sometimes, you can even enrol in more than one course to get in-depth knowledge along with practical experience.

2. High Flexibility Guaranteed

When you opt for online courses, you get the convenience to watch them at any time, and any place be it your home or even while travelling. With internet working on your mobile, you can watch all your lessons hassle-free on your phone.

The best part: you can learn everything as per your own schedule, so no need to wake up at 5:00 or 6:00 am and rush to your school/institute. You can flexibly complete all the coursework and even work side by side. Thus, you can ace time-management skills in the best way!

3. Low Education Expenses

Ask parents, going to school/institute costs more than $4000 per course, which is quite expensive! No one wants to get under the burden of student loans and work a lifetime paying it.

But don’t worry anymore.
Do you know, learning online is super cheap!

When you don’t need to go to school, you directly cut your travelling expenses. Even the cost for supplies gets reduced too! Besides this, you don’t need to pay any extra penny to school and only pay a meagre amount for the course you opt for. There are free courses too, that makes your learning expenses negligible!

4. Learn From Different Experts

Hate your math teacher? Don’t wait a year to get a new teacher when you can learn from different subject experts directly online.
Yes, it’s true, when you study online, you have the option to opt for the course that is taught by your admired expert and even switches to some other teacher whenever you want.
Also, learning from online experts is extremely useful as they teach you shortcuts, tricks and all the unconventional ways your classroom teacher will never teach.
There are courses that even have the option to seek individual doubt clearance whenever you want.

5. More Network Expansion

Who said Online learning means no interaction and no friends?
Mind you! You will meet several fellow learners and teachers and create bonds for life. The excellent thing about online learning is that you get to talk to people from all around the world with tremendous experience and stories to share.
You can have a cool network with same interests and even keep in touch on social media after the course finishes. You’ll be surprised to know that they may also help you in finding a job in the best way!

6. Less Pressure: Learn at your Pace

With no rush to complete the curriculum, online courses are built in such a way that they never put any pressure on you! This means that you’ll always be more concentrated towards learning new things rather than finishing a course.
You can easily complete the entire course as per your pace and move further when you feel comfortable and have thoroughly grasped the previous concepts. This also helps in reducing stress to learn fast and contributes to building a strong foundation for that subject.

7. Customized Learning Experience

Are you a slow-learner or a one-night-full-curriculum learner?
Well, it doesn’t matter at all as online courses are personalized as per each student, and you will feel a unique experience once you opt for such a course. With the smaller class size and individual doubt sessions, you can ask even the dumbest doubt you ever had without feeling embarrassed! 🙂

Moreover, it won’t be limited to just chalk and blackboard interaction but also step up the level with videos, photos and eBooks. Why such effort you ask? Well, online courses are not created to just pass a test but to learn once and remember for life!

8. Expand Your Career Horizon

There are different online courses available to help you boost your resume with more enhanced skills. Not only will this help you get a professional edge over others but also get you acquainted with all the trending skills that actually work!
Who said you could only learn academic courses online?
For a passive income source, learning some interest-based course can also do wonders. Be it learning a particular dance form or baking; there are certified experts from all over the world ready to teach you your favourite skill whenever you want!

9. Enhance Communication Skills

Interacting with online tutors enhance your communication skills to the utmost level. Whereat traditional school, you may get fluent in just your mother tongue; with international online courses, you can learn fluent English or other languages without even you knowing.
Isn’t it amazing? How an online course can teach you so many things! The best part is that you will love the experience and would want to join more courses as you will be very confident to interact with different teachers and students.

10. Self-Discipline and Accountability

Lastly, the fact that people say you learn at school first, but online learning proves it wrong! School only creates a time-table for you and you will leave it once you leave school! Self-discipline comes from within when you create a time table for yourself and schedule all your online learning sessions along with other stuff.
Thus, they emphasize personal development and help you become more accountable. Thus, you will feel a difference when you stop procrastinating and start achieving all your goals on time!

In The Nutshell

Learning is an evergreen process! The mediums may change, but learning won’t and shouldn’t change. Online learning opens the gateway to a new world of accessing knowledge about everything without any hassle at any time and anywhere! Now that you are aware of all the benefits of opting online learning, it’s time to explore different high-quality courses as per your need. TEL Gurus is a top-rated online learning platform where you can meet the best teachers and learn effectively!

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