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What is A Vector in Biology

A vector is a vehicle or medium which transfers a disease and pathogens. These are the agents who send the virus from animal to man or man to animal. The medium may be infected or pure causing infections and viruses to an individual. 

For example: 

  • Female Anopheles Mosquito Cause Malaria, here mosquito is a vector of the disease malaria 
  • Tsetse flies cause sleeping sickness 

 Vectors cause disease by mixing with our blood and becoming part of our DNA fragments. They can make instant connections to our body’s cells and tissue.


Vectors carry bacteria, germs, and micro-germs with them in separate ways. Depending on which, they are divided into two main parts. 



An animal that infects the host without being infected is a Mechanical vector. 

This type of animal spreads the infection by sitting on the source, taking the effect with them, and leaving the bacteria of that source to an entity. 

For example- a housefly 

When a housefly lands on the dirt and unhygienic places they carry some of the effects with them and leave the impact wherever they go without being infected. 


An animal that carries infection and diseases and bites the host by which the man gets infected is known as Biological Vector. These insects, flies, or mosquitoes are already influenced by the disease and their blood cells have been completely replaced by the infection. 

For example- Malaria, dengue, yellow fever, and many more. 

When they bite, you directly come under the effect of light or harsh symptoms such as irritation, itching, and high fevers. 

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