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A level Chemistry

a level Chemistry


Examine and build composites to create lifesaving drugs.
Chemistry is a very hot subject at TEL Gurus and is often considered in kinship with other sciences. It is concerning of how matter and energy, in and all around us, perform and communicate with each other. From molecular alterations in the eye responding to light that empowers you to understand building and examining compounds to create lifesaving drugs.

Learning something exceptional about chemistry not only allows you to carefully sort through your dangerous chemical closet but suggests a convincing lens through which you may discover how the world struggles. Likewise, It will also offer you the chance to access a field that is responsible for unusual advances in genetics, chemistry, forensic science, renewable energy capture and storage, and innovative elements.


Chemistry A Level

Atoms, molecules and stoichiometry, Atomic structure, Chemical bonding, States of matter, Hydroxy compounds, Polymerisation, Nitrogen and sulphur, Chemical energetics, Electrochemistry, Equilibria, Reaction kinetics, The Periodic Table: chemical periodicity, The physical and chemical properties of the elements of Group 2,
The physical and chemical properties of the elements of Group 17, An introduction to the chemistry of transition elements, An introduction to organic chemistry, Hydrocarbons, Halogen derivatives, Carbonyl compounds, Carboxylic acids and derivatives, Nitrogen compounds,Analytical techniques, Organic synthesis

Chemistry A Level
Advantages With TEL Gurus

The Advantages with TEL Gurus

  • Expertise in Subject matter
  • Guidance and support in exam preparation
  • Excellent academic support
  • Emphasis on practical learning
  • Simplified and engaging Gurus to student interactions
  • Choose between One to One or Group Batch

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