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Antoine- Laurent de Lavoisier is the founder of modern chemistry. He was born in 1743 on the 26th day of August in Paris. His father was a lawyer and his mother had he own business. Since his childhood days, he has been so much into science and performing experiments. He belonged to a Wealthy family and had excellence granted in blood. 

“Life is a chemical reaction” ~ Antoine Lavoisier 

  • In 1764 he joined the ‘Royal Academy of Science’ and by 1775 Lavoisier opened his laboratory where he discovered most of his inventions. 
  • Silicon, Sulpher, Water, Oxygen, Nitrogen is famous elements that he discovered and worked on for his commendable projects. 
  • Along with Lavoisier, Robert Boyle and Dalton are also given the tags ‘The father of modern chemistry. 

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