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Why Choose Python Programming Language For Your Kids?

ThwTheIn This Article, We Have Explained Why You Should Choose The Python Programming Language For Your Kids.

Gone are the days when coding used to be the sole domain of professional programmers and computer scientists. Over the years, coding has become one of the most common buzzwords in a child’s education.

Learning kids coding languages not only prepares the children for the future workforce but also amps up their logical and analytical skills.

Choosing a language from the best programming languages to learn can be an intimidating task as a lot of factors are taken into account. Some languages are easy to learn while some are difficult but have a solid career scope.

But, one language that is easy to learn and offers an exceptional career graph in Python. Let’s dive into the world of the best programming languages and understand why you should choose Python for your kids.

What is Python?

If you are new to the digital coding ecosystem, you must be wondering what is Python.

Python is a computer programming language that allows you to communicate with the computer and make it work as per the given instructions. According to the latest reports by RedMonk Ranking 2020, Python language overtook JAVA to become the second most popular programming language after C.

Python has witnessed a significant rise in its popularity in the last five years due to its easy-to-learn approach and versatile nature.

Also, according to the PYPL index (Popularity of Programming Language index), Python bags the #1 position by outpassing all other popular languages.

Why Python Is So Popular?

Python has grown into one of the Best Coding Languages to learn for everyone who wishes to enter the programming world. Python’s compatibility with modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning adds another feather to its cap.

Python is widely used in web applications and software development and is indeed one of the most promising languages of the future.

Its enriching features such as GUI programming support, automatic garbage collection, rich library support, and its integration with other languages make it the best programming language to learn in the 21st century.

Python- The Language Of Today

Since its inception in the 1980s, Python’s popularity as one of the best kids coding languages has grown leaps and bounds. Its versatility in tailoring software and web applications to Data analytics and AI/ML has transformed it into the #1 choice of aspiring programmers and kids.

The creators of the Python language were very clear that they needed a language that was simple, robust, and reliable. So, when it comes to making the kids start their coding journey, it is essential, to begin with a language that is easy to put, has few rules, and provides a strong grasp on expression.

Python language checks all the boxes!

Python For Kids

Younger kids are the powerhouse of creativity and giving them exposure to the right programming language is the best way to channelize their creativity and logical thinking abilities. And, in turn, make them future-ready.

By learning to code in Python kids get a good exposure to create something new and innovative from scratch by writing their own programs. Python is a kid-friendly and easy-to-learn language for all age groups. Turn your kids into professional coders by enrolling them in the best Python language online classes.

What’s The Best Age To Learn Python Language?

Kids today have become more tech-savvy than their similar counterparts a decade ago. Exposure to smartphones, apps, and video games from an early age has already infused a curiosity amongst them regarding how these things work. So, an intuitive inclination is seen in the kids towards coding languages and their aspirations of becoming a programmer.

Children can start learning kids coding languages as young as 7 or 8 years depending on their aspirations, interest, and how well they are able to connect with the coding atmosphere.

Kids enrolling in Python- the best coding language to learn,  feel more confident, and paves a way towards a successful career and other future opportunities.

Python language is a powerful high-level language that uses simple English words rather than delving into complications of syntax as in C, C++ languages.

Benefits Of Learning Python Programming Language

Let’s check out 7 reasons why you should enroll your child in Python language online coding class.

Benefits Of Learning Python Programming Language

1. Easy to start and learn

If your child knows the basic elementary English language, he/she is ready to code in Python!

Unlike C and C++ languages, the syntax of the Python language is pretty simple as you don’t need to get yourself acquainted with heavy library functions to get started.

This language uses simple English commands that we use in everyday life which makes it easy to read as well as easy to learn. This intuitive style of coding and wealth of resources online makes it one of the best programming languages to learn for kids.

Empower your kids to turn their ideas into tangible on-screen products such as games, applications, websites, and even robotics with Python!

2. The Maths is more Fun

The Maths is often considered as one of the most difficult subjects by the school going students. Maths is more logical and needs solid concept building than other subjects.

Getting a good hold of maths is an intimidating task. And by the time students learn the real-world applications of maths, they would have left the school already. Learning kids coding languages at younger ages helps them identify and understand real-world applications.

Dealing with every coding challenge as a word problem will sharpen the logical skills of the child and develop its interest in maths. Simple arithmetic skills are sufficient to solve maths problems using Python language.

3. No coding experience required

Python serves as a perfect base for kids who want to step into the world of computer science. You don’t need any prior programming experience to learn the Python language. With just a few basic English commands, kids can start learning right away.

4. Easy to switch to other coding languages

Python is one of the best programming languages to learn coding concepts and fundamentals. Once you are acquainted with the programming concepts, then no language is a barrier. Python makes the kid understand programming fundamentals in a much systematic and simpler way.

With a shorter learning curve, Python makes switching to any language easier and seamless. This also makes understanding complex programming concepts such as OOPs, data collections, and functions in the C/C++ language easier.

5. Clean code

You will be surprised to know that Python doesn’t make use of brackets or any kind of colon or semicolon to explain the code indentation. Spaces do all the work.

This saves a lot of time, decreases lines of code, and makes the code super easy to read. Students migrating from the C/C++ language would be surprised to unveil the cleanliness and powerfulness of Python code.

6. Diverse Applications

With more efficient and newer Python libraries coming up, the learning curve is significantly improving. Now, even beginners can develop full-fledged applications in a shorter span of time.

All thanks to a continuously growing community of Python developers that are contributing significantly to the development and advancement of this language.

You can build desktop applications, desktop software, 2D games, robotics, cyber software, and other AI/ML-based learning platforms that can be developed using this language. The steep learning curve of C++/C language or JAVA sometimes makes the child give up before venturing into something worth mentioning.

7. Python is here to stay

Python is not surviving, it’s thriving!

Apart from its ability to integrate with the latest technologies, Python is used extensively in Big Data and Data Science. Getting expertise in how to learn programming in Python language also opens the gates of various high-paying careers such as data analytics, data mining, data science, and manipulating large values of data.

Apart from that, getting exposure to Python language makes your child the first choice amongst employers in the professional world across the globe. The demand for Python developers has skyrocketed within a couple of years and is still counting. So, when it comes to the best programming language to learn, Python is the ultimate choice!

Future Prospects of Learning Python for Kids

Let’s check some of the career opportunities for Python developers:

1. Data Scientist

These professionals are seasoned at handling various sizes of sets of data by applying exhaustive statistical methods and algorithms.

2. Data Analyst

These data experts are hired by various MNCs to work on data and come up with research-based data-driven insights that can be implemented to design future projects.

3. Python Programmers

Python developers are responsible for making various web applications, games, and software for various industries.

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Best Coding Languages That Your Child Must Learn In the Right Age.

Over the years, coding has grown from a hobby to a critical career skill. Coding and programming not only develop the kid’s logical thinking process but also imbibes essential valuable skills in their life.  

Choosing and learning kids coding languages can feel like a daunting task if they don’t understand the terminology. Make your kids start on the right foot by making them learn a language that is completely in line with their interests and make them future-ready.   

Well, choosing the right programming language isn’t that difficult. Working on your child’s interests and aspirations will help him/her align better to the coding language such as Scratch language would be best for beginners and C++ language and python would be a great choice for advanced level learners.  

It may sound like rocket science for parents! Don’t let the jargon scare you. Keep reading the blog to get acquainted with everything you want to know about the best coding language to learn and unveil the language that will make your child fall in love with computer science.  

Let’s understand, 

What is a coding language? 

Wondering what is coding? Don’t worry! You’re not alone.  

Coding is just a medium of communication with the computer. Coding enables us to give certain instructions to the computer to perform the indicated functions. By making your child learn various kids’ coding languages you can give wings to their creativity and make them an inevitable part of the digital world.  

Your kids can perform wonders by creating things such as websites, computer games, apps, video games, operating systems, and some high-level computer software.  

Basic coding jargon 

Let’s discuss two essential components of computers: hardware and software. Hardware comprises all computer equipment that we can touch physically, and software is the intangible part comprising of files that run on the computer.  

These files contain several lines of code that are written using binary codes and symbols as per a defined syntax using computer languages. Coding languages such as C++ language, Python language , etc are known as high-level languages that means they are written just like human languages.  

These high-level languages are broken down into low-level and machine languages by the in-built interpreter for the computer to understand.   

What is the right time to learn kids programming languages?  

With things going smart and digitized, our kids are exposed to YouTube, mobile games, Alexa, etc. What if, we could utilize their potential and make them skilled at the best programming languages that will enable them to catapult into the digital age easily.  

Introducing complex things at a younger age will make your child consume these things pretty easily. By making kids competent in the scratch language, C language and similar languages will bring them to the cutting-edge of technology. This expertise will continue to foster them for decades to come. You can start as early as the age of five, but the age of eight years is considered the best age to kick-start the coding endeavor.

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Why coding is important for kids? 

Coding is no longer a skill that can only be accomplished by high-end technical professionals, rather today it has become a necessary skill that adds to personal as well as academic advantages. Pick any best coding language to learn and pave your child’s way towards success. Here’s why you should make your child enrolled in the best kid’s coding languages online courses 

  • Fosters creativity   

By trying and experimenting with ideas on the best coding languages, children develop an intuitive and intellectual approach. Coding follows a step-by-step methodology that boosts the kid’s creativity and understanding skills.  

  • Confidence building 

Enhancing your child’s skill by choosing the best programming languages to learn, make your child ready to pace up in this competitive world. This technology-based education amp ups the confidence within the child to head into the mainstream.Coding makes the children not just consume the digital media but equips them with the power to create it 

  • Logical thinking 

Coding is done by breaking the problem into steps and developing a structured set of instructions (algorithm). So, when a child gains an understanding of how to learn coding, the left side of the brain starts working. This helps in developing a rational approach that involves linear thinking, applying logic, and sequencing to develop the computer program.   

  • Develops persistence 

Coding is complex and may be challenging at times when things don’t work. Teaching kids codinglanguages at an early age helps them to keep a check on their frustrations and look for alternative approaches to solve the problem 

  • Career opportunities 

Coding and programming jobs are the highest-paid jobs in the market. Making your child a part of this ecosystem will add a feather in their cap and binge future career opportunities. The competition is not going to slow down anywhere down the line but you can certainly make your child stand above the rest by adorning him/her with the right skills.    

Selecting the best coding language to learn  

While choosing a programming language that is right for your child there are general recommendations for all age groups, but still, it depends on individual to individual. An older child may be inclined towards block-level programming such as scratch language that helps it do better on gaming grounds. While, on the other hand, a younger child may be super talented to dive into complications of C++ language and other Object-oriented languages.  

Kids from the age of 5 to 8 perform incredibly well with block-level programming or visual environments. Some kids eventually start developing an intuitive connection with the coding languages and start exploring the horizons of text language such as C, C++, and Python language 

The concepts of coding are more important than the language 

The internal functioning of every language is almost the same. All the languages just differ in their presentation but the basic idea of conceptualization of a program is the same.  Logical thinking and developing an algorithm are the crust of every programming language. Your child should know how to implement the algorithm (step-by-step instructions) in the best way using any kids coding language. 

Text-Based coding Vs Visual Block Coding  

Performing text-based programming such as C language or C++, demand attention to the minutest of detail while writing through all the statements. A wrongly placed comma or semi-colon can ruin the entire code.  

But for younger kids, learning coding in a text-based environment could be intimidating. So, keeping this in mind, most of the latest programming languages prefer a visual approach. 

Here, the software just takes the instructions in the form of blocks and automatically converts them into real code underneath. Some languages such as scratch language use the child’s dragging and dropping of blocks (code) with the mouse. The keyboard is generally not needed.    

Why teachers prefer block-based kids coding languages?  

Let’s unlock some potential benefits of choosing a block-based language as the best coding language to learn for beginners 

  • Lesser frustration: There are lesser chances of syntax errors popping up as with text-based programming. So, less frustration, more learning.  
  • A better grasp of fundamentals: Block-based coding helps the students to easily understand the basic concepts of loops, switches, operators, and other control structures without bothering about syntax structures.  
  • For all ages: Drag, drop, and Bingo! Your code is running. It’s easy, interesting, and engaging for students. 
  • Fosters experimentation: The amazing fact about block-based coding is that it persuades the child to try and experiment more and see what happens next!

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Types of Programming Languages 

Another thing that you need to consider before zero-in on the best programming languages to learn for your child is the type of language. There are primarily four types of languages. Have a look.  

  • Compiled coding languages:  C language is a perfect example of a compiled language. Here you need to write the complete code, from start till the end before it can be run. The entire code is taken into compilation and not line-by-line. They are available in both text-based as well as block-based online courses. A career in complied languages strikes higher salary packages
  • Interpreted Programming: These are some of the most well-known languages and can be found all over the internet. These languages are interpreted line-by-line. This makes them easy to learn and fix mistakes. Minecraft- the famous game of kids today was developed using interpreted languages such as Java. 
  • Procedural programming: This type of programming involves a basic understanding of concepts such as “if this, then that” programming logic. Python language is one of the best procedural programming languages for your kid. This type of programming language involves more intuitiveness 
  • Object-Oriented or OOPS: Coding in the C++ language is a lot more complex as it involves the concept of objects. Objects are mini-programs that keep on interacting with the program logic simultaneously.   

It is always better to get started with a procedural language and then move forward with object-oriented programming at the advanced levels. But, always remember learning to code is indeed fun, but it too requires dedication and consistent iterations to achieve your goal. Though, the first step is always choosing the best coding language to learn.  

So, here are the best programming languages to learn with details and suggestions for each age group 

1. Scratch language- For aspiring animators  

Does your child loves creating animations, has a strong affinity towards art and music or weaves interactive stories, then Scratch language is a perfect pick for your child. Teaching how to learn programming in Scratch is very easy. The platform offers an easy-to-understand GUI and uses a block-based coding interface.  

Based on drag and drop functionality, Scratch eliminates the hassles and frustration for the young learners. Not only this, Scratch language offers a dedicated range of functionalities for professionals as well. The language empowers the students to express their imagination creatively and innovatively.  

Make your kids feel like real game designers by enrolling them in the best Scratch language course online! 

2. Python language – For aspiring programmers 

The word ‘python’ may scare you but the language is one the simplest and easiest kids coding languages to learn. The reason python language is loved by kids is its short lines and simple syntax. Python is very versatile as it is used to design various machine learning and artificial intelligence programs too. Many video game developers, web developers, cyber-security, and telecommunication companies offer a huge demand for python programmers.  

Mastering data structures, loops, and other python libraries serve as a great foundation for taking up more advanced programming languages in the future.  

Transform your kids to super-genius programmers with Python language online courses and let them code their own apps for Linux, Android, Mac, and more. 

3. C language- For system programmers  

C language is the only language that is used for system programming and operating system design. C is the only language that offers optimal and efficient memory management. C is also known as the language of the Linux operating system. The compilers and interpreters of most of the languages are written in C language. C and C++, both garner an equal reputation in the IT industry, and the programmers are highly paid. 

With the advancement in technology, you can make your child learn C with the help of visual-block programming.  Enroll your child in C language online courses and secure its future.  

4. C++ Language – For computer geniuses  

C++ language offers a deep-level understanding of computer science. This is a text-based language mostly pursued by teens. It may take time and determination to learn C++, but the addition of C++ to your resume makes it impressive and highly acknowledged.  Whether it’s the radar system in flights to number cruncher behind Paypal or brain behind a computer game, take your career to next level with C++.  

Give a creative edge to your child! 

Learning kids coding languages provides an excellent way to boost your kid’s creativity, computational & logical thinking skills as well as ‘if-then reasoning within just a week of enrolling with our online learning programs. The professional teachers and seasoned industry experts are constantly in touch with the latest IT developments to make sure that your kid spearheads the technological advancements.  

Reach out to us today for the Best Programming Languages to learn for your kid and give him/her the right competitive edge in this technology-driven world.   

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12+ Reasons Why Your Teen Should Learn Coding.

Want to make your teens stand out in the modern era? Coding gives a solid foundation to their careers and empowers them to spearhead their future endeavors.” 

From phones to smart homes, coding is ubiquitous! Giving the right exposure to kids’ coding languages gives your teens an upper hand not only at technology but also unveils ample future opportunities. Most parents have a misconception that making kids how to learn programing is a daunting task. But, on the contrary, young minds are full of energy and creativity which when focused at the right place gives exceptional results. 

In today’s world of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, staying on pace with the latest technological developments is quintessential. And, the best way to do this is to up-skill your teen and make him/her a part of the biggest trend in the education sector. Well, it may sound unbelievable, but enrolling your teen with the best programming languages to learn helps the teen acquires life skills as well as boost career opportunities.  

What do you mean by coding? 

A coding language strikes a medium of communication between the user and the computer. Coding involves writing a set of instructions (algorithm) that makes the computer hardware or software perform a specific function. Internet is flooded with plenty of best coding languages to learn, pick the one that suits your teen’s interest.  

If your teen loves creating animations and other creative works then scratch language will be an ideal choice. But, if your teen wants to unleash into horizons of deeper levels of computer programming, then C++ language would be a great pick. Coding languages are also known as programming or software programming. Make your teen career-ready by choosing the right kid coding languages by working on his/her aspiration and interests. 

Why is coding that important?  

Almost most of our everyday functions involve using digital technology – the world just simply can’t work without code. So, if you want to be part of this rapidly growing environment- Learn to code today! 

Whether your teen chases their goals into a future banker, a fashion designer, or a successful entrepreneur – they will come along with various tech systems in one form or the other. Coding is no longer a cup of tea for professionals, it has grown into a must-have literacy of tomorrow. Equipping your teen with the best programming languages to learn in the 21st century, you are laying a foundation stone for their illustrious career.  

Why it is important for your teen to learn coding? 

Apart from making your teen ready to take on the future, coding imbibes interpersonal and intellectual skills as well. Here’s why you should make your teen learn to code.   

Industry Advantage  

1. High Demand of Coding Professionals 

Today artificial intelligence and automation jobs are growing at a phenomenal pace. Professional coders and programmers are getting heavily paid due to their unprecedented demand in the market and are handsomely paid. Even the best of industry jobs require having exposure to at least programming language whether text-based such as C++ language or visual programming such as scratch language. 

2. Competitive advantage 

Want to look more desirable in your future employers’ eyes, start aiming for how to learn programming. This one skill will decorate your resume and will make you stand above your peers. Thereby, increasing your chances of selection into various reputed colleges, universities, internships, and organizations.  

3. Comprehend the world in a better way 

The kids of today are very well addicted to YouTube, mobile games, video games, and other social media networks. Familiarizing the teens with basic kids’ coding languages enables them to find answers to their curious questions of the digital realm.  

Boosts soft skills  

4. Develops technical literacy  

We live in an ever-growing era where voice-driven assistants automate the homes and Virtual reality allows us to be present anywhere digitally at any time. Practicing and re-iterating the programming languages such as python language deepens your teen’s understanding of technology. Getting them enrolled early will help the child prepare for more upcoming advances of the 21st century.  

5. Logical thinking  

The groundwork of all the thinking, understanding, and interpreting is logic-based. On learning how to code, teens basically understand how the computer operates and understands the given instructions.  To code perfectly, a child needs to adorn the thinking pattern of the computer and write the code as efficiently s possible. This logical thinking approach boosts your reasoning, analytical, and critical thinking skills in your teens.  

6. Organizational skills 

Your teen will learn the basics of algorithm development while code designing. This will help your child to map out their creative ideas and tailor actionable plans for effective execution. Planning and organizing the thought process will make your child take better decisions, turn him/her into a maths and physics genius as wells as handle debates or conversations easily. 

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7. Cultivates Creativity 

Just like science and other creative subjects, coding is more like experimenting. You need to think out-of-the-box strategies to get your code working efficiently and optimally. By enrolling your teens in online courses on how to learn coding, you are giving wings to their creativity, imagination, and career. Coding encourages them to approach a complex problem from various angles and keep on trying till the best result is achieved.  

Academic Excellence  

8. Improves verbal and written communication 

Though computers are very intelligent they need some input from the user side to perform the function. You need to spoon-feed the computer as it will never assume any instruction of its own to go beyond what is specified. The programmers programming on languages such as C++ language need to very specific about the commands or else the code will not run at all.  

Kids coding languages help to develop integral communication skills that significantly improve their interpersonal, verbal, and written skills.  

9. Fosters Academic brilliance 

Logical thinking and strong problem-solving skills dramatically boost your teen’s academic performance especially when it comes it maths and science subjects. Learning kids coding languages makes use of the left side of the brain that enables your child to deal with abstract thinking, sequencing, and other pattern recognition skills. 

Interpersonal Skills  

9. Better Concentration and Focus 

Do your child lack concentration and focus? Acquiring knowledge in how to learn programming equips your child with deep-thinking as well as critical thinking skills. Be it a task involving deep concentration or specified instructions, developing a program involves concentration, focus and encourages the teens to customize the code as per their terms.   

10. Builds self-confidence and resilience  

Running a program in C++ language or python language involves debugging and troubleshooting. The program may fail multiple times, irrespective of the professional exposure of the coder. The determination of the coder to make the code work through experimenting and trying & testing ultimately leads to ace the task. Failures give the programmers more exposure to new things and boost self-confidence that helps them to tackle future challenges without fear. 

11. High level of satisfaction 

Kids may feel frustrating when they face bugs, errors and struggle to decode them. If you want to move ahead in High-Level Coding, your teens need to learn the art of debugging. When your teen tries to locate errors and debug them successfully after several rounds, the level of satisfaction achieved is commendable. Coding on best programming languages to learn requires perseverance, determination, and tremendous patience.   

12. Self-reliant 

Unlike other academic subjects, there is no sure-shot answer for any program. There may be multiple approaches to achieve that task. For resolutions of their queries, kids need to do research or approach their mentor or even online forums for answers. Kids themselves need to put the pieces of this digital puzzle together by using error messages, clues, and other nudges. Learning kids coding languages makes your teens and kid independent.

13. It’s fun! 

Coding is super engaging, interesting, and fun for kids! 

Once your teen gets acquainted with the basics and terminology of the programming languages, it becomes a fulfilling and incredibly enjoyable pastime for kids. Coding is much more than just a technical skill as it unleashes a whole new world of opportunities for your child. The best coding languages to learn programming such as C++ language, Python, scratch and C language leaves them brimming with new ideas 

Let’s get started! 

When your kids are head starting in coding, we offer the right tools that are designed for your teen’s enjoyment, enjoyment, and retention.  Unveil the basics of C++, Python, Scratch, and C to advance levels of kids coding languages with our professional certified tutors. Let your teen curate its own digital world with us. 

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