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Express 60 as a product of it’s prime factors.

As we know that 60 is a whole number and a composite number (divisible by more than 2 numbers). Let us find the prime factors of 60 by the following method. 

1st step – Divide 60 with its smallest prime factor, which is 2 

Result:-  60/2 = 30 

2nd step – We need to see if 30 is further divided by 2? 

Result:- 30/2 = 15 

3rd step – Check if 15 is further divisible by 2 

Result:- 15/2 = 7.5 

Things to remember – Prime factors cannot be in decimal or fractions. It should be a whole number. So, we proceed to the next prime number i.e., 3 

4th step – Divide 15 by 3 

Result:- 15/3 = 5 

5th step – Now, we know that prime factor should be in whole number. So, if we divide 5 by 3, it will give us a decimal or fraction. So again, we take the next prime number which is 5 

Result:- 5/5 = 1 

Now, we just got 1 at last. We cannot divide and calculate prime factors further because multiple of 1 is 1 

ANSWER of the Prime Factorisation of 60

Thus, the Prime Factorisation of 60 = 2 × 2 × 3 × 5 or 22 × 3 × 5 

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