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Explain the difference between Lamarck’s and Darwin’s theory of evolution. Why was Darwin’s more successful?

At the beginning of the 19th century Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was a French scientist who developed a theory of evolution, which involved mainly 2 ideas:

          A) an individual which is used progressively by an organism becomes bigger and stronger, and one that is not used finally vanish.

          B) any feature of an organism that is improved through use is passed to its offspring.

Evolution is the alternate of inherited attribute within a population over time across the natural selection, which may consequence in the origination of a new species.

This theory cannot exposition for all the impressions made about life on Earth, his theory suggested that all organisms would moderately become composite, and effortless organisms vanish.

Natural Selection is a major operation of evolution, the alternate in the heritable traits individuals of a population over generations. This is the contrasting remain and reproduction of specific due to differences in phenotype. Charles Darwin evented this theory, it implies that a population in equilibrium with its environment under natural selection will have a phenotype which maximizes the fitness locally.

This theory has 4 key points…. individuals of a species are not identical; traits are passed from generation to generation; more offspring are born than can survive; and only the survivors of the contention for resources will transcribe.

This process doesn’t support traits that are inherently superior. Instead, it supports traits that are beneficial in a specific environment. Traits that are supportive in one environment might literally be detrimental in another. This needs some starting material, that is heritable variation. For this process to act on a feature, there must already be variation for that feature. Also, the differences have to be heritable, determined by the organisms’ genes. 

The original source of the new gene variants that produce new heritable traits, random mutations that are passed on to offspring typically occur in the germline, or sperm and egg cell ancestry, of organisms. Sexual reproduction “mixes and matches” gene alternative to make more discrepancy.

Darwin and Lamarck’s theories were very different, but they were also very similar also. They both thought that organisms changed, and it could be very useful and could help them survive. The alterations could then get relinquished to the young. That is how Lamarck and Darwin’s theories are similar, but Darwin’s was more successful.

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