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Don’t Let Your Children Struggle with Online Learning! 

Covid-19 has affected the entire world, and the whole population is fighting daily with it. Masks, sanitization, school closures, social distancing, working remotely, and what not have been introduced in the year 2020, and still Covid-19 show no sign of slowing down. Vaccinations are still in the developing and trial phase that is undoubtedly going to take time. 

Undoubtedly, every field is poorly affected, but the education field is the worst hit. Suddenly kids have to rely on the small mobile and tab screens to get an education. Undoubtedly, it’s a complicated situation to handle. And during this, parents are more worried about the child’s learning and education.

As the kids are studying online at home, the whole responsibility of the child’s learning transforms to the parents. 

Several questions arise in parent’s minds, including “What kids are going to do all day at home?” “How are we going to generate a routine for them?” “How are they going to cope up with their education?” “How is the kid going to learn?” And many more. But it is time to make a change by helping the kids to learn better at home. 

During this pandemic, it is common to worry about the child’s study and learning. But what if you can also be a part of their learning journey? Yes, it is possible. But all you need to do is make learning a fun activity, and then you don’t even need to worry about their studies at all. Even if the schools are closed, you can mark an imperative role in their journey.    

10 Ways You Can Help Your Children Learn At Home

Let us take a closer look at it. 

1.Schedule some indoor activities

You can start scheduling some easy indoor activities to give them the practical skills they miss due to the school closure and an easy way to entertain kids. The easy indoor activities do not require some hi-fi arrangements or not even time-taking. You can quickly gather things to indulge your kid in indoor activities to acquire new skills. 

Trash Art: You can indulge your kids in some exciting recycling activities. Choose some recyclable materials, tell them how to use them, and then allow your kids to paint them. Some kids love painting; some find it interesting to rearrange or recycle things.  

Sticky Match-up: You can choose to write some letters, numbers, maths problems, or shapes on the sticky notes and hide them in the different locations at home. Let your child search for the matches and tell them to match them to make a word, shape, or whatever you have given. This will excite them to find notes on time and can be an efficient memory game for kids. 

Toy Bin: You can also let your child rearrange the toys, wash them or organize them well after playing. 

 2. Best of kid’s media from trusted organizations

 The transformation of education from offline to online has drastically changed the scenario. Earlier, people seek some manual procedures like tuitions and several activity classes to indulge their kids in activities for the overall growth and development.

But as per the current scenario, with the online transformation, everything is accessible from your couch’s comfort. Whether it is an education class from the Best Online Tutors from any part of the world, a dance class, singing, or others, everything is easily accessible with digital devices. 

 3. Fun online family activities

Kids usually follow what they see the family doing. You can get involved with your kids in some online fun family activities that will encourage your child to learn something new. Give your child fun-packed family time. 

 4. Keep the learning straightforward

Your children are already dealing with a lot, including the routine that is suddenly changed, disconnection from friends, managing inside the house without going out, don’t try to put a lot of stress on them for their studies. Don’t be so poky about their tasks to keep telling them to study from their book materials. Instead of only focusing on child’s to learn from their boring book materials, you can choose to do the following: 

  • Share some positive memories from your childhood 
  • Talk to them openly about the daily tasks 
  • Share what you liked to learn and how you did it, what hurdles you faced 
  • Invent some new ideas for games indulging learning or some fun activities only. 

In all, what exactly you need to do is “COMMUNICATE.” 

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5. Encourage children to learn together

Undoubtedly, a fantastic way to make a child’s learning fun. As during pandemics, it is necessary to stay at home, so you must encourage your children to play and learn together. Siblings can be the best friends, best teachers, and the best secret keepers. Children learn a lot from children, and you can also choose to implement the same on your kids. Let them share their knowledge and skills to explore new ways of learning. 

6. Structure the day

 Make a routine for your child to make a day full of productive habits. Even when the schools are closed, you can still manage their routine with productive and fun-filled tasks. Create a routine with your child’s input, including their interest activities, make their learning fun with appropriate dedicated time for sound sleep and meals.

If your child feels agitated or restless when trying to learn from the online platforms, offer them a flip option to a more active option from which they will get those energy vibes. 

7. Positive Care

Instead of punishing or scolding, you must encourage your child with a positive, caring attitude. Don’t keep burdening your child or penalizing them due to their behavior. You can explain to your kid to do a lot more, so they continue learning. 

8. Coping with the closed school

The closed schools have stressed the children a lot and indirectly affected their mental peace. This is undoubtedly a new stressful situation, resulting in behavioral and some other changes in kids. Search for ways to manage their stress and spend some quality time with them to assure that they are not alone.

Parents are the best teachers, and you can do the home tutoring of your kids. Please don’t rely on others to give your kid a success-driven perspective; indulge with your child to provide them with a fruitful and inspiring learning experience. 

9. Consider trendy and engaging options for kids learning

With the increasing online trends, studying and learning opportunities are ever-increasing. You can choose to rely on some online platforms that give access to the best online tutors worldwide. It is time to upgrade your skills by exploring some smart and engaging online solutions. 

  • Brainstorm creative learning activities that meet the interest of kids 
  • Get connected to some virtual reading events 
  • Engage your kids with some online tutorials that will introduce new learning techniques and exciting ways to get the best-in-class education. 
  • Indulge kids online one on one tutoring where they will get all the attention. 

 10. Make screen time out routine

The overindulging of kids on screens may lead to health issues, including stress on the eyes, eye pain or headache, or some other issues. You cannot directly stop your kids from over-using electronic gadgets, but you can introduce some different ways to keep them away from it.

Apart from the online studies, you can motivate your kids to play some fun-filled activities with you, perform some exciting tasks that excite them to spend more time doing it, or choose some other exciting activity that will generate their interest in it. 

Apply these tactics in real life to your child and see the unbelievable results. Be a part of their transformation to leading life with a different perspective. Improving the child’s learning and helping them in their overall development can be challenging, but adopting some of the routine building tactics and trending learning procedures can be a life-changing step for you.

So, drop all the worries about your child’s learning and development and get your hands on these tactics to help your kid lead a better learning experience. 

Stay connected for more!   

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Let’s together make your child Future ready!

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