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In Chemistry, we deal with solutes and solvents. Dissolution is the process of mixing solute and solvent to make a new formation. The solute can be any matter like solid, liquid or gas. The mixing of the solute and solvent components forms a solution, the process of dissolving the particles and forming a new product is called “dissolution” 

Solute + Solvent = Solution 

A solution is the homogeneous mixing of two or more bound components.  

The above figure shows an example of ‘Dissolution’ 

  • A solvent is the main component present in a solution that acts as a dissolving agent. 
  • A solute is a substance that is dissolved in a solvent for the formation of a “solution”. 
  • Polar solutes dissolve in a polar solvent and non-polar solutes can be readily dissolved in non-polar solvents. 

In Dissolution, the resulting product is formed by attractive forces between the atoms or molecules involved in a substance.

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