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What is the difference between soy and estoy?

Soy is derived from the verb “ser” whereas the “estoy” is derived from “estar.”

These terms might sound complicated but are very simple to understand.

Let us start with known each of them separately.


What is Soy?

“Soy” is generally used when we talk about permanent things. These refer to the permanent things that do not change from hour to hour or day to day.

So, for instance, if I say “Soy Estudiante”

This means that I am a student.

And as said earlier, it doesn’t change from hour to hour or day to day.


What is Estoy?

“Estoy” is the term that is used when we talk about the states or variable things. Like when we talk about somebody’s mood, location, or weather.

For instance, if I say “Estoy harto”

This means that I am fed up.

And as it is said earlier it represents the mood and which is a temporary state.

Differences between Soy and Estoy

  • Estoy term comes from the verb estar, whereas the soy term comes from verb ser.
  • The Estoy term’s meaning is I am, whereas Soy means the same.
  • Estar is used with a temporary state, whereas the ser is more permanent.
  • Ser comes from a Latin word, which means “to be” whereas the estar comes from another Latin word that means “stand up.”

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Understanding the difference!

To better understand the difference between both the terms, let me give you an example that can clear the difference. Let us take two words that have different meanings, but the terms are closely related.

Taking the example:

Soy borracho that means “I am a drunkard”

Estoy borracho that means “I am drunk”

Now, look at these two sentences; the meaning of both of them is so different but are indeed closely related.

And this is what marks the huge difference between both the terms.


Bottom Line!

Ser that is Soy is used for more permanent stuff whereas Estar that us Estoy is used for conditions or states. They might sound complicated but once you get a clear vision of both terms, it won’t remain complicated to understand it well.


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