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What are the best ways to do revision for exams?

Revisions are a crucial part of the examinations.

Are you done with the studies but still not sure whether you will get the same outcome or not?

The lack of revision probably costs you a lot while making you suffer your marks.

But what is the right way to deal with the revisions?

Is this what your child is also suffering with?

Read these revision tips below and ensure that you have a fully prepared mindset for your upcoming examinations.

Revision Tips by TEL Gurus Experts!

Begin Early

Effective learning can never be rushed.

So, you gotta start earlier to get effective results.

The earlier you start your revisions, the more organised your mindset will be, and the greater will be your chances of success.

And the best part is that you will be less likely to experience stress.

“No Stress! No last-minute cramming! And better outcomes!”

How fantastic it sounds!

So, it is always an excellent idea to start revising early if you wish to get better outcomes.

Eat, sleep, revise and repeat!

It’s a fantastic idea to get the desired output.

Well, we are not saying that you should always be following the same, but at least for some time, this is what is essentially required.

And during the revision sessions, one best thing that can be often followed is keeping the short study sessions followed by the short naps.

Yes, taking shorter naps can be beneficial.

During these short naps, the brain processes information.

Keeping yourself pushy to stay awake won’t give you the same effect.


Pomo! Pomodo! Pomodoro what? 

What exactly is Pomodoro?

Well, it is an excellent technique if one has trouble concentrating.

This technique follows the 25 minutes of studying basic patterns followed by a shorter break of five minutes.

And the best part is that if you can do four such rounds, there are chances that you’ll be getting a better learning session.

And this way actually works because you do not have to push yourself for the long revision sessions.

Rather, some small sessions are enough.

Create Mental Associations

Have you also suffered making associations and suddenly forgetting everything while writing the exams?

Well, making the associations can help learn and revise it better.

It is an excellent way to remember anything for a longer period.

And that is often used by the memory champions.

All you can do is visualise the revision chapters or topics into scenarios, and you will be able to learn it all for a longer time and effectively too.

Write the revised content by yourself.

Students tend to learn and remember better when they write the content themselves.

Are you done with the earning part or studying?

Try writing what you have learned in your own handwriting, and you will be able to remember it all for a longer time than you think.

Try it once and witness the difference.

Organise your revision

You must be thinking about what sort of revision hack is this.

But this actually works!

Organising the revision can be one pretty hit which can actually be beneficial in all terms.

This may include:

  • Finding a good, quiet, and well-lit place that is free of distractions and comfortable too.
  • Set reasonable and realistic targets only

Revise Actively

Rather than just reading the text and getting a dull output, try to choose an active reading strategy, including colour-coding the texts based on their importance, making flow diagrams to understand it all better, and many more.

Try explaining the topic to others, and if you have no one to listen to, you can try teaching it yourself also.

Take breaks but not too frequently.

Study without social media

Social media is the most popular distraction among all.

Try to stay away from the social media handles till you have your exams and focus completely on the study material.

This will control the study distractions and may help produce better outcomes.

Use memory tricks

Instead of cramming the content of the study material.

You must focus on the memory tricks that not only help in learning and revisions but also sharpens the existing skillset.

No, it’s not like you gotta turn your notes completely to the musical rhymes or some funny anecdotes or so!

But sometimes, these rhymes, mnemonics, or fun anecdotes can help learn and revise the long phrasing or constant term phrases effectively that are challenging to learn otherwise.

Why work harder when you can do it smartly?

Give a chance to this tried and tested method!


Are you still struggling by revising your notes over and over again?

Well, try this instead:

  • Highlight every fact or essential information that you need to know.
  • Write some facts on post-it notes and then write the answers to each one on its backside.
  • Do the same with questions, too, and pick one at random to check if you got the right answer.

Bottom Line!

Inappropriate revisions can drastically affect the entire performance of the examinations.

So, it indeed needs to be done right!

At TEL Gurus, our tutoring experts take care of the revision sessions with strategic and unique methods rather than just covering the syllabus.

After all, this can be proven as the foundation of an excellent mind who is struggling to excel.

Get in touch with the subject experts and get a demo to experience what you will be getting!

Call us now @+44 20 3003 4830 or write to us @ sayhello@telgurus.co.uk.

And do not forget to stay updated with the mind-blowing fun facts, informative content, and mind-boggling data that you have no idea about, exclusively on our social media handles.

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