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Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Master the skills of the future with TEL Gurus


Learn new skills and advance your career with trending courses.

Technology has generated as much buzz as Robotics & Artificial Intelligence with magnificent learning scope for children.

In Robotics, mechatronic structures are synced with codes and commands by which one can change the movement, speed, directions, or any other aspect of the Robot. AI starts with learning and implementing learning to solve problems or predict what’s gonna happen next – Just like the human brain does image identification, understanding text, finding patterns, marking solutions to problems, defining strategies, etc.

With TEL Gurus make your children understand, adopt and master the new technologies that surround them.

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The entire course has been designed in three levels. Grab the opportunity to learn and master the upcoming trending technology. Set yourself apart from the crowd and get a hold of the higher-paying jobs.

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Beginner for Age 10 – 11

  • Robotics, Automation, Robot functions, Types of robots and sensors, Robot communication, Robotic simulation, Simulation software.

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Intermediate for Age 12 – 14

  • Robotics and automation, Robot mechanisms, Simulation with TinkerCAD, Robotic programming with Arduinos, Live robotic projects, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi based communication, Artificial Intelligence and its parts.


Advanced for Age 15+

  • Robotics and automation, Robotic simulation and functions, TinkerCad and electronics, Live programming with Arduinos, Live robotic projects, Introduction to drones, Drone simulation, Artificial Intelligence, AI Parts, Machine Learning, ML based projects.

Benefits of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

  • Robotics and AI amplify your programming skills.

  • It hones the mind, improves mental agility and intelligence.

  • It helps in learning problem-solving and teamwork skills.

  • Develops creativity and get hands-on training practices.

  • Ignite curiosity and make learning fun with TEL Gurus.

  • Develops an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects.

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The Advantages with TEL Gurus

  • Expert in Subject Matter

  • Guidance and Support in Exam Preparation

  • Excellent Academic Support

  • One-to-One Engaging Sessions

  • In-Depth Knowledge of Subject Matter

  • Simplified Learning

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