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How to Revise A-Level Biology?

Are you worried about how you are going to revise your A-Level biology textbook? Well, nothing to blame yourself. An average biology textbook contains a lot of content that it is hard to cram all of it. Learning all that stuff without any planning or strategizing can be a tedious way of handling it all.

But thankfully, some methods can help you get through it.

By combining the expert tips and student experience who have achieved top grades in the exam, we have created a step-by-step guide that will help you revise the Biology A-level. As the subject doesn’t contain any abstract concepts or methods, you need to learn and understand things nicely.

Make a plan: You must initiate the revision by first strategizing how much time you will spend on your subject. The whole procedure will depend on the number of topics you are doing, how much time you will spend to revise a subject, which subject you have covered and which needs much time, and how much self-study you have completed.

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After analyzing all these starts with the following steps:

1. Actively read your first topic:  Start revising the book by actively reading the first topic.

2. Close the book and then scribble down what you remember: if you have read the book with full concentration, then with your understanding, you must remember the topic you just read. Don’t look for a word-to-word thing. Just take a highlight in mind about what you remember.

3. Cross-check what you forgot or missed: Now that you have checked what you remember from the topic, check what you missed.

4. Close the book again and check what you remember: Now check on what else you remember other than what you did last time. Take your time and move to the next topic.

5. Go through all the past papers: Once you are done with a chapter or your book, it’s time to go through the subject’s past papers. This will introduce you to the type of question the examiner will ask and how you need to answer them. Past papers can be a savior when it comes to getting familiar with the paper pattern and how you need to attempt it.

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Visualize the in-depth understanding of the natural world!
Visualize the in-depth understanding of the natural world!

Biology would sound more interesting when your curiosity levels are satisfied with better visuals & logical explanations.

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