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A level Physics


Attain the practical perspectives of physics at TEL Gurus.

Apprentices will study both the theoretical and pragmatic aspects of physics. Physics help us to learn how the atmosphere around us operates, including particle physics, electricity, mechanics, waves & astrophysics and so with quantum physics.

In the corresponding time, we study more profoundly into these topics while increasing our knowledge by studying topics as varied as nuclear power and dark matter.

Physics at TEL Gurus offers a galaxy of opportunities. We discover about the astonishingly small and the unimaginably large, from the powers that hold collectively the atoms of our bodies to the energy that powers the extension of the universe and lots in connecting.

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Physics A Level

Physical quantities and units, Capacitance, Current of electricity, D.C. circuits, Measurement techniques, Kinematics, Dynamics, Forces, density and pressure, Work, energy and power, Motion in a circle, Gravitational fields, Deformation of solids, Ideal gases, Temperature, Thermal properties of materials, Oscillations, Waves, Superposition, Communication, Electric fields, Electronics, Magnetic fields, Electromagnetic induction Alternating currents, Quantum physics, Particle and nuclear physics.

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The Virtues We Provide To Our Learners

The Advantages with
TEL Gurus

  • Expertise in Subject matter

  • Emphasis on practical learning

  • Guidance and support in exam preparation

  • Simplified and engaging Gurus to student interactions

  • Excellent academic support

  • Choose between One to One or Group Batch

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