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How Do You Motivate a Teenager to Learn?

Earlier teenagers were the most hardworking members of society. Still, now the image of modern teenagers has become the lazy kids that want to sleep, play computer games, hang out with friends, and surf the internet.

The lazy teen’s image has become so commonplace that several people assume that being unmotivated and sluggish is a natural adolescence’s consequence. However, such thinking is understandable and yet misguiding as well.

But do you know that motivating teens can drastically change their state of mind and incline them towards learning more and attaining success? You, as a parent, play a crucial role in it. It is obvious to worry about teens’ futures, but it is entirely unfair to expect good results from them without motivating and guiding them.

Do you want to motivate your teen? Do you want to attain the desired success and plan a great future? Then you have come to the right place. Here we have compiled some essential tips you can do to motivate your teen to learn.

What Can You Do To Motivate Your Teen?

Here are a few simple yet essential things you can do to motivate your teenager to learn.

1. Get started with them

It is common for teens to get tired after a long day. As a result, they might get lazy about doing their homework. After all, dealing with the classes the whole day can be tiring. In such a situation, just telling your kids to study or learn won’t be sufficient.

Instead, you need to sit with your teen and help them with the same. Please help with the tasks that they find challenging to work on. If you can’t do that, you can also look for a tutor to help with their learning process.

2. Yelling won’t help, Discussing will

You need to essentially remember that yelling at your teen won’t help you at all. If you keep scolding your teen, then they might distance themselves emotionally from you and also may stop listening to you.

  • Despite yelling at your teen, you can do the following
  • Be calm, kind, and soft.
  • Make them understand why it is necessary
  • Discuss calmly how it is going to benefit them
  • Discussion and interacting well can be an effective way than long lectures and random yelling.

3. Boost their self-confidence

Confidence is an essential element in the learning process. Even if they learn a lot and study a lot but are unsure whether they are entirely done with it and write correctly in exams, it is of no worth. Self-confidence not only helps in studying and being confident about your answer, but it can help in the long-term learning process. So help your teen build the desired confidence.

Emphasize extracurricular activities

The learning process doesn’t only include studying all the time. It will help if you emphasize extracurricular activities. Highlighting studies only may curb their creative interests. To keep your teen’s interests alive, you need to do the following


Encourage the teen to go for some outdoor activities

Help them to dedicate time to their hobbies and activities of their interest.

Extracurricular activities can be an excellent way to enhance their skills.


Do not raise your expectations.


Set realistic goals for your teen. Do not raise your expectations very high. High expectations can constrain your teen and make them pressured and anxious.


Teach your teen to aim for consecutive and small goals at a time.

Teach them to set another goal once they have attained their previous target

Emphasize hard work and regular pattern

Working through successive plans can help your teen learn and achieve more in the long run.




To motivate your teen to learn and perform well, you first need to understand how they feel or think. Then, try to put yourself in their shoes. Although teens are susceptible, talking to them and understanding their points can help them communicate better and share their hearts.


Help them learn from their mistakes.


It is not uncommon to make mistakes. Everyone does that, but the real survivors are those that learn from their mistakes. How the teen responds to their mistakes can have a significant impact on their learning and achievement strategy.


Teach them to learn from their mistakes instead of hiding them or looking for an escape from them. Tell them that rather than getting depressed by failures, treat them as opportunities so that they can work where they lacked and turn their loss into achievements.


Give them some control.


It is evident that teens need boundaries often, but have you ever tried giving them some responsibility and doing nothing but believing that they will do it, OK? Yes! If you haven’t tried it earlier, then do give it a try.


Please give them a sense of responsibility for their learning. If the teens feel trusted, they will take more pride in learning things independently and putting their whole-hearted efforts into attaining success. In addition, giving a sense of responsibility can be an exciting way for you to teach them to take their learning process to the next level.


However, some teens may need more encouragement than others. Some may require more of a helping hand but encouraging teens to follow and develop an independent learning approach can be rewarding.


Set realistic and achievable goals


It is easy to target a goal and push your teen to achieve it, but another side of the whole picture is entirely different. Achieving goals requires a lot of effort, patience, and dedication. Setting an unrealistic goal for your teen can put your teen under pressure.


Before setting goals for your teens, try to explore their capabilities and potential. Analyzing their ability to perform can help you develop some realistic goals for your teen.


Stop motivating teens to stop the stress.


Telling teens not to stress over something won’t help at all. Instead, you need to help them manage it. For example, try engaging your teen in some exciting activities that wipe away the teen’s stress and encourage them to do well and drop pressure out.


The most common reason for a stressed teen is reminding them about doing a thing a million times. Unfortunately, frequent reminders can create unnecessary stress on the teen. Here are some stressors you can eradicate for them.


Do not punish them for average grades

Don’t keep reminding about their college or school’s work

Stop constantly nagging about the same thing

No more staying on their cases all the time


Build strong relationship


Rebuilding a friendly and strong relationship can be a strong motivator. It gives the sense of feeling that they belong to someone who cares and can connect at any point in time. Become a source of strength for them and motivate them by mending a strong relationship.


Communicating well, so your teen opens their heart in front of you is indeed a blessing. There are so many ways to make you a good friend with your teen and let you spend some quality time with them.


Give independent support and encourage them to internalize the learning’s value.


As per the Self Determination theory developed by Deci and Ryan, teens who think they have control over their activities are more motivated. Conversely, teens cannot be motivated when they are pressured. Therefore when the teens are permitted to decide what activities to engage in, they will be self-inclined to perform the things they deem valuable.


Let them internalize the reasons to study. Instead of their focus on the phrase that “I need to study else, I would be punished,” their focus should be, “I need to study as learning is essential and there’s so much to learn.”


Which phrase do you think is more compelling? Indeed the second one. And that is what relationship building and internalizing will do.


Encourage dopamine replenishing activities.


Dopamine is related to brain functioning that can change the entire mood. With dopamine replenishing activities, we mean the physical activities of the teen’s interest that can enhance their mood and help regulate the dopamine release in the brain.


The regulation of dopamine levels in teens’ brains can enhance their mood and well-being, which indirectly keeps them happy, active and provides better brain functioning. In addition, when brain functioning is improved, it automatically boosts the study and learning activities.


Essentials to remember!


Motivating your teen doesn’t mean letting them do whatever they want.

The real trick for getting your teens to learn is through involvement, subtle support, supervision, and joint problem-solving.

Apart from all these, never hesitate to compliment your teen. Every minor thing matters; praise your teen for the slightest achievements as well.


Final Thoughts!


Motivation is indeed challenging. It is intricate to motivate a teen as the human brain is one of the most complicated systems. However, adopting some essential tips to encourage the teen can be a savior for you. The tips mentioned above can drastically change the learning process and help your teen stay motivated towards their learning and upscaling process.


If you are still worried about your teen’s motivational strategy and looking for some additional tips, then TEL Gurus is a great place to start. Let us together identify the motivation issues and help your teen build self-motivation.


The Importance & Benefits of Private Tutor

Private tutoring has become increasingly popular. Not because of the tough Covid times only but overall, as well. It has not only improved a student’s overall academic grade but also enhanced their practical understanding of the subject. 

You may find ample reasons to choose manual tutoring, but nothing can beat the below-mentioned popular advantages of private tutoring. Well, without taking much time, let us dig into the benefits of a private tutor. 

Benefits of Private Tutor

  • Customized lectures

The customized lecture is one of the biggest advantages of private tuition is that you can choose the personalized classes that suit your timings. It was indeed challenging to attain during the traditional school schedule, but online tutoring has changed the scenario a lot.  

With private tutoring, learners can acquire the benefit from the fact that you can easily adjust the focus, pace, and goals depending on the need and ability. This states that the learning efficiency will be maximized.  

  • One on one tutoring

Another essential benefit of online tutoring that you can gain from private tutoring is that much-needed time and attention from the tutor. It is challenging for the tutors to focus on every child manually. But when it comes to private tutoring, one-on-one tutoring has made it possible.  

Tutors focus their attention on the student, which is indeed a huge advantage compared to traditional classroom scenarios. With fewer distractions and more attention, the tutor will appreciate the student’s efforts and work on their weak points by making the entire learning process effective.  

  • Enhanced Confidence

As with private tutoring, the student and tutor work closely; this boosts the self-confidence of the child. It helps to develop a stronger relationship that was not possible otherwise. It impacts the student profoundly, and with a better learning environment, students’ real capabilities are explored and potential problems can be spotted easily.  

Additionally, in the case of the shy student, who is not much communicative in the traditional classroom environments, they can also share their opinion and communicate well about their problems. 

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  • Explore exciting forms of study

Private tutoring is not confined to the traditional blackboard and teaching environment. It gives you an opportunity to explore more exciting ways of learning. Private tutoring adheres to the less formal approach, but the learning methods are effective.  

Learning is not only about having a strict environment and stringent timelines. It includes fun learning activities that will help you memorize the study materials for a longer time.  

  • Saves time and efforts

Private tutoring saves your time and effort. The time-consuming methods where you have to travel from one place to another, private tutoring has vanished it all. As the learning place is your home and your traveling time is your “ME TIME.”  

Private tutoring doesn’t require you to travel to other locations and lets you access the learning material and classes on your electronic gadgets from your comfortable couch only. And about that saved traveling time, how about sipping a cup of coffee with your family or having a relaxing time by listening to some music of your choice? Great, right? Indeed.  

Private tutoring not only gives a flexible learning schedule but also lets you choose the private tutor that helps you get that desired strong foundation of concepts. All you need to do is, make a wise choice about it! 

Book your 60-minutes FREE DEMO class today! Hurry up! 

How Online Tutoring Is Helpful For Teens During Pandemic?

Ummm!! This Covid19 hits us hard and especially students, as they opted new way of learning do you know how this new way of teaching is helpful so, let’s begin how online tutoring is helpful for teens during and after the pandemic.

The pandemic has utterly disrupted the entire education system that many asserts was already losing its relevance. The pandemic has affected the whole world and resulted in the closure of schools, industries and businesses, and everything all around the globe.

The entire world was clueless and even the education industry. Everyone was looking for a reliable resolution to their respective fields.

With the prolonged effects and several months of lockdown, the education industry comes up with the phenomenal rise of e-learning, often known as online tuitions.

The purpose of online tutoring was to provide the desired education to the kids remotely through several digital platforms keeping their safety in mind. In short, online tutoring has become a savior for kids.

With this sudden shift of traditional classrooms to online tutoring and learning, some are still wondering whether the adoption of it will continue to persist post-pandemic and while some still doubt about its efficiency to serve the kids better and quality education from the comfort of their home.

Even the research studies suggest that online tutoring has even been shown to augment information retention and consumes less time.

How is the education sector responding to the pandemic?

In response to the pandemic and significant demand, several online learning platforms like TEL Gurus, offering quality education remotely, have come up and played an essential role in promoting teachings and shifting the kid’s education to a shining future path.

With online learning and tutoring, the education system has responded well to the whole scenario. The best thing about it is that even the kid’s education is also not struggling. They can access the desired education from the comfort of their homes, where even the parents can keep an eye on the quality of education they are receiving.

What is the future of online learning?

While some people offering online education with an unplanned and rapid move might result in a poor learning experience. At the same time, choosing reliable platforms that provide quality education with the proper quality check on the tutors can benefit the kids in several ways.

However, the benefits of online learning are manifold that can indeed positively affect the kid’s education. Are you also wondering what benefits it can offer? Well, read the blog till the end, and you will get your answers.

Challenges in online learning

With ample benefits, there are challenges to overcome. Sometimes the faulty internet connection or the absence of digital medium can be the hurdle for several students in digital learning.

However, with time, things will get controlled by internet access and other essentialities to provide more comprehensive education access, the challenges will soon be overcome.

Is online learning effective?

Coming to the effectiveness of online learning and tutoring, no better thing than this offers ample benefits simultaneously. Even the research states that, on average, students can retain the information of the material 25 to 60 percent more than in the offline learning environment.

However, the effectiveness of online learning varies based on the different age groups as the kids usually require a structured environment as they easily get distracted. Obviously, this calls for concerted efforts to keep them engaged in learning.

Apart from the kids, the other age groups find online learning a boon due to its several benefits. Wondering what additional advantages it offers? Here’s all you need to know.

1. Learn from the safety of your home

During a pandemic crisis, in-person learning can be unsafe. And in response to the pandemic, schools worldwide shut indefinitely. At such a stage, online learning has shown the courage to take responsibility for the kid’s education and has provided a safe and effective alternative.

2. Greater flexibility

Another advantage of online learning over offline one is providing the ability to learn anytime and from anywhere. With online tutoring, you can easily manage the schedule and spend some quality time with your family.

With the flexible timing schedule, you can also work on your course whenever you have free time. A more significant advantage is that you can give time to your hobbies, interests, and other responsibilities with flexible timings.

3. Save time and money

With no need to commute from one location to educational institution locations, you can save a lot of time and spend it performing some other activity. How about taking a power nap or grabbing a cup of coffee at that time?

Conversely, online tuitions are also money-saving as you don’t have to spend on live instructors, classrooms, or any physical materials for kids. Waste is reduced and can be a power-saving deal for you.

4. Train at your own pace

Online learning provides you enough space to learn at your own pace. You don’t have to rush to cover the concept. If you didn’t understand a concept at one go, you could prefer going back to the online platform, reaccessing the resources, re-listening the lectures, and performing the compelling study.


Even after going through the study materials again, you can share them easily with the online tutors if you have any doubts regarding the concepts. They will certainly provide you with the best solutions. So, online learning only requires your dedication to education and working internet.

5. One-on-One tuitions

One-on-one tutoring is a fantastic benefit of online tutoring. As in the traditional classrooms of around more than 50 students, it isn’t easy to focus on every child individually, and several might not get the desired attention.

But with one-on-one tutoring, the teacher can focus well on the individual child and utilize the time efficiently by teaching the kids with fun learning methods and activities.

6. Enhanced learning

Not only teachers but also the research studies state that online learning helps improve the overall study experience. With less pressure of extended classes and without waiting in the school for the whole day, kids usually perform better and participate in several activities actively.

7. Student engagement

Incorporating online tutoring has enhanced student engagement in the discussions. Teachers often report that online tutoring has helped the reserved students to take part in the class discussions, and all usually show active participation in the activities.

8. Adding skill subjects

Offline classroom learning is usually limited to the main academic subjects only. But with online tutoring, kids get a chance to upskill their knowledge by choosing some skill add up topics like coding, artificial intelligence, robotics at a very initial age. This gives them a stronger foundation and may get a clear vision of their future career path.

9. Better grades

With the A level and GCSE examinations held previously, an average grade improvement has been seen in the students. Though many students have shown more significant grade boosts, it is an accepted fact that online tutoring has increased the student’s overall grades and enhanced academic performance.

Bottom Line!

Online learning is booming, and people are seeking more reliable online platforms that can provide quality education. The online mediums have indeed helped a lot during the pandemic, and still, the students are relying more on it. From one-on-one tutoring to batch classes, online tutoring offers it all.

During this pandemic, online tutoring has evolved to be a boon to the whole education sector and has played a crucial role in shaping the kids’ future. The essential statement that needs to be addressed here is that online tutoring has undoubtedly helped a lot during the pandemic, but what is the future?

The future of online tutoring is bright indeed and will help shape the career of millions of students. Students and even parents are preferring online tutoring more rather than choosing offline one.

And it is estimated that shortly, students will select online platforms to master their skills from their comfortable environments. Online Tutoring has been and undoubtedly will be an effective education revolution to help the kids choose their right career path and shape their future.

Discover Our Online Tuition Services 

Tips on Choosing the Right Online Tutor 

“Go for a demo class to analyze the teaching skills of the tutor and then decide whether you want to join the course or not. 

Whether your child is studying in junior grades or preparing for GCSE, you as a parent always want to give the best foundation to your children for a successful future. Finding the right tutor that meets your expectations and makes your child excel in academics is an intimidating task.

While there may be highly qualified and experienced tutors but other factors such as teaching style, convenience and cost also play a key role while you zero in on a perfect fit. 

Read the full article to get insights on the importance of a tutor in a child’s life and some effective tips on choosing the right online tutor. 

Online Tutoring: An emerging trend

Due to the upheaval caused by the deadly pandemic, online channels are increasingly dominating our day-to-day lives. This has led to an increase in online tutoring getting more prominence than traditional coaching. Gone are the days when finding a good online tutor used to be a challenge and was a frustrating task. But not anymore! 

The digital world has opened gateways to a lot of e-learning opportunities. With a plethora of online education platforms coming up, online learning has become the new normal of next-gen learners.  

Why it is important to pay attention to choose the right tutor?

It’s the tutors that make the child stay enthusiastic about their learning. Right guidance and mentorship by the teachers make the children more confident and help them voice their opinions. Saying “Good Job!” or patting on the back can do wonders for the children. Let’s discuss the role of a tutor in a child’s development. 

  • Make the learning fun 

Instead of explaining concepts theoretically, teachers today make their class more interactive by using the latest pedagogical techniques such as AV aids, games, diagrams, etc. This ensures better understanding and grasping of concepts. Therefore, a solid and long-lasting foundation of basics gets laid for the students 

  • Connect with Real Life 

Most of the students wonder that where the knowledge they are gaining gets applied in our lives. Learning without its connection with real life makes the student believe that education is unimportant as it lacks practicality. A tutor helps the students to connect the lessons with real life and how these concepts are used to pursue career goals.  

  • Performance Goals 

The right tutor helps the child to understand and set the performance goals. The teacher also keeps the child motivated to achieve the goals. Various challenging assignments are drafted to track the child’s performance and improve his analytical and logical skills.  

  • Career Counselling 

Well, there are so many career options available in today’s world that the child may get lost. For a newbie or an inexperienced child, things may become really difficult and challenging.

The real talent of the child may get lost in other irrelevant sparkling career options. Here, a tutor becomes the role model and helps the children discover their true talent and potential. Thereby, guiding children to pick a career that suits their interests, talent, and skill.  

  • Be the change  

Tutors or teachers not only help students to nail their academics but also help to become a better human being. Several characteristics such as patience, motivation, determination, listening skills, etc are an indispensable part of a child’s personality. It’s the tutor that helps to persuade the younger generation in a positive way and encourages the students to become a better version of themselves.  

There was a time when the teacher used to read from pre-written notes or present them on power-point slides but today these obsolete teaching methodologies are not entertained anymore. Students and teachers are adopting new technologies and learning techniques that enable the students to stand above the rest in every phase of life.  

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Benefits of choosing online tutor over traditional ones

With the advent of technology, more and more students are inclined towards online learning platforms and picking online tutors over the traditional ones. Let’s have a look at why students prefer online tutors. 

1. 24/ 7 Availability 

You can book your classes with online tutors at your convenience. Now you can make learning happen anytime irrespective of your demographics, geography, and time zone. Struck in a problem? Don’t worry as you can easily connect with your tutor online and get your problem solved instantaneously. 

2. Flexible and Personalized approach 

As most of the tutors online provide various aids that enable fast learning such as recorded lessons, videos, games, presentations, etc, the students can access them any time they want. Every child has its own learning pace, so the students can revise and practice again and again till they feel confident. The students can easily book their slots with their tutors as per their family schedules.  

3. Available for all 

Age is not a barrier to learning. Most of the elderly hesitate to take their learning to the next level or complete their education. Online tutoring is a golden opportunity for people with certain disabilities or the elderly to get professional assistance and make their way to the mainstream.  

4. Affordable and high quality 

The best part is that you don’t have to step out of your home to enroll with an online tutor. Even if you are doing a job, you still can avail yourself of the education by joining an online tutor and selecting a time slot as per your comfort zone. The one-on-one sessions make the students feel more connected, engaged, and high-on learning.  

5. More productive  

Studies have proved that online tutoring has tremendously improved the performance of the students, be it academics or extracurricular. As the courses are tailored as per the needs of the students and the latest industry trends, a student becomes more confident and becomes more focused on achieving his/her goals.  

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Best Way to Find the Right Online Tutor 

The benefits of Online Tuitions are unanimous that includes saving time, money, and resources too! The personal approach of online tutors paves greater flexibility and convenience for both parents and students. A lot of commuting time is saved which can be invested well in studying and preparing more. 

Unlike the offline world, where word-of-mouth, references, and personal opinions matter a lot, things are more streamlined and transparent in the digital world. But, 

Where to find the right online tutors? 

  • Use Search Engines 

The ideal way to find the best online tutor for your child is to Google it. Of course, you can use other search engines as well such as Bing. Explore the e-learning platforms emerging these days and attend a demo class to gauge the quality of education imparted by the tutors. Do consider the online ratings, reviews, feedback, and testimonials before you finalize any e-learning platform.  

  • Use Social Media Platforms 

Not getting a good lead through search engines. 

Use social media platforms to find the best online tutors in your locality. The social profiles of the tutors are visible on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This helps you get a better idea of the tutor’s professional appearance and ensure that the person is genuine and not fake.  

How to choose the right Online Tutor? 

Till now you must have decided from where you’ll be hiring a tutor. Next is, how to select the right online tutor for your child. Here are a few tips that you can follow before you finalize your tutor.  

1. Demo class  

Always go for a demo class to analyze the teaching skills of the tutor and then decide whether you want to join the course or not. Even a single demo class of 30-40 minutes will help you understand the skill, experience, and expertise of the tutor.

Most of the online learning platforms offer the first class for free or give a demo before enrolling the students. This is a great opportunity for parents and students to ensure that every penny they spend is worth it! 

2. Teaching Experience 

The more the tutor has a teaching experience in the subject you desire, the better it is. Make sure that the tutor is still active in teaching. You can cross-verify that by having a glimpse of the tutor’s social media profile.

Tutors believing in concept building rather than rote learning are the ideal ones. Watch out that your tutor should ask follow-up questions, understand your learning pace and tailor lessons as per your child’s grasping skills.  

3. Subject Matter Expertise 

Before hiring a tutor, do consider the subject matter expertise of the tutor in the area you intend to seek help. This factor becomes more prominent with higher classes especially when it comes to GCSE exams. A general science tutor may be able to explain the basic concepts of organic and inorganic chemistry, but you may need a subject matter expert if you wish to clear your GCSE exam with flying colors.  

4. Teaching Style 

Every child has a unique way of grasping concepts. Some children feel comfortable when learning is accompanied by visual aids while some prefer written explanations. Look for a tutor who can adapt as per the learning requirements of your child. If your child is a visual learner, make sure that the tutor you hire uses visual aids such as video, drawings, experiments, etc. 

5. Interest & Passion 

Secure the future of your children by hiring the best tutors who are genuinely interested as well as are passionate about teaching and not doing to make some quick cash. You can easily judge that while interviewing the tutor as passion gets reflected in their teaching style as well.  

6. Stick to a budget 

Money is obviously important. There is no point in hiring an expensive tutor or someone that you can’t afford. Be open-minded and look for options. You never know, you may find a life-changing tutor at a place you’ve least expected. Apart from that, many online learning platforms offer tutoring services relevant to all budgets. Explore them.  


E-learning has grown leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. Tutoring serves to be an ideal supplement that a student desires for incredible academic success. It helps the child get a better grasp on the subject, fill any gaps left in the school and come up with a solid foundation. 

Our expert faculty of experienced and expert teachers deeply understand child psychology and learning abilities. More than 90% of the students enrolled with us have shown brilliant improvement within few months of enrolment. Want to make your child stand above the rest and get the best education he/she deserves? 

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