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What is the difference between english language and english literature?

English Language

1. English language is focusing mainly on, how language works in a complete span of text. You can observe this language in books, the media, TV and speeches. This is one of the best innovations of Mankind.

Without language we won’t be able to share our knowledge, opinions, ideas, feelings or express anger, excitement, nervousness, fears, with another person. 

2. Here we not addressing only the vocal language, but all the systems used as a medium for communication. 

3. In nature the literature is expressive and concerned with the discourse. 

4. This is an intellectual body of sounds, symbols and meaning which are control by grammatical rules and structures.

5. English language is mostly stimulating interactivity between living structure. 

English Literature

1. English Literature is focusing mainly on in-depth study of works of literature, mainly novels, plays and poetry. 

2. This can be mentioned as any body of knowledge, present in written form which is used to express of one’s thoughts, opinions and ideas, about culture, tradition, life experiences. 

3. In nature this is completely imaginative.

4. It’s basically comprises of written works, conceptual thoughts and deliberation. It basically inspires amusement and acknowledgment.

 5. The literature is mostly stimulating on relaxation and declaration of actuality and conception.

Let your personality sparkle when you speak!
Let your personality sparkle when you speak!

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