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Top 7 Facts You Should Consider When Looking for a university.

A complete guide that helps you step into the professional world by selecting the right university in the right way.

Choosing a professional University is one of the most important yet toughest decisions of one’s life. Whether you are selecting an online or offline mode for your courses, the university will make a lasting impact on both your professional and personal life.

Don’t delve into the emotional roller coaster or be every diligent while following your gut feeling. It’s a matter for your entire life.

Enrolling in a university requires in-depth research while considering all factors to find the best-suited one for your dream career.

What role does university play in your life?

While zero-in on the best university for your next education phase, avoid choosing randomly.

A renowned and good University will open the gates for multiple career opportunities with handsome salary packages. A career you have always dreamed of.

University is one of the biggest key players in one’s life. Here are the reasons:

  • Academic Success

A reputed and established university will not only have seasoned faculty but will have teachers who are the real mentors of one’s life. Their subject matter expertise helps the students to expand their knowledge base and gain advanced in-depth knowledge to boost their intellect levels.

  • Better Career Graph

The best way to ensure a high-pitched career graph is to get professional education in a well renowned and best university. Most of the students have no idea what they want to achieve in their lives.

A good university gives direction to their career and dreams. Makes them capable enough to make the right decisions and climb the success ladder.

  • Ability to withstand adversity

While standing the test of time during the financial crisis or economic disasters, students having professional degrees from reputed companies excel far better than ordinary university students.

Selecting the right university is like an investment for life and the benefits are overloading. A robust knowledge base will make the student stand unprecedented amongst other rivals and helps them survive the hard times with ease.

And, ensures employment security and individual satisfaction.

  • Overall development

Most of the reputed universities not only make their students excel in academics but take equal pains to turn them into allrounders. This way the students almost master every sphere in life and head toward a bright future.

Now we know the benefits of enrolling in the right university.

The main question arises that how to find a perfect university.

Here are 7 major things that you need to take into account when looking for a university.

1.     League Tables

League tables are the list of ranking of universities that how well they are performing.

Several ranking metrics are used to determine the rankings such as student satisfaction, graduate prospects and other requirements that help you understand what makes the university successful.

You can shortlist the factors that are important for you and then, make a list of top universities where you want to apply.

League tables are just to give you an idea and should not be considered as the final metrics as these keep on fluctuating every year.

Other factors hold equal importance. You can begin by exploring the University’s website.

2.     University Website

Well, it might be obvious to check out the university’s website but you should know what all things to look for. A website is the face of the university that can help you give many useful insights about its working, academics, courses offered and campus etc.

Look out for a FAQ or a Q&A section that will help resolve all your queries. You can approach alumni of the college through social media and interact with them for a genuine feedback.

Explore the students’ blog to get a realistic view of how exactly it feels to study at this university.

3.     Academics, Courses and Faculty

The main reason you are exploring a university’s website is that it’s offering the course you’re interested in.

You would like to consider the different variations of subjects the university is offering and finalize the best suitable course for you. So, your task is to pick the best suitable course that interests you and then explore the admission process and other formalities.

Choosing the right course

Course selection is very important as it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It has been noted that around 4% of the students later regret having made a wrong choice.

You need to make sure that whatever stream you are interested in, the university has a strong reputation in that specific subject.

This can be easily done by exploring rankings, meeting alumni or student forums.

Academics & faculty

Academics and faculty go hand in hand. A university professor can be much more than being just a teacher. They are mentors!

The teachers are not only equipping you with excellent academic knowledge but also instilling values that prepare you to fight every life scenario.

However, if along with a qualified teacher you also want personal attention then big universities may not be suitable for you. Professors at bigger universities are more focused on research work and delegate the teaching to graduate students or temporary teachers.

On the other hand, there is more focus on classroom teaching in small universities and the students are offered greater access to faculty.

Beyond the classroom

Checkout what all clubs, sports team or other extracurricular things are available with the university. Don’t let your passion die, after’ll it’s the thing that defines you!

4.     Career Success & Placement Year

Explore the ways how the university can help you prepare for the future whether by helping you enter the workforce or by proving exceptional level of education.

You must understand the career prospects related to your course and how the university can help to achieve them.

You know about the course and the profession you want to take up next after graduating from the university. So, why not go for a University that offers placement in the third year?

This will help you gain a better edge over your classmates and other graduates sailing in the same boat.

5.     Location & Open Day

It may happen that the university is not in your hometown, so you need to live away from your friends, family or sometimes even country.

If you avoid living away from the family, then look out for options in your city else the whole world becomes your family.

The life of a student doesn’t stop only at the campus. It’s important to know the connectivity, marketplaces, parks or other entertainment zones as well in that city.

To get the real look and feel of the campus it is advisable to go for as many open days as possible.

Open Day means when the educational institution is open for the public to visit as usually they don’t have access to get a glimpse of the institution from inside.

Keep a check on the University website for the Open Day dates. Do proper planning and explore everything you would like to.

Talk with the professors, discuss the courses, have a look at the classes and other infrastructure of the University.

Discuss with the admission tutor about the admission process, key things required to make your application stand above the rest.

6.     Accommodation

Many universities offer campus-based accommodation while some allow you to go for off-campus accommodation or take up a private room in the location. It depends from person to person where he/she wants to put in.

Going for a campus-based accommodation makes you feel more like a community as you can mingle with like-minded people. But, going for a non-campus accommodation gives you more freedom.

Explore the university website for more information or visit the campus during open days and get the real feel.

7.     Finances

Fees and finances are something that bothers university students more than high school students. You need to plan your finances properly to cover the university costs.

Checkout whether the University allows you to work part-time as it would help you to manage your expenses in a better way.

Do checkout for scholarship options internal as well offered by some private institutes.

Which College is suitable for me?

Enrolling in the right university is indeed the first step that decides your future and lays the foundation stone for your success. So,

  • Make sure that the University where you are applying is accredited.
  • The aspirants should very carefully choose between the modes of education and then explore the courses.
  • Location and neighbourhood play a vital role in University selection.
  • The aspirants must consider the academic quality, faculty and exposure to extra-curricular activities as well.
  • Don’t forget to explore the campus’ look & feel, culture and environment of the University.
  • Manage your finances well before zero-in on the University.

When to go for a Big College?

It’s always better to aim for a big college if:

  • You can learn independently as teachers are preoccupied with other research works.
  • Want to get associated with a good brand name.
  • You want full access to wide variety of sports, clubs and other extracurricular activities.
  • You understand that there is going to be a tough competition for every opportunity offered at the University.
  • Wanna be a part of a large alumni group after graduation.
  • There are no issues on your side while taking a bus or bit of walking to your class.
  • Your primary target is research.

When to go for a small College?

You don’t mind enrolling yourself in a small college, if:

  • You need a high school kind of environment.
  • You depend a lot on your teachers and classmates for guidance and help.
  • You need a deep bonding and recognition between you and your teachers as well as classmates.
  • Least bothered about being associated with a brand.
  • Everything is approachable in the campus and has nothing much to explore.

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