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How to improve vocabulary?

An easier way to improve your vocabulary is to add new words to it daily. Not in a writing mode but memorizing it as well.

Improving the vocabulary is not a one-day task but requires constant efforts and a routine. Not only while writing but while speaking or communicating with someone, a rich vocabulary impacts differently. Therefore, improving the vocabulary is indeed an essential factor.

Here are several ways you need to follow to improve your vocabulary.


  • Develop a reading habit

Vocabulary development is easy when you encounter some new words in context and to understand what it refers to; you generally check out the words’ accurate meaning. It is not only about reading your books, but you can choose any other reading material, including storybooks, newspapers, or any other.

But don’t forget to write down unfamiliar words with their meaning. This will undoubtedly help you memorize it for a longer time.


  • Play word games

Who said that learning couldn’t be fun? You can choose some word puzzle games like boggle or scrabble that will give you a fun-filled way to expand your English vocabulary.

The word games are all about making new words with appropriate meaning as per your knowledge but only with the left-out alphabets as you cannot always choose all the alphabets to make a new word.


  • Use flashcards

Flashcards are a quick way to develop a strong vocabulary and study several words simultaneously. It is a convenient way and easy to organize. The use of flashcards is to add one new word a day and mention the meanings along with the word.


  • Use mnemonics

A mnemonic is a word association form that helps remember the definitions of words and their proper uses. Take a complicated or a new word, break it down into parts, and relate it to something that is easily memorizable.


  • Practice using new words in conversations

To improve your vocabulary, all you need to do is use the new words in daily communications. Pick a new word that means precisely to the word which is commonly used.

Replace the common word with a new one and use it often in your conversations. You need to first try using it in conversations to memorize it for a longer time.


  • Listen to Music

Music is indeed a fun way to add new words to your dictionary. Choose some popular English songs and listen to them with full attention. Try to understand and grasp the word delivery, and here if you understand the meaning of the word, it’s excellent; if not, note down the word, check out the meaning, and then move further.


  • Watch movies

Listening is indeed a profound way of enhancing your vocabulary. Watching movies can be an excellent way to improve your vocabulary. If you have a problem understanding the dialogue delivery, you can combine the listening and reading altogether.

Wondering how? You can choose movies with subtitles where you can read and listen to the words appropriately. Check the unfamiliar words meaning and note it down for later.


  • Makeup associations

To make up associations, you need to start by saying a new word out loud and then relate it to a word you already know. For instance, if we talk about the word gargantuan, that means gigantic. You can learn it using a sequence starting from small to gargantuan.


  • Make your vocabulary tests.

It is not about learning only. But you also need to make your own vocabulary tests to check whether you are doing it right or not.


Bottom Line!

Learning and enriching your vocabulary is not a challenging mountain to climb. If done the right way, it can be rewarding and can make you a self-confident person. Apply the ways mentioned above to improve your vocabulary and have a happy learning every day.


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