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The “Ka” stands for the acid dissociation constant. It is the equilibrium constant of the dissociation reaction of an acid. Ka is commonly expressed in the units of mol/L.   There are tables of the acid dissociation constant. In the case of an aqueous solution, the general form of equilibrium reaction is:   HA + H2O ⇆

“Mr” stands for relative formula mass that can be used in the conservation of mass calculations. Calculations can be done to figure out the uncertainties in measurements and concentrations of a solution. Calculation of relative formula mass The relative formula mass of a substance is made up of molecules. A relative formula mass Mr of

Standard English is described as a form of English Language with substantial regularization associated with formal schooling, official print publications, and language evaluation. The term “Standard” refers to the regularization of grammar, language usage, spellings, and not to minimal interchangeability. In contrast, the term Standard English referred to the British English, Vocabulary, and grammar of the UK standard English

If your English language GCSE level exam is approaching, then you need to get geared up with the last moment revision of your subject’s syllabus. If you are preparing for your GCSE level exam, then the revision approach compiled here can be a savior for you. Without revision, you won’t be able to perform better.  

An effector is a small molecule that selectively binds to protein and regulates its biological activities. In this way, these small molecules act as ligands responsible for increasing or decreasing enzyme activity, cell signaling, or gene expression.    An effector usually converts an impulse to action that also helps regulate the activities of specific mRNA molecules. An effector usually acts in unique ways in

Are you worried about how you are going to revise your A-Level biology textbook? Well, nothing to blame yourself. An average biology textbook contains a lot of content that it is hard to cram all of it. Learning all that stuff without any planning or strategizing can be a tedious way of handling it all.