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CO in chemistry is a combination of two atoms i.e. One atom of Carbon and one atom of Oxygen. Both are attached by two covalent bonds and has a single dative bond. Thus, on reacting the two atoms a new element CO, known as ‘Carbon Monoxide,’ is formed.  

  • The compound is formed by reacting Carbon and Oxygen at feverish temperature by adding a catalyst. 
  • It has a molar mass of 28.01 g per mole. 
  • It is highly toxic and has no colour and odour. 

Uses of CO 

  • The main usage of CO is seen in the production of methanol. 
  • Carbon monoxide is a strong reducing agent. 
  • It is used in food materials to make them more acidic. 
  • CO can clear out the rust settled on the surfaces of metals.

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