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Difference between coding and programming.

We often hear about the terms “coding” and “programming” and consider that both are the same. But in reality, these are entirely two different worlds. Read this thoroughly and get all the information concerning it.

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What is coding?

Coding refers to the act of translating a code from a general human language to a machine-understandable language. Being a coder, you need to write code using different programming languages, including C programming, Java, Python, and many more.

With the knowledge of these languages, you will be able to endow the computer system with the information and instruction to make it execute a program. It involves the code writing for creating a software program.

What is Programming?

The term programming refers to a process of developing an executable program that is implemented devoid of any errors. A programmer’s job is to analyze a problem and provide solutions corresponding to it.

A programmer follows the following steps to generate an error-free outcome.

  • Plans the application
  • Designs it
  • Tests the features
  • Deploys it
  • And Maintain it after it is finished.

Key Differences between Coding and Programming

Terms Coding Programming
Basic Difference It is a part of programming that deals with code writing which machines can translate. It refers to the process of creating a program, which follows some standards and performs a certain task.
Tools It doesn’t require many software tools as it is just a code translation’s act to machine-readable form.

A simple text editor like notepad or WordPad will suffice.


It requires performing document analysis and reviews along with coding requires extra tools.

The additional tools include code generators, testing frameworks, compilers, assemblers, modeling algorithms, debuggers, GUI Designers, databases.


Skills Being a coder you need to know the syntax details of the programming language. A programmer requires a lot of experience to obtain the skills, create complex data structures.
Definition Coding refers to the translation of a general language to a machine language through an intermediary coding language. Programming refers to the development process of a fully functioning software solution.
Approach required A coder follows a trial and error approach and does not require any previous preparations. A programmer follows a methodical approach that requires attention to detail.
Outcomes Coding generally results in a small part of a simple solution of a project. Programming generally results in a complete ready to use application.

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How do Programming and Coding work together?

Now that you have understood the differences between both coding and programming. But do you know that coding and programming also work together to accomplish several tasks? Yes! They work together to perform tasks.

Let us understand it with the help of an example:

Consider that we are creating an application to monitor something like your daily routine. Here is the association between the terms and how it accomplishes the task altogether.

Firstly, the programmer will

  • Plan the application’s structure
  • Write down the application features
  • Design the application
  • And consider thinking of any other features that are required to be included in the application.

Now that the programmer is done with the tasks mentioned above, the coder will take over the process. A coder will transform the ideas into the codes that a machine that is your computer system can understand.

Once the coder is done with the code modules, the programmer will go through them. Do the polishing, debug and check for the errors and perform testing before publishing the final product.

So, this is how these two terms work together to get the desired outcome.

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