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Children have been reading about the fact that plants make their food with the help of sunlight and water. Also, leaves are the primary part that prepares the essential nutrients by the process of ‘Photosynthesis.’ Have you ever thought of how do leaves manage to transfer the food to the When leaves transport food to the other parts of the plants? 


Translocation is the process by which leaves transports prepared nutrients and all food (essential for the growth of the entire plant) to the other parts of the plant. The process takes place with the help of phloem and xylem. 







  • Phloem has sieve tubes that are accountable for the distribution of food molecules to every part of the plant. 
  • The transportation process of plants is Bi-directional. So, the food can go upward to downward and vice-versa depending on the location where the food is prepared and needed. 
  • The part where food is present acts as ‘Source’ and the other parts are known as ‘Sink.’ 
  • The source is usually ‘Green’ in colour and the Sink being the fruit part can be of any other colour. 
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