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Gurus with TEL Gurus

Explore your incredible teaching skills with the fastest-growing Gurus Community. Join the TEL Gurus and help the students shape their future.

become a tutors

Discover a purpose

Contribute to a student's academic life by sharing your knowledge and expertise. Experience the joy of giving. 

Teach from anywhere

Say goodbye to the traditional school environments and share your knowledge from anywhere. 

Build up great learning stories

Create heart-touching learning stories by connecting with students hailing from different locations at one platform. 


Expectations from Tutors Working with TEL Gurus


Here’s everything you need to become an online tutor with TEL Gurus! With the welcoming and easy-to-access online platform, TEL Gurus always welcome talents with exceptional teaching skills and expertise in various academic domains. 

  • Willing to learn and grow: We encourage professionals willing to grow and develop their skills and abilities as our tutors. 

  • Consistently available: Consistency is the key! We welcome the consistent and skillful teaching talents that are willing to explore their capabilities.

  • Creative Content: TEL Gurus encourages the talents that have the capability to bring interesting teaching ways for different types of learners.

  • Passionate and dedicated: Share your passion with TEL Gurus online platform. Make the teaching fun with dedication and innovation in methods. 

become a tutors

Why teach with TEL Gurus?

Craft the learning experiences your students will love. Change the way the home tutors work and function and create your own new trend with the TEL Gurus platform. 


Flexible work hours

Drop those 9 to 4 teaching jobs and be your own boss. Impart your knowledge with TEL Guru's online platform and choose flexible working hours. 


Upscale skill sets

A teacher is always a learner first. Upscale your skill sets and advantage the students in innovative and exciting teaching ways. 


Build network and learn

Get connected to the highly qualified Network of academic professions and create opportunities to learn more with them.

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Be a part of the online learning revolution with TEL Gurus.