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Primary Science

Key Stage 1 – Key Stage 2 (Year 1 to Year 6)


To satisfy the scientific curiosity in the pupil

School students are naturally curious, which makes science an ideal subject for them to learn. Science allows students to explore their world and discover new things.

One of the foremost subjects that fuel the inquisitive nature of a child to how the world works, it is deplorable that most schools don’t nurture the love for sciences in your child.

TEL Gurus offer the best science Gurus to remove whatever complexities and confusions you have about the subject and give you the necessary tools and skills to ace your sciences at whatever level.

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Learning scientific facts and theories and their applications


Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2)

Plants, Flowers, Trees, Animals, including Humans, Everyday materials, uses of everyday materials, Seasonal changes, Living things and their habitats.


Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to Year 6)

Plants, Flowers, Trees, Animals, including Humans, Rocks, Light, Forces and magnets, Living things and their habitats, States of matter, Sound, Electricity, Forces, Earth and space, Properties and changes of materials, Evolution and inheritance.

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The Virtues We Provide To Our Learners

The Advantages with
TEL Gurus

  • Expertise in Subject matter

  • Emphasis on practical learning

  • Guidance and support in exam preparation

  • Simplified and engaging Gurus to student interactions

  • Excellent academic support

  • Choose between One to One or Group Batch

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