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How it works

A Quick Walkthrough To Start Your Journey With TEL Gurus


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Power up The Brain and Rise Academically Effortlessly

It’s our responsibility to provide you with the best teacher who can help you in learning peculiarly. Book A Demo Class of 60 minutes enjoy online learning with our dedicated teachers.

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Choose the subject or lesson that suits your child’s learning needs and get the best value for your money. 


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We offer free 60 minutes one-to-one online session with your child to see if we are a good fit for your child – in most cases, we are a match. 

Choose Your Suitable Plan

Our classes are flexible and tailored to your child’s requirements. Choose your suitable plan, and you can select to have hourly, monthly or full-term lessons with our one-to-one class or group class of a maximum of 6 children – whatever is convenient for you. 



TEL Gurus provides online learning sessions for all the mainstream academic subjects, including Maths, English, science as well as the skill up subjects including robotics, artificial intelligence, quicker Maths, coding and programming.


Payment Plan

TEL Gurus uses highly secured payment gateways to provide the users a seamless service experience. You can select the suitable plans based on monthly, hourly and one-time payments as per your convenience only.



Get personalized learning sessions from TEL Gurus experts. Join the one-on-one attention or a community of progress makers in small batches of 1:6 Guru Student ratio. Start learning today!

Make your first move towards a brighter future.

Are you satisfied with the trial classes and the entire process? Make a wise move now! Head to the payments section and choose the learning sessions worth every penny you spent. 

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