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The 11+ Exam is a selective entrance examination generally taken towards the end of Year 5 or beginning of Year 6 of primary stage. The exam is taken to recognize the most brilliant minds who aspire to take admissions in grammar schools in their secondary year. The best time to start preparing your child for the 11+ is from Year 3 onwards.

The curriculum taught to the kids is according to the two main exam boards, majorly known as GL (GRANADA LEARNING) Assessment and CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring). The syllabus is thoroughly based on four main areas – English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. English and Maths exam pattern tends to follow the UK National Curriculum which acts as a strong foundation of the exam. Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning is totally a skill-based exercise which proves to be the best methodology to judge academic potential.

Maximum kids advance to grammar schools with our uniform online classes, continuous support from Year 3, anytime support from our dedicated Gurus. Apart from shaping their performance, We bring out noticeable change in your child’s confidence and academic skills.  TEL Gurus proficient, highly skilled and qualified 11+ exam Gurus have significant knowledge in laying the foundation for the first step to entrance of your kid into grammar schools.

About Our Gurus

Do you dream of seeing your child pass the 11+ exam? Our Gurus are remarkably qualified and experienced in their corresponding spheres and all have great subject expertise. Let TEL Gurus uplift your child’s accomplishments!

Our approaches to get succeed in 11+ examination


A bespoke online platform intended to track growth.


Well-organized scheduling for the pupil to accomplish on-time practice and recapitulation.


Holding the student-centred approach to achieve the best exam results.

The proficient pool of Gurus is the foundation for all boards, levels, and exams. TEL Gurus Strictly follow the background review while recruiting personnel. Enhanced communication and interaction among Pupil and Guru are the key to success.

Dive into the 11 plus entrance exam contents

What our courses subsume and develop?

Covering the significant local and independent schools in each location to achieve the greatest customized preparation for 11+ and entrance exam.

11+ English

To make the pupil more competent in grammatical skills, vocabulary skills, and to achieve comprehension skills.

11+ Mathematics

To enable the students knowledgeable regarding mindful calculation, arithmetic, speed, reasoning, problem-solving skills.

Verbal Reasoning

To develop mock skills, oral skills, public speaking, presentational skills, explanatory skills among pupil.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

To enhance reasoning in mathematics, language proficiency among your children.

You Can Select A Plan As Per Your Need

Our comprehensive curriculum stages provides full details about growing a scholar at TEL gurus. Our dedicated team of gurus have determined to promote sheer confidence and grades among learners. We recommend parents to start the 11+ exam preparation of their kids right from Year 3 onward, which is a foundation-laying stage of the 11+ exam. TEL Gurus provides extensive help to your kids for 11+ exam preparation with practice worksheets, study kits, regular homework, mock tests, and thorough revision.

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£60 Per Session
£45Per Session


what parents say about us

The GURUS were astounding! They are very reliable and always describe the content in a way that's so easy to understand!
Proud Parent
Since beginning education with Tel Gurus, I've recognised myself grow more confident in subjects like Maths & Science. Highly suggested!
Proud Parent
I studied at the Tel Gurus and found it remarkably valuable! Would surely recommend them!
Proud Parent

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We advise reserving a place for your child around 12 months before the exam. Use our best-in-class education materials with qualified GURUS.  TEL Gurus ensures that your child proceeds into their exam thinking positive, energized and prepared to accomplish their grown potential.

So, Are you ready to master your education skills?