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A level Biology


Let’s enfold the captivating knowledge of life & all living organisms.

Biology enfolds the captivating knowledge of life and all living organisms. This specification will comprise the molecular basis, origins and the ecosystems inhabited by such organisms. The curriculum will also deal with the more pessimistic perspectives of Biology such as disease, habitat destruction and genetic engineering.

A-Level Biology is the study of all life, covering everything from the production of cells to the function of an ecosystem and how it’s all connected by the energy that underpins life itself.

Think you know all about DNA and the theory of evolution? Think again! On this course, you’ll delve deep into the mechanisms of cells before understanding how it all connects to create the great diversity we have on Earth today.

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Biology (AS level)

Cell structure, Living Organism, Ecosystem, Biological molecules, Enzymes, Cell membranes and transport, The mitotic cell cycle, Inherited change, Nucleic acids and protein synthesis, Transport in plants, Transport in mammals, Gas exchange and smoking, Infectious disease, Homeostasis, Control and co-ordination, Immunity Energy and respiration, Photosynthesis,Selection and evolution, Biodiversity, classification, and conservation, Genetic technology, Control System, Genetics & Evolution.

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