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How is TEL Gurus helping Students in the United Kingdom to Achieve Their Desired Results?

Providing the smarter way of nurturing minds!!

Online tutoring in the education sector has been a big hot trend in the UK for many years but undoubtedly was at the onset of a global pandemic.

While ample was struggling with the major inclination of the education sector from traditional offline classes to the complete digital platforms, TEL Gurus was already shining in the Digi education world!

Yes, you got that right!

With the commitment to delivering quality education to every corner of the UK, TEL Gurus has always been a shining brand that both parents and students trust!

But do you know what builds the trust of ample ones in the UK?

It’s not only the quality education you will be getting but also the additional perks!

But how to get started with it to access it all?

Are you also worried about the process of getting started with TEL Gurus?

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the entire process for you!

How can you get started with TEL Gurus?

  • Request a class

Book a demo class with TEL Gurus experts and rise academically effortlessly. Start with choosing the subject or the lesson and book a demo class with just a click.

Skeptical about getting the same as the traditional classes feel? Get your hands on one-to-one online sessions with TEL Gurus experts. 

  • Choose your suitable plan.

We have a complete list of flexible plans tailored explicitly to your requirements and convenience.

With the suitable plans, you can choose to have monthly, hourly, or full-term lessons with a group class of a maximum of 6 children or one-to-one; the choice is ultimately yours! 

  • Subjects

TEL Gurus provides learning sessions for all the mainstream subjects of various classes and skill up topics, including artificial intelligence, coding, and programming, quicker maths, and robotics.

Which one sounds interesting to you? Get access to the skill-up topics of your interest from the comfort of your couch! 

  • Payment Plan

A complete value for money! No one-time burdens of paying it all at once, you can easily select the suitable payment plans based on the hourly, monthly, or complete one-time payments all depending on your convenience.

Forget the worries about the payments since TEL Gurus utilises complete and highly secured payment gateways in order to provide a seamless service experience. 

  • Batches

One-on-one tutoring or community progress in the batches of 1:6 Guru and student ratio?

Which one do you prefer?

Get it now with TEL Gurus!

Does it sound super easy?

Well even more easier to follow!

So, nothing to wait for!

The right time to make your first move towards a brighter future is now!! 

What sets TEL Gurus apart?

The interactive live classroom experience

TEL Gurus’ core focus is on providing a completely personalised interactive live classroom experience from your home’s comfort!

This ensures that you will be getting the full attention of a passionate yet dedicated tutor imparting education at the child’s pace.

The interactive live classroom experience makes the students fall in love with their subjects through the engaging quizzes, innovative 3D content, instant doubt solving, and leaderboards, all @ TEL Gurus.

Trained teaching experts

We have a completely dedicated team that can be simply defined by saying Excellent People with Brilliant minds!

Our group of teaching professionals is a network of dedicated and passionate professionals of different streams that believe in contributing towards better learning outcomes.

And most importantly, the entire elite group of teaching professionals is focused on bringing joy and happiness through learning.

A complete win-win situation.

Additionally, our experts and the entire TEL Gurus community have put several years of deep research on effective learning and teaching methodologies, while the same is incorporated during imparting the education.

Extraordinary results

With the guaranteed learning satisfaction and commitment to providing quality education, TEL Gurus delivers extraordinary results devoid of compromising on anything.

Cutting edge technology

TEL Gurus is a complete technology platform that believes in two essentials. This includes:

  • Getting access to the Teaching professionals by choice
  • Making Quality education more accessible

With the cutting edge technology, TEL Gurus provides the following brilliant features through its online platform:

  • Live interactions
  • Shared learning environment
  • Performance reporting for parents and students
  • Learning management tools

And many more!

Learn from anywhere

Traditional classroom teaching procedures mandate learning from restricted constraints like place and time. But TEL Gurus believe in the fact that learning should not be time-bound.

TEL Gurus breaks the shackles of place and time while liberating the teaching and learning from the location and time limits.

With us, students have complete liberty of reaching out to the expert’s guidance at their fingertips.

Gone are the days to adjust to the traditional classrooms, as with TEL Gurus, you can learn from every nook and corner.

Better than recorded lectures

Ensuring quality education is available to all!

No one size fits all!

And TEL Gurus follows the same while delivering personalised education to everyone. A recorded lecture or video can never help acquire quality education.

However, it may serve the purpose of imparting knowledge but certainly fails miserably in developing the child’s interest, engaging the student, and having excellent interactions.

But what if you can have it all as per your preferences?

Sounds perfect indeed!

And that is what TEL Gurus provides you with.

Better learning, great interaction, and high-quality education, all at your convenience.

Time and Energy Saving

Increasingly securing the child’s education is the greater concern. Whether it is about getting a quality education, travelling to the distance tutions for professional classes, or saving your child’s energy, TEL gurus offer a complete one-stop solution to it!

And with TEL Gurus, every student can now easily get the desired coaching support from the experts for academic and professional courses.

So why waste your time and energy when you can get it all from the comfort of your home?

How does TEL Gurus make a difference?

Life is always better with friends.

And we actually mean it!

That is why TEL Gurus brought an exclusive offer for you!

Friends help bring out the best in you, and it’s time to grow with your friends academically!

One-to-one sessions and group studies are common!

How about having your own friends group around you while learning online as well?

Exhilarating right?

But now it’s available in real!

Well, before revealing it all, just say one thing “How many times have you got scolded by your teachers in the class for that giggling and fun-filled sessions with your friends?”

I guess many!

Well, TEL Gurus believe in bringing the same joy to your online tuitions!

So if you always thought of attending your tuitions with your best friend, TEL Gurus has made it all possible with its “FRIENDSHIP OFFER”!!

Keep your friendship strong with TEL Gurus online learning!

So, whether you like learning in one-to-one sessions, group studies, or choosing your real friends group online, TEL Gurus is the name to count on!

Bottom Line!

Traditional teaching techniques have been the same for decades. The conventional teaching process and offline methods are plagued with several inefficiencies that were hard to overcome otherwise.

TEL Gurus has brought a real revolution in the education sector by reimagining and evolving teaching ways. By combining superior technology, engaging content, and quality teachers, TEL Gurus has brought an outstanding learning experience and facilitated in the result improvements from the comfort of the home!

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the knowledge network to easily tap into a complete personalised learning experience anytime and anywhere!

Get your doubts resolved ON THE SPOT!
Get your doubts resolved ON THE SPOT!

Make learning interesting and fun when the doubts are resolved instantly with the comfort of your home only at TEL Gurus.

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