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10+ Best Ideas For Building Confidence In Maths.

If Your Child Is Lacking In Mathematics This Article Can Help Your Teen To Build Confidence In Maths.

“Maths just isn’t my thing”

Does your child also feel the same? Then, he/she must be lacking confidence in maths and will be considering solving maths problems as a serious obstacle in academics.

Do you know the renowned mathematician Laurent Schwartz also experienced the same thing when he was in High School? Still, he fought over and went to win the highest award in the field of mathematics- Fields Award. Well, there could be many reasons if your child is struggling with problem-solving in maths – a subject that is notorious to be a cup of tea only for brainy students.

Your child can also be a maths genius. Read the full article to understand why students struggle with this subject and some easy DIY ideas that help to build confidence in maths.

From where does this maths phobia stem?

Most of the students who fear maths may have had traumatic or negative maths experiences that had resulted in humiliation or embarrassment somewhere in their life. Children may also have received bad feedback regarding maths from peers or family members that resulted in building a negative perception of maths.

Also, teaching by insensitive or inexperienced teachers ensues poor concepts and basics. This hampers their base towards maths that triggers anxiety and phobia towards maths.

But, the good news is that this acquired negative anxiety can be fixed. By following certain strategies and DIY ideas your children can make a strategic transformation from anxious minds to resilient learners.

Importance of self-confidence in maths

In today’s era, survival is the toughest for people who lack self-confidence. On the other hand, confident people can make their way in any situation, no matter what. Be it schools, the community where they live or the workplace where they step in for their living, confident people excel everywhere.

Self-confidence in maths is the key to success as well as building a positive outlook towards life as the child can do all the everyday calculations with ease.

Give your child a proper positive and constructive environment that helps them to succeed in every sphere of life. It is very important to bring that positive spark in children so that they can easily improvise and adjust themselves to achieve the things they want.

Let’s discuss some tips and ideas for building confidence in maths and making the children fall in love with this subject.

1. Maths Is Flexible

Make your child understand that maths is flexible and is not a subject that needs mugging up. The children should be taught maths by taking real-world examples to make things more interesting and engaging. For example: teaching the fun fact that 7 + 8 = 15 is also equal to 10 + 5 would make them more familiar with numbers.

2. Math Is An Everyday Adventure

Involve your child in everyday maths problems such as those related to money, distance, using measurements in cooking, weight, discounts, profit, and loss, etc. This real-life exposure to maths will help children to mitigate their hesitation and will make them understand the importance of maths in one’s life.

3. Mistakes Are The First Step Towards Learning

It’s human nature that everyone is scared of making mistakes and when it comes to children, they are more intimidated by the same.

Make your child understand the importance of mistakes. Children should be inspired to learn from their mistakes and should be encouraged to take their failures in a positive way. The brain learns a new thing whenever a mistake is made.

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4. Monitor Your Child

If your child is frequently complaining about his incompetence in doing maths problems, sit down with him. Discuss the issues and understand why he is not able to catch mathematics.

Keep reminding him that learning comes by making mistakes and encourage your child to keep negative thoughts at bay. Make your child believe that he/she can do the thing by infusing positive vibes. Keep monitoring his self-talk and make sure that the talk is positive.

5. Give Positive Feedback

Did you say “Good Job!” or “Well done!” when your child solves a problem on its own? These few encouraging words act as mental boosters for the kids and push them to excel better.

Always explain to them what actions/steps made them solve that problem. Whether it’s their patience, effort, or practice, a small discussion on their skills helps the kids understand their strengths and weakness in a better way.

6. Daily Practice

Maths is one such Subject that requires daily practice to master the concepts. Multiple listening to lectures won’t help until the children apply the concepts to solve a problem by themselves.

Apart from the weekly studies, a few extra minutes on the revision of formulas or practicing problems will make the child feel more confident and prepared for their quizzes, tests, and other exams.

This extra practice would reap benefits in the future as the child will be able to score excellent grades, scores, and even crack scholarships.

7. Home Assessment

Listening to and acknowledging children is also critical in building confidence in maths. Occasionally take out time and sit with your children and understand their strategy in solving the problem.

Even if they are wrong, don’t interrupt them and listen to them till they are finished. This is a great opportunity to assess your kid’s understanding as well as their perspective to solve a problem.

Appreciate them and if their problem-solving strategy requires some tweaks, explain it to the child in a subtle manner.

8. Set Realistic Goals

Always set realistic and achievable goals for math, even better, if a child sets his own goals. Break those goals into small milestones and keep tracking them as the year progresses.

These goals will help a child as well as parents to visualize the performance on fixed parameters. If a child is unable to meet the goals, work on it where things went wrong.

When the child achieves a goal, celebrate it and start with a new one. Keep on reminding your child that it’s their hard work and patience that enabled them to accomplish their maths goals.

9. Be Conscious On Choosing Words

As a parent, you need to be very conscious of words selection while sharing your own experiences with children. Maths may not be your favorite subject but mind telling your children that maths is a bad subject.

The children will lose their interest unintentionally. Also, it will discourage them from building an interest in mathematics. In fact, tell your child that with a little smart work they can become a maths genius.

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10. Play Math games

The best way to make your child fall in love with maths is by making him learn the fun way. Involve him/her in some sort of playing activities to make them learn the concepts of maths. For example, you can use snakes & ladders and Sudoku to explain the concepts of addition and subtraction, use a real-world clock for a better understanding of time-related concepts. Take your kid to a nearby grocery or shopping mall and explain to him how discounts, pricing system works.

Also, make children learn a few shortcuts to a problem such as by making them learn quicker maths or Vedic Maths as it helps them solve even complicated calculations within seconds.

This significantly boosts their confidence levels as they will be the first ones to answer a problem when questioned by their teacher.

11. Teach Someone Else

The best way to build confidence in maths is by teaching the concepts that you have learned to someone else. Play role play games where your child becomes a tutor and you become a student. Explaining the concepts helps the child understand all the elements of a lesson properly. This would also help him/her to understand how to break a problem into steps and work over it.

Our professional and experienced maths faculty helps the children fight anxiety and build their confidence by providing an interactive and engaging learning environment. Concept clearing and building a solid foundation for maths is a priority for us so that they succeed in every sphere of academics and real life.

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