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About us

TEL Gurus, the UK’s leading online education hallmark, is a team of visionary people who are ceaselessly endeavoring to improvise the standard of Online learning. We, along with our best-curated tutors, impart the finest education to your children.

Our Mission

To boost your child’s confidence and learning capacity to get better grades and to secure your child’s future

It’s never going to be only about boosting your child’s confidence and learning capacity. With an assurance to provide quality and affordable education, TEL Gurus handpicked teachers are steadily going to help your child to get better grades.

A prominent scientist once said – “Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, and knowledge makes you great”. With the same mission, TEL Gurus comes up with a mission of providing at par education to your child and making you feel that your child’s future is secure.

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Why We Started?

There’s always a purpose to start for making things better and share the joy with the world.

As a working father of two, living in the UK, nothing worries me more or gives me great concern than the academic well-being and the future of my kids. I worry about their education because I know that how well they perform in school will determine how they feel about themselves.

By providing an online learning platform to my kids, I have seen them develop a love for learning. I have seen the confidence in my child as he looks forward to his exams. I am now contented when I think about my child’s future. And then I thought to share this with you, to give you peace knowing that you have laid the foundation for your child’s’ success and you have secured their future with TEL Gurus.

Our Vision

With a substantial reason to start with and mission to endow with quality education, TEL Gurus come up with a vision to provide

  • Make learning fun - Learning is the source of human progress, and if done right, learning can be fun too. Get rid of the tedious traditional teaching methods and explore the fun learning experience with TEL Gurus.
  • Affordable learning - Now, quality education is neither far nor expensive. Give your child the desired right to education with no worries and financial burdens.
  • A Network of Experts - To provide the best learning experience, mentors play a crucial role. TEL Gurus is backed by a community of experts who impart quality education, focusing on every child in the class.
  • Employing best Technology and Tools - Discover the more innovative way to study. Utilizing the best and modern technology and tools to provide the children with an impeccable learning experience.
Tel Guru
Tel Guru

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