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Skill-UP – Digital Marketing

Explore Your Child’s Future In Digital Marketing


Digital marketing has an incredible influence on people’s interactions, work, purchases and life habits. Companies today need to have a firm grasp on how to utilize the digital universe to maximize their brand awareness and impact. Brands are focusing on developing a robust online presence. The whole concept is to influence and fulfil the demand of audience just like TEL Gurus is reaching people and easing off the learnings of your child. Most importantly, career growth in Digital marketing is omnipotent and super-fast with best pays around the world.

Our tutor will provide you with everything you need to know about digital marketing and equip you with the secrets for winning mindshare so that you can be of great value to yourself and brands.


Fundamentals – (3 months course – Twice a week – 90 minutes each)

Introduction to digital marketing, Requirement of digital marketing, Benefits of digital marketing, , Social media marketing, Platforms for social media marketing like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Search engine optimization, Content writing, copywriting, Pay per click, Google ads, Facebook ads, email marketing.

digital marketing strategy
Prepare Your Child For Better Tomorrow With Our Gurus

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Explore a wide range of career options
  • Increase your market value
  • Receive high-end salary packages in future
  • Enhance your skills and creativity
  • Digital marketing certifications have become the industry standard
  • They are cost-efficient and time-savvy
Advantages With TEL Gurus

The Advantages with TEL Gurus

  • Expertise in Subject matter
  • Guidance and support in exam preparation
  • Excellent academic support
  • Emphasis on practical learning
  • Simplified and engaging tutor to student interactions
  • Choose between One to One or Group Batch

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