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Differentiation takes place in multicellular organisms. It is a way for a primary cell to assign the jobs to sub- cells. The cell gets divided to perform specific roles which lead to the development and maturation of an organism. 

Differentiation is a specialization of cells for performing relatable tasks and functions in a body. This process of changing and modifying cells is called ‘Differentiation.’ 


Let us take an example of Stem cell divides into two cells. The one cell has been assigned the role of a white blood cell known as ‘Neutrophil’ and the other cell is divided as red blood cell known as ‘Erythrocyte.’ 

We know that the cell is the smallest unit of an organism. There are single-celled organisms and multi-cellular organisms. Both functions differently.  

Single-cell units perform all functions needed for the functionality of a proper life and they are good at doing all different things. While in the case of multi-cell organisms, each has its responsibility.  

  • During differentiation, cells undergo many stages which lead to several changes in the structure and the function of a living being. 
  • Specialized cells can be differentiated and differentiated cells cannot be further divided. Only undifferentiated cells can be divided or specialized.  
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Visualize the in-depth understanding of the natural world!

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