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Welcome To Our Hermitage

Where We Bring Out The Einstein in your child

As gurus, we strive to offer our children the best-of-everything. While we render a healthy and comprehensive atmosphere, much more detailed guidance is required for their academic and future goals.

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Bringing a PRO’ in You

Why Choose TEL Gurus

The choicest approach to help a learner achieve better results is with the help of a guru that thoroughly understands. We have a team of certified, world-class, experienced gurus and mentors.

It necessitates the time to independently match each student with the perfect guru based on knowledge, subject information and learning technique of the student. It is very important for students and gurus to build a reliable connection. This connection then enables a tutor to make the learner feel comfortable and successfully learn through mentorship and self- motivation.

Out of many qualified and certified applicants, we have handpicked the best subject Gurus from top universities in the world with the unique ability to make complex concepts simple. The easier it is to understand subject concepts, the easier it is to process them and there is only ONE result – dominate your academics and acing the exams.

Every child has a different learning style to others and the school system may not suit your child’s learning style. TEL Gurus offers you to choose between our one-to-one batch and compact group batch.Our both platforms focus exclusively on the learning style of your child and give confidence to your child in a fun learning environment.

Our Virtual Classroom platform is versatile and intuitive. Your child can learn from anywhere and at any time. Just log in, enter your class, start your class with the expert Gurus. Have complete access to whatever the content like files, images and videos, that gets uploaded. You can even track your child’s class reports with our analytics.

Your search for the best online learning platform ends here!

TEL Gurus is a one-stop solution catering to all your needs concerning bringing out the genius in your child. Acquire valuable information, get taught by the best teachers, and give your child the desired quality education with the best online learning platform.

Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought. Let us bring out the best in your child!









Make Learning A Joyful Experience With TEL Gurus Virtual Classroom


Digital Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard that allows to draw, highlight, write and interact with students in real-time. Compatible with iOS and Android devices as well.


Flexible Scheduling

Schedule classes according to your flexibility. Or even you can check the Guru’s availability and organize your classes.


Library Access

Easy and 24/7 access to lesson plans, worksheets, and course content uploaded and shared during class.


Easy File Upload

File types like images, videos, audios, office files, PDFs can be easily shared for more productive learning.


Choose Your Own Batch

Students can choose between one to one class or a group class.


Class Tracker

Track your past and upcoming classes, duration of classes, topics taught and more.

Secure The Future With Our Live Online Sessions

So, Let’s be honest. Our country boasts of some of the finest universities in the world and acquiring admission into a university in the UK is a hard nut to crack. Take a look at this vicious cycle – The future success of your child depends mostly on their job and the quality of job they get depends on the university they attended.

The kind of university that admits your child is entirely dependent on their grades. When your child doesn’t get good grades, it affects their pride and self-confidence which in-turn will be a weight on your conscience because you feel like you didn’t do enough.

Ultimately, the future success of your child depends on your actions or inactions. Choose to take proactive actions now by getting quality education so that you can look at your child in the future and beat your chest as a proud parent.

Our expert and qualified Gurus focus on bringing out the genius in your child and give them the confidence to smash their exams while also guaranteeing their future with high income and marketable skills.



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