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How to calculate moles in chemistry?

A mole is defined as a substance’s mass that comprises an equal quantity of basic units. The unit of the mole is denoted by mol.


One mole of any substance is typically equal to the value of Avogadro Number, i.e., 6.023 X 1023

Coming to calculating the moles in chemistry, let us take an example to get a clear idea.


Number of moles = Mass of a substance / Mass of one mole

For instance


Determine the number of moles in 95 grams of MnO2


Given that, mass of MnO2 = 95 g


And the Mass of one mole MnO2 = 86.94 g


The number of moles can be calculated as


The number of moles = Mass of a substance/ Mass of one mole


Putting the values,


Therefore, Number of moles = 95/ 86.94 = 1.092 mol



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Discover the exact logic behind the reactions!

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