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What Does Denatured Mean in Biology? 

In biology, the term Denaturation refers to a process where molecular structure diverges from its original state when bared to a denaturing agent. Examples of biomolecules that denature include proteins and nucleic acids. Talking about denaturing of proteins, Denaturation implies the destruction of the tertiary structure of a protein molecule and the formation of random polypeptide chains. 

The Denaturation of proteins results in protein structure and stability disturbances. In short, a protein’s 3D structure disrupts due to exposure to specific physical or chemical factors known as denaturants. However, denaturants may be in the form of acid, solvents, heat, radiation, etc. 

When protein is exposed to a denaturant, its structure gets altered, resulting in the loss of its innate biological functions and activities. 

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Visualize the in-depth understanding of the natural world!

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