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Terms & Conditions

Code of Practice

The Tel Gurus website is owned and operated by Tel Tutors Limited a company registered in England and Wales with company number 12820872, registered office at Studio 8, Hayes Business Studio, Damson Drive, Hayes, Middlesex, United Kingdom, UB3 3BB. When using Tel Gurus website or reading any documentation produced by Tel Tutors Limited, please note that the term ‘we’ or ‘us’ or ‘Tel Gurus refers to the owner of Tel Tutors Limited and the term ‘you’ refers to the person using or visiting the Tel Tutors Limited website.

Introduction to our Code of Practice as well as the Use of Tel Gurus’ Website

  • When using our website, you automatically accept and are bound by the Tel Gurus’ Code of Practice. You should not use our website should you disagree with our Code of Practice in anyway.
  • The intellectual property rights and material on the Tel Gurus’ website is wholly owned by them unless otherwise stated. All rights are reserved.

The terms that follow dictate the use of this website:

  • Tel Gurus does not provide any guarantee that the content on this website is accurate. Nor does Tel Gurus offer any warranty about the suitability of the content shown on this website or any documents produced by Tel Gurus. The user of the website is fully aware that the information provided by Tel Gurus might be inconsistent and that Tel Gurus openly exclude liability for any mistakes to the fullest extent permitted.
  • It is up to you, the user, to be sure that anything available (products, services and information) through the Tel Gurus website is specific to their requirements. Tel Gurus accepts no responsibility if what is offered does not meet expectations.
  • Tel Gurus reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions whenever there is a stipulation or reasons to do so. Reasons can be any like company policies, services, technical, legal, infrastructural or because the service or products of our business have transformed. You agree that if you do not count on any transformations to our Terms and conditions, whether changed or unchanged, then you shall immediately stop retrieving the data and/or surfing the Site. Updated Terms are efficacious as soon as they are informal. You are advised to visit the Terms and Conditions often so that you are familiar with the alterations.
  • The content on any part of the Tel Gurus’ website is, without any notice, subject to change.
  • All material on the Tel Gurus’ website is owned by us and may not be reproduced in any way unless permission is given and this permission consents with the copyright notice that is part of this code of practice and terms of engagement.
  • Written consent from Tel Gurus is needed to create links between this website and another website.
  • Any other website links that are seen on the website are for your use but this does not mean to say that Tel Gurus wholly agrees with the content of these websites nor does Tel Tutors accept the content published on these linked websites.
  • Any trademarks on this website that are reproduced are acknowledged.
  • If any dispute arises when you use this website, then this will be subject to the laws of UK Government.

Tutors and Clients

Tel Gurus reserves the right to be able to change these Code of Practice whenever they so wish. This Code of Practice is the ultimate agreement when it comes to Tel Gurus, clients and tutors being involved. This means that no other Code of Practice or Terms of Engagement can be put forward and agreed to by any party unless Tel Gurus provides written consent. Tel Gurus also must agree in writing to alterations of this Code of Practice should any changes be valid.
By accepting to participate or use our services, clients and tutors are automatically showing agreement to this Code of Practice.


Tel Gurus will introduce the Tutor to the Client and will act as an agent on his or her behalf.

Fees and Payment

The tutor is never paid directly. Tel Gurus manages the payment of all tutors. Instead the client will receive an invoice at the beginning of each course as the tuition fee taken is advance. The Client will agree the fee before any tutoring takes place. The tutor will submit an online time sheet to Tel Gurus for the work they have done with the tutee.


Under no circumstances can the client organise a private arrangement with the tutor that was introduced by Tel Gurus. In this event, the client should expect Tel Gurus to obtain an injunction against them to stop from this happening again. The client will also be liable to account to Tel Gurus for the entire amount paid to the Tutor with no reduction in anyway.


The following is to be agreed by both the client and tutor:

  • The tutor and client enter a contract together, with Tel Gurus acting as the agent on each of these parties’ behalf, when a tutoring session is confirmed.
  • It is compulsory for you (the tutor) to sign a copy of Tel Gurus’ Terms and Condition to confirm acceptance of these. Tel Gurus only accepts responsibility for matching up tutors that they think suitable for the tutee in question and not for what happens when the tutoring sessions take place.

Private Arrangements

You are not allowed to make a private arrangement with a client introduced to you by Tel Gurus. In the event of this taking place, you will then be liable to paying Tel Gurus the amount paid to you by the client with no reduction. The tutor should then expect Tel Gurus to obtain an injunction against them to stop from this happening again.


You cannot change the fee in anyway with the client unless you have written consent from Tel Gurus. Tel Gurus will agree the amount with both you and the client in advance of the first tutoring session as per the package which they have opt for.

The clients will be invoiced by Tel Gurus on behalf of the tutors. The tutor must log their hours on our internal system on time each month, you will then be paid accordingly. It is up to the tutor to keep their hours logged up to date. This is so that there will be no problems if a client were to question hours as all will have been recorded and signed.

The tutor is never paid directly by the client, Tel Gurus acts as the agent for the tutor. The tutor will receive payment from Tel Gurus (not the client) in the second half of each month in the preferred method that they choose – cheque or online transfer. If the tutor does accept direct payment from the client then this amount will be payable to Tel Gurus immediately and shall be actionable through the Courts straight away.

Tutors agree, under this Agreement, that it is up to them to pay tax that they are due to pay when the payments made from Tel Gurus are concerned. For record keeping purposes, the tutor will account for the full fees paid by the client as income and the commission as expenditure.

Cancellation policy

The client and the tutor must notify each other in advance if there are any changes to the plans that have been made for tutoring sessions as well as contacting Tel Gurus. A 24-hour cancellation policy is in place and the client will be charged if the period is less than this. The tutor has to pay a charge if he/she cancels the lesson with less than 24 hours’ notice.


No liability is accepted by Tel Gurus for any claims made by the client that relates to any tutoring sessions carried out by a tutor that they have introduced. The tutor also agrees to indemnify Tel Gurus without limit in respect of any of these claims.

Data Protection Act

The information gathered from and about tutors is solely used by Tel Gurus for the services that it provides. When tutors provide Tel Gurus with information, the tutors consent to Tel Gurus using this information to arrange introductions to clients as well as being able to contact them. Tel Gurus will also use this information for payment purposes too in terms of billing and fee collecting.

Refund Policy

The client must pay the term fee of tutoring to Tel Gurus before any tutoring starts. The fee has to be paid after taking the demo (if needed by the client). So if, by any chance, the client does not want to continue the classes or is seeking for refund, he or she can submit the request for the refund to Tel Tutor in 2 days or 48 hours from the beginning of the class from Day 1. Tel Gurus shall give the full refund for the request made.

If the Client doesn’t report or inform Tel Gurus about the refund in 48 hours or 2 days, and, inform or submit the request for refund after 48 hours or 2 days, then, Tel Gurus shall deduct the amount on pro-rata basis i.e. client will be charged on per day basis. For example, if the client informs or submit the request for refund to Tel Gurus on day 3, then Tel Gurus is entitled to deduct the amount for 3 days and shall refund back the rest of the amount.


The tutor is of the understanding that he or she must not at any time during this agreement, after this agreement terminates, disclose to any person any confidential information that concerns the affairs, customers, clients, business or suppliers of Tel Gurus. The only exception being that you may disclose any of Tel Gurus’ confidential information if required to by law or any government or regulatory authority.
None of Tel Gurus’ confidential information can be used for anything that does not directly help you to perform your obligation to this agreement.


Acceptance of our services will be taken to represent agreement to this Code of Practice.