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Why HTML is important to learn programming?

HTML is the language of the Internet. Without it, the digital world lacks existence. 

Whether you are planning to take up a career in web development or planning to launch your own website, knowledge of HTML is absolutely necessary. 

What is HTML? 

HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is one of the primary three languages that is used to build every single website that you see on the internet.  

It defines the structure of the website such as how to place the things correctly like images, text, banners etc on a web page.  

Why it is important to learn HTML for programming? 

Learning HTML opens the gateways for one of the most highly demanded professionals in the industry today i.e. web developers and front end developers.  

No, matter which coding language you are using, PHP or JavaScript, at the end, everything gets converted into HTML to render a best view to the users.  

  • HTML is the past, present and future of internet 

HTML and CSS is the oldest and still stand irreplaceable in the web programming languages.  

Without these, there will be no websites. 

HTML gives the students a clear insight on how internet works and how to reach the audience is a best possible way.  

Understanding HTML makes the student understand the working and building of websites.  

There is no life without internet today. So, HTML is very crucial to learn in today’s scenario. 

  • HTML makes your learn other languages faster  

Since, HTML is the basic markup language, this helps you to understand other programming languages in a better way. 

HTML makes you understand the importance of tags and syntax, which is a vital when you learn any other programming language.  

Be it software or web programming, understanding HTML gives you an idea how the control flows step by step. 

  • Debugging made easier 

There is no point in learning any language of you don’t know how to debug the code.  

Since, HTML offers a simple interface, the concept of debugging becomes more clear. 

It’s easy to spot the errors when you visualize and debug the code to make it run more smoothly and effectively. 

  • Learn the basics of functions  

Functions are nothing but a basic block of code that performs a particular function and helps to maintain the cleanliness of the code. 

CSS does the same thing. Rather than writing the same formatting technique again and again, CSS helps the user to define all the formatting statements under one heading or “id”.  

HTML uses that “id” in its tags and the CSS gets loaded there in the run time. 

  • Fundamentals of Algorithms 

Algorithm or the flow chart of the problem is critical for developing any project. 

HTML helps you grab some basic fundamentals of algorithms.  

While designing the web page you need to track a lot of options such as navigation, menu items, hyperlinks, what happens when a person clicks the form etc. 

All these things form the basics of algorithms. A student learns how to plot the sequence of events and what will happen next. 

And this all what an algorithm does for any program. 

  • Learn different CMS 

Once you know the HTML, working with any kind of CMS or Content Management System is fun.  

You need to have little technical skills and the basic understanding of HTML, if you want to go creative with page creation strategies.  

HTML makes you learn and understand how the things exactly work in a CMS and makes your troubleshooting easier.  

So, HTML is here to stay and there is no internet or website without HTML.  

So, if you want to learn JavaScript, CSS, PHP or Angular JS effectively, start learning HTML today.  


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