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What is core math?

Core math is that branch of mathematics where the primary focus is on using and applying math to solve authentic problems and real-life scenarios drawn from work and life with a strong emphasis on problem-solving. In core math focus is shifted from rote learning to concepts based learning and exploring various skills, techniques, and approaches to solve the problems in a way that is best.

What is core math for?

It is suitable for students who do wish to develop their mathematical, quantitative, and statistical skills by studying maths. Core maths is best for students who have cleared GCSE and have achieved grade 4 (Grade C) or above and are not interested in studying AS or A-levels. It’s a level-3 or post-16 qualification which can be taken aside A-level (or AS-level) or other level-3 qualifications. The UCAS tariff points are same as that in AS level qualification.


The objectives of teaching core math can be discussed as under:

  • Deepen the competence in solution by innovative use of methods and techniques.
  • Skill building in mathematical reasoning, thinking, analysing and communication.
  • Build confidence in interpreting and analysing authentic real situations.

Importance of Core Math:

Core math means to teach kids innovative and creative ways to problem solving and teaching them different skills that makes learning maths easy, fun-filled and interesting. Core maths understands that every child has its own pace of learning and concept grasping ability. No two students are same.

The modern tutors believe to equip the students with such skills that enable the children to solve the problem with a method best suited to them. This is helpful to those students who need to find the answer in a different way because rote learning is not a one-size fits all approach. It’s all applying common sense and adding practicality to the subject by inculcating scientific approach in students.

Common Core math was basically designed to revolutionize the traditional teaching methods. The main objectives are:

  • To skill up the graduating high school students so that they can enter the mainstream with a bang and or excel in higher education.
  • Smoothen out the differences between individual state practices and curriculums.

How is core math taught?

In core math students are made to learn through collaboration and problem solving – both vital for future studies and teamwork. Group work and discussion is strongly encouraged while studying as it develops fluency and confidence in applied mathematical skills.

Most Core Maths qualifications also include:

  • Interpreting best solutions
  • understanding sources of error and bias
  • Data analysis and variation in statistics
  • risk and probability
  • Model growth and decay by using exponential functions
  • percentage change
  • Graph interpretation
  • financial maths
  • using standard units
  • Fermi estimation
  • Normal distribution
  • correlation
  • Evaluating assumptions while problem solving

Core Maths makes the students feel more confident and equips them with skills that help them to meet the advanced mathematical demands of the market as well as open opportunities for employment and higher education.


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Unleash the Power of visualization to break tough concepts

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