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Tips on Choosing the Right Online Tutor.

“Go for a demo class to analyze the teaching skills of the tutor and then decide whether you want to join the course or not. 

Whether your child is studying in junior grades or preparing for GCSE, you as a parent always want to give the best foundation to your children for a successful future. Finding the right tutor that meets your expectations and makes your child excel in academics is an intimidating task.

While there may be highly qualified and experienced tutors but other factors such as teaching style, convenience and cost also play a key role while you zero in on a perfect fit. 

Read the full article to get insights on the importance of a tutor in a child’s life and some effective tips on choosing the right online tutor. 

Online Tutoring: An emerging trend

Due to the upheaval caused by the deadly pandemic, online channels are increasingly dominating our day-to-day lives. This has led to an increase in online tutoring getting more prominence than traditional coaching. Gone are the days when finding a good online tutor used to be a challenge and was a frustrating task. But not anymore! 

The digital world has opened gateways to a lot of e-learning opportunities. With a plethora of online education platforms coming up, online learning has become the new normal of next-gen learners.  

Why it is important to pay attention to choose the right tutor?

It’s the tutors that make the child stay enthusiastic about their learning. Right guidance and mentorship by the teachers make the children more confident and help them voice their opinions. Saying “Good Job!” or patting on the back can do wonders for the children. Let’s discuss the role of a tutor in a child’s development. 

  • Make the learning fun 

Instead of explaining concepts theoretically, teachers today make their class more interactive by using the latest pedagogical techniques such as AV aids, games, diagrams, etc. This ensures better understanding and grasping of concepts. Therefore, a solid and long-lasting foundation of basics gets laid for the students 

  • Connect with Real Life 

Most of the students wonder that where the knowledge they are gaining gets applied in our lives. Learning without its connection with real life makes the student believe that education is unimportant as it lacks practicality. A tutor helps the students to connect the lessons with real life and how these concepts are used to pursue career goals.  

  • Performance Goals 

The right tutor helps the child to understand and set the performance goals. The teacher also keeps the child motivated to achieve the goals. Various challenging assignments are drafted to track the child’s performance and improve his analytical and logical skills.  

  • Career Counselling 

Well, there are so many career options available in today’s world that the child may get lost. For a newbie or an inexperienced child, things may become really difficult and challenging.

The real talent of the child may get lost in other irrelevant sparkling career options. Here, a tutor becomes the role model and helps the children discover their true talent and potential. Thereby, guiding children to pick a career that suits their interests, talent, and skill.  

  • Be the change  

Tutors or teachers not only help students to nail their academics but also help to become a better human being. Several characteristics such as patience, motivation, determination, listening skills, etc are an indispensable part of a child’s personality. It’s the tutor that helps to persuade the younger generation in a positive way and encourages the students to become a better version of themselves.  

There was a time when the teacher used to read from pre-written notes or present them on power-point slides but today these obsolete teaching methodologies are not entertained anymore. Students and teachers are adopting new technologies and learning techniques that enable the students to stand above the rest in every phase of life.  

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Benefits of choosing online tutor over traditional ones

With the advent of technology, more and more students are inclined towards online learning platforms and picking online tutors over the traditional ones. Let’s have a look at why students prefer online tutors. 

1. 24/ 7 Availability 

You can book your classes with online tutors at your convenience. Now you can make learning happen anytime irrespective of your demographics, geography, and time zone. Struck in a problem? Don’t worry as you can easily connect with your tutor online and get your problem solved instantaneously. 

2. Flexible and Personalized approach 

As most of the tutors online provide various aids that enable fast learning such as recorded lessons, videos, games, presentations, etc, the students can access them any time they want. Every child has its own learning pace, so the students can revise and practice again and again till they feel confident. The students can easily book their slots with their tutors as per their family schedules.  

3. Available for all 

Age is not a barrier to learning. Most of the elderly hesitate to take their learning to the next level or complete their education. Online tutoring is a golden opportunity for people with certain disabilities or the elderly to get professional assistance and make their way to the mainstream.  

4. Affordable and high quality 

The best part is that you don’t have to step out of your home to enroll with an online tutor. Even if you are doing a job, you still can avail yourself of the education by joining an online tutor and selecting a time slot as per your comfort zone. The one-on-one sessions make the students feel more connected, engaged, and high-on learning.  

5. More productive  

Studies have proved that online tutoring has tremendously improved the performance of the students, be it academics or extracurricular. As the courses are tailored as per the needs of the students and the latest industry trends, a student becomes more confident and becomes more focused on achieving his/her goals.  

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Best Way to Find the Right Online Tutor 

The benefits of Online Tuitions are unanimous that includes saving time, money, and resources too! The personal approach of online tutors paves greater flexibility and convenience for both parents and students. A lot of commuting time is saved which can be invested well in studying and preparing more. 

Unlike the offline world, where word-of-mouth, references, and personal opinions matter a lot, things are more streamlined and transparent in the digital world. But, 

Where to find the right online tutors? 

  • Use Search Engines 

The ideal way to find the best online tutor for your child is to Google it. Of course, you can use other search engines as well such as Bing. Explore the e-learning platforms emerging these days and attend a demo class to gauge the quality of education imparted by the tutors. Do consider the online ratings, reviews, feedback, and testimonials before you finalize any e-learning platform.  

  • Use Social Media Platforms 

Not getting a good lead through search engines. 

Use social media platforms to find the best online tutors in your locality. The social profiles of the tutors are visible on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This helps you get a better idea of the tutor’s professional appearance and ensure that the person is genuine and not fake.  

How to choose the right Online Tutor? 

Till now you must have decided from where you’ll be hiring a tutor. Next is, how to select the right online tutor for your child. Here are a few tips that you can follow before you finalize your tutor.  

1. Demo class  

Always go for a demo class to analyze the teaching skills of the tutor and then decide whether you want to join the course or not. Even a single demo class of 30-40 minutes will help you understand the skill, experience, and expertise of the tutor.

Most of the online learning platforms offer the first class for free or give a demo before enrolling the students. This is a great opportunity for parents and students to ensure that every penny they spend is worth it! 

2. Teaching Experience 

The more the tutor has a teaching experience in the subject you desire, the better it is. Make sure that the tutor is still active in teaching. You can cross-verify that by having a glimpse of the tutor’s social media profile.

Tutors believing in concept building rather than rote learning are the ideal ones. Watch out that your tutor should ask follow-up questions, understand your learning pace and tailor lessons as per your child’s grasping skills.  

3. Subject Matter Expertise 

Before hiring a tutor, do consider the subject matter expertise of the tutor in the area you intend to seek help. This factor becomes more prominent with higher classes especially when it comes to GCSE exams. A general science tutor may be able to explain the basic concepts of organic and inorganic chemistry, but you may need a subject matter expert if you wish to clear your GCSE exam with flying colors.  

4. Teaching Style 

Every child has a unique way of grasping concepts. Some children feel comfortable when learning is accompanied by visual aids while some prefer written explanations. Look for a tutor who can adapt as per the learning requirements of your child. If your child is a visual learner, make sure that the tutor you hire uses visual aids such as video, drawings, experiments, etc. 

5. Interest & Passion 

Secure the future of your children by hiring the best tutors who are genuinely interested as well as are passionate about teaching and not doing to make some quick cash. You can easily judge that while interviewing the tutor as passion gets reflected in their teaching style as well.  

6. Stick to a budget 

Money is obviously important. There is no point in hiring an expensive tutor or someone that you can’t afford. Be open-minded and look for options. You never know, you may find a life-changing tutor at a place you’ve least expected. Apart from that, many online learning platforms offer tutoring services relevant to all budgets. Explore them.  


E-learning has grown leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. Tutoring serves to be an ideal supplement that a student desires for incredible academic success. It helps the child get a better grasp on the subject, fill any gaps left in the school and come up with a solid foundation. 

Our expert faculty of experienced and expert teachers deeply understand child psychology and learning abilities. More than 90% of the students enrolled with us have shown brilliant improvement within few months of enrolment. Want to make your child stand above the rest and get the best education he/she deserves? 

Book your 60-minutes FREE DEMO class today! Hurry up! 

Discover better learning pace and Flexibility
Discover better learning pace and Flexibility

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Let’s together make your child Future ready!

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