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Grow Your Child With New Norm Of Online Tuition

With Online tuition, parents can provide the best platform to their child for developing the love for learning and eliminate the fear of exams. Experts deliver the most Superior and quality education for primary, secondary, GCSE, and A-Level students who not only encourages or urges a child to score higher but also helps with holistic learning and development to be successful in life.

online tuition

What is Online Education?

Online education is a proven way for children to unleash their inner potential of learning. It had become a hot topic in the past few years, especially when people started gaining exclusive knowledge free of cost from the internet.

With the help of online education, students from different locations can interact with their teachers on a single platform. The tutor shares the presentations, documents, and study materials with students over the web – using various applications such as Skype, Zoom, Google meet, and many more.

Many Students seek the best, valuable, and quality education online. Many platforms are available where tutors share precious knowledge and secrets of learning to students in premiere ways that help students grow their mental ability and academic scores.

If students approach online education with full enthusiasm and curiosity, they can get better results than traditional learning.

Online education breaks the age barriers between a seeker and education since all age groups people can have access to the treasures of vast knowledge like a magic bullet. Brand new tools and advanced websites for online education are a step forward in making the youth aware as well as a master in their interested fields.

What is Online Education
Introduction To Online Tuition

Introduction To Online Tuition

Online tuition is a way of teaching and learning through the internet and not by physical presence. Eminent experts holding degrees from the top universities captivate the entire world on a single web platform – conducting Webinars, recorded or live sessions. They provide invaluable education to students who seek education in more accessible and well-informed ways.

Imagine living in New York and having a strong desire to give education to your child from the professors of the U.K. It is not easy for you to travel from New York to the U.K. in such a realistic health scenario of Pandemic. Keeping safety and security in mind, you terminate such an incredible idea of education.

Instantly, you found a way to smash the barriers by searching online classes and discovered several websites offering online learning. Now, your child can attend classes and learn all desired subjects virtually by contacting online tutors.

It helps a child to explore the ultimate secrets of learning from tutors around the world. I am sure you got a clear picture of online tuition; let us move to online education.

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How Effective Is Online Tuition?

Learning digitally is an easy way to educate your child from any location across the globe. He interacts with many informative and engaging tutors one on one or in groups for developing paramount skills.

Students and tutors need not be present in the same room, same city, or even in the same country. You can explore the ocean of knowledge just by sitting in your home with the guidance of online tutorials.

E-learning portals help students who love to learn and study more personally at their own pace.

Nowadays, institutions and high schools offering digital education have been increasing rapidly. A student can take the courses as he wants, at the time he wants with more personalised educational formulas.

Parents have seen surprising results in their children's academic grades and self-improvements. It is a proven and effective way to improve a child's overall performance as he gains self-confidence and a sense of responsibility by learning online.

"What we know is a drop and what we do not know is an Ocean."

Education is a gateway to teach surfing, deep inside, that ocean of knowledge to explore hidden realities and values. Similarly, a child can recognise his natural talent, passion, and moral values by learning independently and fearlessly even using smartphones.

Limitless subjects and matters can be explored online under the guidance of particular tutors and mentors. Online education websites are much more affordable and effective than classroom educations, and the reasons behind that are listed below.

How Effective Is Online Tuition

More Personalized Education.

Every parent wants to give value and quality education to their child. In schools, it is not possible to effectively give attention to every single student, and digital learning provides an instant solution for guiding your child individually to effectively resolve all queries frequently, with ease and comfort to keep students’ grades better and confidence higher.

Teens are supported by devoting tutors, teaching them face to face by maintaining a secure line of communication through the internet.

Virtual learning is flexible and powerful.

You can go on a vacation and still have interactive sessions with your tutor by accessing them around anywhere across the globe.

Technology is an acceptable part of society, and I, being an English tutor, have seen my students performing better.

Regardless of age, nationality, and social- groups, students experience a premiere and incredible learning.

Promotes captivating learning.

Sometimes, a teen is not able to adapt a suitable understanding regarding a particular concept, probably due to a lack of time available to his tutor for the class.

However, Teachers who teach online have been proving to be a blessing in the curse by playing a vital role – to develop an acute eye on each aspect of the subject.

Students gain depth knowledge about all concepts along with clearing doubts instantly.

The Advantages Of Online Tuition

The Advantages Of Online Tuition

In the past decades, students used to interact with professors of worldwide universities through emails, and then after a few years, distance learning became a hot topic among teenagers.

With the changing world scenarios and demands in education, ultimately, the technological era of computer science and technology has brought about the bigger picture resulting in liberty and potential online learning for students around the world.

Online tuition is a proven way to bring productive changes to a student’s education and personal development.

We are not saying that teaching over the web is a brand new project in the market; it combines with the traditional educational system to refine the ways of delivering knowledge. Tutors have just started to use more eminent and exclusive resources for teaching.

If not more, these classes are as equally effective as face-to-face learning sessions held in classrooms. Though many parents are in doubt of claiming it as a distraction for their children, the truth is every coin has two sides, and it is in our hands, how we do we want to deal with it.

Top 10 Advantages Of Online Tuition You Need To Know!

Access to great teachers

Online tutors are trained and graduated from well-authorized universities who are easily accessible by students around the world seeking precious knowledge. With the right platform for online schooling, great teachers can be found, no matter where they are in the world.

Classes are usually taken over the internet using an authentic medium where enthusiastic tutors take special care of notorious teens and act accordingly to bring wavering attention back on track.

Educate with more clarity

Since online learning utilizes the latest techniques such as infographics, presentations, 3d visualizations, and many incredible ways to bring the best out of the topic, a student gets the complete idea about the concepts with more clarity and thus comes out with ultimate success.

Digital textbooks and Google documents bring all the students together to learn in a familiar environment with ease of access and sharing.

Instant way of learning

Lessons are conveyed one to one or in groups, and most frequently, students prefer one-to-one sessions with their mentors, which results in keen learning.

The tutor and a student can communicate in the sink and at the same time discuss the queries to find the most relevant solutions. Also, if a tutor finds any website relatable, he can share the link with his students to better grab knowledge.

Cheaper way to quality education

Your child can adapt to the most valuable and meaningful way of learning at reasonable cost prices. Firstly, you pay tutors according to the classes attended, and second, they save you handsome money from traveling costs and other extra charges taken by educational authorities from the students.

Moreover, online education portals offer discounts on various courses that are generally not applicable in offline mode of classes.

Most convenient way to learn

The significant advantage of online classes is that students can learn in the ways they like from the teachers they seek and by sitting in any corner of the globe. Some students have the least grabbing power, and others adopt the concepts at a good pace.

With online sessions, students choose course slots to which they are comfortable, allowing them to maintain a balance between studies and personal life.

Many children and teenagers avoid social interactions, and some of them may suffer from health issues due to which they have to face education loss. It provides effortless learning for needy scholars who want to continue their studies along with medical treatment.

Virtual classes maintains a regular contact

Generally, teachers are hard to approach after the completion of a lecture. Here, a student can share his queries anytime over the education portal and can get instant responses.

For example, as a teacher, I am available all the time for students who want to contact me in the matter of education. Technology can do wonders!

Who thought accessing your favorite tutors at any time can become a possible thing to exist?

The More Safe And Security Offered By Digital Learning

As a parent, you must be more concerned about the health and safety of your child. If your children are studying from home in front of your eyes only then, you will be satisfied. E-learning eliminates physical contact, which means ‘No fear of catching viruses.

You can take extra steps in researching appropriate tutors for your children for more assurance of security. Ensure your child is interacting with a good tutor by having contacts and previous records of a tutor.

Online Tuition Boost Self Confidence And Sincerity

Handpicked teachers surely help students to get better grades through online study portals. Do you think your child can develop real-life skills such as self-confidence, communication skills, willpower, courage, and adaptability?

YES! It is possible only when you choose the right platform for giving education to your child.

Under the proper guidance, a child learns to take responsibility for his grades and act to better society. It eventually develops the qualities of courage and independence.

A Choice To Customized Pricing

Unlike the traditional education system, e-classes follow an exclusive approach to improve learning with appropriate pricing packages. You can make choices between hourly and one-time payments, whichever suits you best!

Some best education portals give the chance to choose tutors depending on the qualifications and experience.

Better learning capacity and adapting power

With greater flexibility, self-learning schedules, instant availability, more personalized study plans, and online feedback, a student gradually rises like a diamond from the rough. The regular video sessions and upgrades regarding study matters bring positive change to the pupils.

Additional Benefits of Online Tuition

As the world becomes increasingly connected, we can never be a hundred percent alone as long as technology has our back.

With the shift in every business and job culture to the internet, the demand for moving education from notebooks to desktops has increased day by day.

Especially in 2021, to reduce the risk of catching deadly viruses, people tend to remain at home and learn from the best worldwide tutors.

We have seen a distinct rise in the number of websites offering e-learning, GCSE, and A-Level previous papers to improve the results of teens.After a wave of widespread disruption by the virus, online education has proved to provide continuous learning among students worth more than admiring.

Additional Benefits of Online tuitions are listed below.

  • Students can record sessions for better understanding.
  • Get access to tutors from all over the world.
  • Learn with your smart devices without the need for paper and a pen.
  • Easy sharing of documents and files through a cloud network.
  • A better understanding of theoretical and practical subjects by visuals and presentations.
  • Online Whiteboard and Screen sharing help in solving problems instantly.
Additional Benefits of Online Tuition

Why Choose Online Tuition?

Online learning for children can be as enjoyable as a class in person, and students can still keep valuable connections to their tutors and fellow mates. For young kids and toddlers, tutors provide games and puzzles to make learning fun that will optimistically develop a love for learning from an early age.

The internet is your library, and teens can skip traveling in libraries to find books when they can have access to amazing collections available over the web.

Online education has revealed the best possible ways to achieve trusted and authorized learning from great experts. Professors providing lessons not only cover an essential but an extraordinary subject that supports the overall growth of a child.

Students can benefit from online teachers anytime because classes become continuous dialogue rather than waiting for the next day or the season after vacations to ask doubts. Students take ownership of their learning that further helps them to adapt to the new challenges at ease.

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why choose online tuition

5 Reasons Why Parents Trust The Idea Of Online Tuition

The Secret To Hassle-free Learning

Now, Parents can eliminate tradition from their lives forever with online classes – being a working parent; it was challenging to select students from a location far from the office. Also, students need only to log in to the session to activate the link or directly attend the classes.

Virtual classes have terminated the nuisance of wandering from one classroom to another and collaborated everything in a single place. Don’t you think it’s a time and energy-saving approach?

The Best Way To Learn For Lazy Children

An improved and pivot way to recap the lectures - missed by some lazy students or sometimes due to unavoidable reasons, through recorded sessions that teens can access whenever they like at any instant.

Students can actively participate in all activities organized by teachers online from the comfort of their homes. Parents can keep an eye on their students - whether they are attending classes with devotion or not!

You Do Not Have To Be A Topper To Be Successful In Life

Success is not always about securing a name in the top list of the schools. Most often, backbenchers and average students turn out with massive success because they have invested their time exploring the real-time scenario and skills, which helped them build their character.

Online courses include classes that guide a teen to be more practical in life. Parents are utilizing powerful platforms of effective learning to polish their children.

I am sure you must have known great personalities with average school grades, contributing to extraordinary real-life projects.

Get Rid Of Inconsequential Charges Enforced By Schools

Tutors available over the internet do not put in extra charges for more than a reasonable amount of payments. Unlike schools that add new funds every semester in the name of the latest services? Instead of enforcing charges - online education portals offer discounts and coupons to provide various services.

Parents feel safe and secure with trusted tutors available at online e-portals. They have seen their children achieve better results and performance and are no longer worried about paying unnecessary dues.

Quick Way To Learning Qualitative Content

Studying digitally has developed children to recognize the quality content, and if they feel like any lesson is not worth giving their time to, they can skip the lesson.

Do you know the impact of online education on learning time? It has reduced to 50%-60% when compared to classroom education. Students learn more frequently by exploring the content worth studying.

Which Is The UK's Best Online Tuition Company?

Online tuitions are covering the world order frequently like never before. Children interact with high-quality and well-educated teachers to immerse themselves in education more precisely for a better future. Learning online simply means there is no need to travel miles for education, but now with the presence of a smart device and a good connection, your child can simply continue learning with ease and better performance.

Today, many companies are providing e- classes, and the number keeps on increasing every hour due to the increasing demand for education over the web.

Educational Companies offer multi- subjects, skill development, and unique courses that help a child prepare for tests, do homework, and perform well in examinations.

Several companies such as TEL Gurus, UK Tutors, Tutorful, Minerva, My Tutor, Tutor Hunt, The Profs, Explore Learning, Fleet Tutors, and many more are favourite companies among parents in the United Kingdom. They follow a sleek and sophisticated approach for bringing the best and actual values from a student.

TEL Gurus provides a trusted, safe and authentic atmosphere and all suitable conditions for students to learn from the comfort of their homes. Our primary mission is to boost confidence and understand a child’s power, and we have succeeded in our mission since the very first day.

  • We have experts in all subject matters to help your child grow academic grades.
  • Our professionals give proper guidance and support in exam preparations.
  • Along with academics, learning, we strongly emphasize practical knowledge.
  • Your child will feel free to learn with our simplified and engaging Gurus.
  • Students can make choices between Individual classes and Group Classes as per their needs.

Parents believe that they find accurate matches between tutor and their children with our online education portal, which eventually helps children grow. By choosing from personalized education and featured billing plans, your children can have the results you have been looking for.

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uk best online tuition

How TEL Gurus Is Delivering Effective Online Tuition In The United Kingdom

Together we encourage our students to act in accordance for working towards their goals and passion with confidence to get better grades and touch the sky with the heights of victory.

TEL Gurus is in great demand among the students who want to pursue their aspirations and make their future secure. We find the perfect match between your child and tutors. To the world, the tutors can be just other teachers, but our teachers are the heroes that help them find their true potential for our children.

With full assurance and guarantee, we deliver only the paramount study material to students.

In 2020, when the world is still under the curse of deadly viruses like COVID 19 – our leaders established a well-built and robust platform to help children continue their studies even in the pandemic. Today, we are guiding thousands of children and teens to learn skills for mastering specific subjects.

Many parents were sceptical about the idea of Skype and Zoom classes if they looked at the outstanding results commenced by our divine masters by their complete devotion towards the students' learning and discipline.

Our sophisticated software and teaching methods help students engage well with the content and recall it for a long time. TEL Gurus have turned out to be a whooping industry in the market of education and learning and auspiciously s supporting children of Primary, Secondary, GCSE, and A-level grades.

How TEL Gurus Is Delivering Effective Online Tuition In The United Kingdom

Know How Easily Your Child Can Adapt Our System To Get Excellent Results!

Besides our admiring results, people ought to know about – how do we deliver education to students? The approach we follow is straightforward to help a child fit into the studying atmosphere with ease.

Experience learning with More Fun and love "A child must be taught with such love and fun that he does not realize he was learning."

We contribute to building the love for learning among students who fear learning new lessons and implementing knowledge. Our great teachers deliver education in a way students want to know more and more about each subject.

School systems have made learning boring, sequential and limited only to the syllabus. Our platform has everything where a child can experience adventures with education by pushing him beyond imagination.

We support Critical thinking for the enhancement of a child.

"The value of education is not the learning of many facts but training our mind to think."

Your child will have an epic and profound knowledge regarding all subjects that he must be proud of himself – we understand that the school books have so much to offer, but the real-life begins if a teen starts to think critically and out of the box, that helps not only students but humanity to get success in all fields of life?

Best Tools and Technology supports the system effectively.

"Technology will not replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational."

We have a long way to go with e- schoolings and technology. Our experts believe that if a child learns to tackle and fill the voids between technology and studies – he indeed can show up with surprising outcomes in the future because the next generation will be highly connected through clouds of networks. Our best tools help students to feed their focus by smashing outside distractions.

Expert tutors from the top universities around the world are our Pillars.

"A good teacher might explain well, but a great teacher inspires to dwell deep into knowledge."

Qualified Gurus and experts with a solid educational background from top universities worldwide work with us and show pivot efforts to ignite the learning power for developing supreme ideas and power of adoption for all subjects. Children master the specific GCSE and A-Level subjects and come out with incredible scores.

A place to learn limitless education at affordable prices

"Affordable education advances society, and every child has the right to have an affordable education."

We believe that educating a child means building doors and windows to a wall, which allows him to look at the world for a change resulting from all authentic learning.
A child needs education at an early age to blossom the eagerness and love of learning; with our affordable study plan, every child can hopefully step forward to a new bright future.

How our mission and goals made us unique!

To build spirit and secure the future of a child through Noble education.

TEL Gurus contributes in guiding students with exceptional learning skills to fulfil their dreams through education - that also benefits a child to boost up his confidence and mental ability to tackle real-life scenarios with ease.

Our mission and Goals revolve around delivering modest and quality education to innovate great ideas that lead in brighten up the future of a child. With our hand-selected tutors - a child identifies the importance of education and puts all his efforts to score great in each subject.

We believe in the overall growth of a child over prioritizing studies only - with the convenient environment, students feel confident and comfortable sharing their ideas with teachers which develop their creativity and knowledge.

Eventually, students will be feeling better about themselves with a high score and you, as a parent, will always be confident that the child's future is secure.

Who said that the sky's the limit? It is just the beginning, and when we have footprints on the moon and a world beyond the stars, we cannot set limits to the dreams of a child.

  • We provide valuable sources, accurate tools, and optimal conditions for learning.
  • Teaching our students how to walk and not how long to walk is our primary mission; our prominent gurus teach students to be more creative and smarter.
  • With our affordable study plans, you can get the best value for your money by selecting the lessons and courses your child needs.
  • We invest our quality time to find an ideal match for your child by offering demo classes.
  • Concepts of Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, and Physics are triggered for all key stages, GCSE, and A-Level students.
Improve iq and logical learning of your child with us!

We provide the best solutions and mentoring techniques that superficially lead to generating brilliant rewards for the developing IQ levels and brain power of a child.

Our first-class teachers execute the latest teaching tricks to leave a remarkable impact on the overall performance in academics and logical learning traits.

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How our mission and goals made us unique

What We Do in Online Education?

Give Us 60 Minutes, And We Will Bring Out The Einstein In Your Child

Now, you can promise your child his secure future by giving him a trusted platform that boosts his grades and confidence in the sink. Our teaching methods are unique and proven to bring out maximum efficiency from the efforts of a child. Parents love the idea of how we deliver online education to children and teens.

Regardless of the child’s age, year, and critical stage, we follow a direct and straightforward approach for teaching children to make the best of our guidance and prevail against every obstacle faced by fosters and students.

Also, you have choices of selecting the desired slot and payment method. We provide ultimate solutions to all relatable problems for helping your child achieve miraculous results.

What We Do in Online Education

4 Steps To Become A Part Of Our Premium Education System


Choose subjects you need to learn!

The first step in becoming a part of our advanced portal is choosing the subjects you want to study. We cover both primary and advanced modules, subjects that you can choose to develop and brush up on brand new skills.

We mainly provide Primary, Secondary, GCSE, A-Level, and extra Skill development subjects.


You get what you pay for!

We have a reasonable range of prices for specific subjects as per key stages and the national study curriculum of the United Kingdom. Parents admire our flexible plans that fit great to their needs.

Go to our website – On the Pricing page, you can click on particular packages offered by our team.

Discounts and coupon offers are often actively seen on our courses to give you the best possible amount for the module.


You are what you choose to be!

We believe that a person is the result of his choices that he makes daily, and we help students and parents to make accurate ones. We have built two types of ways in which a child can attend the online sessions delivered by experts.

One on One Classes

We are specially made for learners who like to study individually and follow a different pace of learning. We respect that each student is grabbing power, which is why we made ‘One on one classes. Some students avoid group discussions and study alone to achieve a complete focus; here is the pathway for those scholars.

Group Classes

This method works well for a student who wants to become social butterflies. Students learn many things when choosing ‘Group Classes’ – it polishes their group influencing ability and organizing skills. To make new connections with mates, a child can choose group classes for studying.


Getting started is the first step to getting ahead!

Once you are done making your best choices with the subjects and plans that suit you well, your child is READY to start the journey with us. You will be asked to fill in a few details, including personal and contact information about your child.

After putting in the Billing details, your order will be placed and now your child can begin online sessions with his divine masters.

Choice Of Subjects For Online Tuition

TEL Gurus provides subjects according to the class of a student. If someone is willing to learn more subjects – we have a vibrant collection of the subjects of Skill development and Short courses.

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Choice Of Subjects For Online Tuition

Online Tuition in Mathematics

  • We teach mathematics to students from Primary to GCSE levels, where experts cover all basics and advanced topics.
  • Doubts sessions are conducted to discuss the queries and unsolved problems. Here, evil mathematics is converted to the divine subject for students.
  • Our classes cover all essential lessons and concepts that simplify complex problems and develop students' confidence to perform better in academics.

Online Tuition in English

  • English is an international language, plays a vital role in education, and many children face issues, especially regarding its grammar.
  • You will meet a perfect match for your child who understands the flaws and corrects them with the proper guidance to help improve English step by step with every Session.
  • Our eminent tutors teach your child that he needs extra care and boosts his confidence for further learning.

Online Tuition for Chemistry

  • Chemistry is often seen as a favourite subject among students as long as they strike the real world of chemistry. It indeed asks for the help of a trustworthy guide.
  • Our brilliant mind teachers spark the lights from a child to perform wonderfully in chemistry by teaching them tricks that a student remembers at the fingertips.
  • With the Chemistry classes of Secondary and GCSE provided by TEL Gurus, your child can break the records with surprising grades.
Online Tuition in Mathematics
Online Tuition in Biology

Online Tuition in Biology

  • Nothing is exciting and practical like the subject of Biology. Students fear reminding the compound terms, and we are here to help them.
  • Lessons for biology make it simple to understand the concepts that further make the preparations easier.
  • Well-qualified teachers from top universities are bringing out the optimal results by supporting your child's needs.

Online Tuition in Physics

  • Studying Physics breaks the limits of a human brain to think beyond the imagination that reveal the mathematical and natural beauty of cosmology and the universe.
  • We study each topic of electrophysics, mechanics, particle physics, waves, astrophysics and quantum physics in detail to broaden the literacy of a child for future scope.
  • TEL Gurus offers an amazing platform to learn in more magical and intellectual ways that teaches a student the theoretical and pragmatic aspects of Physics.

Skill Development Subjects

In skill development subjects, we have four categories listed below:

1. Vedic Mathematics
2. Coding and Programming
3. Digital Marketing
4. Robotics and AI

Vedic Mathematics/ Quicker Mathematics is a different approach to effectively deal with mathematical problems quickly and in more accessible ways. The teachers deliver several tricks and concepts to make the children comfortable with the subject. Children build a magnificent understanding of maths at their early ages.

Coding & Programming helps students to solve the various analytical and complex problems by discovering most relevant and reliable solutions. Coding means to write the code in a specific language. On the other hand, programming refers to giving instructions to a program for running an automatic machine or artificial intelligence.

Skill Development Subjects


Python is a powerful Object-Oriented programming language and is popular for its unique and easy coding. We have made it simple to learn for children and teens with our four-day program to teach the basics and necessary concepts. Children with no experience in coding can catch the basics and advance concepts under the quality guidance of teachers.

Our tutors have made a 2 monthly plan for teaching students python with each class of 90 minutes - twice a week.


Scratch programming language presents the best way for kids to start their journey in the field of programming - where they are introduced to coding in the most friendly manner and fun ways. It empowers children to make interactive games.

Our experts have planned a 1 monthly course for kids to teach important concepts of the visual language in a class of 75 minutes - twice a week.

C with blocks

C is a procedural programming language and is high in demand nowadays. It is quite simple, easy and flexible - used to write complex programs and various operating systems. The advanced languages have taken the syntax from the C language.

We deliver the best concepts of C language within 1 month having classes for 75 minutes - twice a week.

C++ with blocks

C++ is a widely used Object-Oriented, procedural, and functional language written with advanced features that develops high-end applications with speed and memory efficiency. Scientific computing, VR, Robotics are the basis of C++.

Our brilliant teachers deliver 75 minutes lectures to cover the required topics for 1 month -twice a week.

Eleven Plus

Eleven Plus

The eleven plus is an entrance exam especially given by the kids to recognize their brilliance and calibre to take admissions in grammar schools. The exam is taken before the beginning of Year 6 or at the end of Year 5 - for admission in their Secondary class.

The exam pattern is built up mainly on four parts - English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non- Verbal Reasoning. Among which the syllabus of English and Maths is based only on the UK study curriculum whereas Reasoning is a universal skill and mental based subject - the questions are meant to examine the potential of a student to solve academic problems and logical reasoning.

Our online classes are conducted by polished, highly qualified and skilled tutors with an extraordinary mindset who inspire and teach children to clear the entrance examination with admirable scores. Apart from academic scores, our superior Master brings the best out of a child having enough courage and proficiency to speak.

Classes/ Stages we cover

Children from all age groups are treated with traditional education depending on the requirements and needs of a child. The lectures are taken virtually by proficient Gurus.

We provide more Personalized education to make a parent and child content about the matter that is delivered. Regardless of Key Stages or GCSE Levels - support and regular doubt sessions are held to nourish the academic scores.

Each key stage or GCSE level has something superlative to offer that helps a student to cultivate a good personality as well as dazzling results. You can have a look at the given content for more clarity.

Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2

Primary Classes
Year 1 to Year 6

Key Stage 3

Secondary Classes
Year 7 to Year 9

Key Stage 4


A Level

AS Level & A Level

Meet Our Best Mentors

Meet Our Best Mentors

Our World-class teachers from top universities around the globe teach students the value and quality of education. They engage and interact with children like their best friends – your child will indeed find a good friend in his proficient tutor.

Super skilled and qualified masters having tremendous knowledge in their streams leave an epic effect on the students. Hand-picked and gurus full of wisdom explode students' intellectuals that help them have magnificent confidence, self-esteem, and problem-solving brilliance.

How Do TEL Gurus Work?

1. Choose Your Lessons

From the wide range of our subjects offered to all key stages, GCSE and A-Level students, choose the subjects that your child wishes to learn or, in simple words, select the grade of your kid along with the courses.

Along with this, a student can choose the suitable batch for him – between one-to-one and group sessions.

2. First Free Class

To every client, we gift a FREE online session as a welcome present to introduce students to our mentors and system for making them feel familiar and comfortable with the platform.

It includes a 60-minute online lesson that is completely free, which helps find an ideal match of the tutor for guiding your child.

3. Let's Get Started

By deciding the most convenient payment method, subjects, and batch for your children, you enter the wizarding world of our online education. Here, we transform ordinary into extraordinary to work wonders in life.

You will realize and see the practical results in your child after starting his digital educational journey with us.

Why Choose TEL Gurus Online Tuitions?

Discover the ways of how we are providing online education to our students!

We have a distinctive way to contribute to society by delivering education in more reasonable and acceptable ways. In a scenario like Pandemic, our great teachers cut off the prices to make education affordable for every student living far from schools and spending time in isolation at home.

Moreover, our best education platform breaks limits on counting lists of subjects provided because, along with STEM and BASIC subjects, Skill development courses inaugurated by trained teachers held for volunteers build up the foundation for a strong personality of a child.

  • We provide the Uk's first online education hallmark, which provides flexibility in lectures that satisfy the soul and mind of a student and a parent.
  • Our Personalised education is given that wins the faith society.

Even at an early age, a child with our guidance shows high-end performance not only in class subjects but in day-to-day life. The subjects covered by us in skill development are briefly explained below.

Why Choose TEL Gurus Online Tuitions
Coding and Programming

1. Vedic- mathematics

  • It helps in increasing the accuracy of maths-related problems.
  • It improves the problem-solving and intelligence of a child.
  • Mental calibre and concentration work well by Vedic mathematics.

2. Coding and Programming

  • To be more analytical and a solution provider, learning coding is essential.
  • It develops computational thinking.
  • Coding increases your value as it is in high demand nowadays.

3. Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing is a burning topic in the market, and we are providing better ways to learn those skills.
  • Cost-efficient and time-saving lessons.
  • Students learn to build a solid and valuable brand.

4. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

  • Robotics and AI are the base of the entire upcoming generations.
  • Our course helps in amplifying programming and robotic skills.
  • Learn team management and group influencing abilities.
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Things You Keep In Mind Before & After Choosing The Right Online Tutor For Your Children

Tutor Qualification

Qualification is the fundamental aspect of choosing the right tutor. Ask your child's tutor about his educational background and details to assure quality learning and assistance.

He must be an authentic and legally white teacher with having zero criminal records.

Experience In Teaching

As a parent, you must ask the teacher if they have any experience in teaching in prior years; it leaves an influence on parents and builds the students' trust.

The more the experience, the better the understanding and great the performance of your child will be.

Tutor Behaviour

Parents can have a reference from past schools about the behaviour of a teacher towards the students. If you notice some harsh words in his communication or if they support sarcasm, racism, bullying, and other illegal practices, you can instantly report them.

Ask your children how do they feel while interacting with their online tutors.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Online Tuition

1. Is online tutoring safe?

Yes, online tutoring is safe, especially during a pandemic when it is better to learn digitally than in classrooms. Though e- learnings websites are mostly found to be safe, parents still need to research admitting their children at a particular online education portal. The one-to-one communication between a teacher and student builds trust.

Also, signing on trusted websites such as TEL Gurus saves you from the adverse effects of online tuition. You can report the particular tutor in case your child is harassed or undergoes any issue.

2. Is online tutoring suitable for my child?

Online tutoring is indeed the right platform for your child to learn and grab things at a good pace, even during the lockdown. Websites offering online education handle payments safely and follow a quick method for paying tuition fees without enforcing extra charges.

Your child will develop a unique character and skills by learning from marvelous online tutors from all around the world. In case of any issues, honest guidance from the website owner and counsellors can be taken at any time.

3. What is the future of online tuition, and how big a role was it in lockdown?

Online tuitions have been seen to be less preferred before the pandemic period, but now it looks like the online education portals have gained attention for the rest of the lives as a future baseline.

Even if schools open, many students will probably not adopt the idea of physical learning due to the fear of catching the virus. Students have become more enthusiastic with online classes – it seems like digital schools will rule the academic world forever.

4. How Much Does Online Tuition cost?

Attending online classes is much cheaper than traditional education. Most e-education portals offer frequent discounts on their study plans that save parents thousands of pounds to spend blindly on unnecessary charges.

The average cost of online tuition varies between 400- 500 pounds monthly, which is pretty affordable and genuine.

5. How to choose the right tutor for online tuition?

Parents can check out the study background, feedback given by previous parents, and certifications achieved by tutors.

Also, one-to-one communication can help discover several unrevealed things about a tutor, such as the way he communicates, the level of his confidence, and you will feel his vibe whether he is a good move for your child or not.

A Phone call and a person meeting online can satisfy a guardian more about safety and quality education.

6. Can we get tuition as per our time?

Yes, online education portals strictly follow the schedule they have prepared for teens to attend the virtual classes. Some students take individual classes followed by different times, and many attend group classes that fall in different time zones.

However, online tutors are as sincere as traditional school teachers and more likely to start the classes sharply at the mentioned period. If you feel like your child needs extra attention, he or she can be treated with a unique class individual following particular timing.

7. How to book an online tutor?

The websites offering education from the internet have built portfolios related to each tutor, and parents can simply go through the profile of online tutors and make the best choices.

On the other hand, you can make video meetings and personal phone calls for your convenience to ensure the identity of the tutor and the safety of your child.

After research, you can book the particular tutor that hits your heart and come out best from the list of online tutors provided by the e-learning platform.

8. How does online tuition work?

In online classes, students and teachers are connected virtually through a voice or video meeting session. Both can look at each other, listen to and respond to one another, but they do not present at the same place.

Students worldwide are taking benefits of learning from top degree holder tutors by logging in from their screens even amid the lockdown period. Students understand the concept from teachers who share the screen and use the whiteboard.

Many software and tools have been developed to improve the tutor-student study experience digitally. Tutors give and check the homework regularly provided to his students, and in case he notices any misbehaviour from the children's side, he has the power to act accordingly.

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