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Eleven Plus Year 3

The ideal phase to ensure that your child builds a solid foundation for 11+ (Eleven Plus) Grammar School entrance exam preparation. The two crucial subjects to be focused on at this level are English and Maths. Also, kids are introduced to Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning skills in this year. It is the perfect time when parents should motivate and encourage their young ones to prepare for the exam.

Eleven Plus Year 4

The preparatory phase to make the foundation rock–solid for the preparation of 11+ (Eleven Plus) Grammar School entrance exam. The course includes more focus on English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, and Non–Verbal Reasoning. Students preparing in Year 4 will identify and strengthen the weak areas, develop reasoning and logical thinking skills, and incline to an infinite growth in confidence.

Eleven Plus Year 5

The power-up phase for the preparation of the 11+ (Eleven Plus) Grammar School entrance exam. Powering and bucking up the main areas in English and Maths and honing Verbal Reasoning and Non–Verbal Reasoning skills. Learn important strategies, tools, and shortcut techniques that help in solving problems in a flash. Acquire essential exam skills and accelerate your progress towards 11+ exam preparation.

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