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Your Teens Mental Health Is Important A Guide for Parents.

Good mental health is essential for everyone. The challenge is real indeed, but when it comes to maintaining a teen’s mental health, things get way more complicated than they seem. Good mental health is essential for healthy teenage development, resilience, and strong relationships.  

 Whether you or your teen is experiencing challenges in your life, it is essential to show the desired love, care is support to them, and help them navigate through the tough times. Make them feel like you are always there for them.  

 Do you know that teens coping with mental health issues can struggle a lot in their day-to-day activities, and not only this but their academic life also gets affected? Yes. It might sound strange, but the truth is mental health is essential for everyone.  

 Before deciding on whether your teen needs some mental help, it is essential to know what mental health refers to and how it affects their overall academic performance and entire life perspectives.  

What Does Teenage Mental Health Refer to?

Mental health refers to the way of describing emotional and social well-being. Your teen requires good mental health to grow, adapt to changes, deal with the challenges, and build stronger relationships.  

Do you know that the teens with good mental health shine entirely differently? You will get so many signs that your child adheres to good mental health. A few of them includes: 

  • More positive about life 
  • Have healthy relationships with friends and family 
  • Feel happier instead of getting angry 
  • Perform physical activities 
  • Eat a healthy diet 
  • Can have a sound sleep 
  • Bounce back strongly from disappointments 

But what if your teen is not showing such signs and prefers to stay alone? Don’t like to indulge in extra activities and show some negative signs like angry responses? Indeed a strong indication that your teen needs your attention.  

Lack of attention or any other factor can be the reason, but at such a stage, the parents must try to provide the desired support to help their teen come out of the issue and help them get good mental health.  

Signs indicating teenagers might need help coping with their mental health!

  • Feeling hopeless 
  • Being tearful 
  • Lacking motivation 
  • Sudden behavourial changes 
  • Trouble sleeping or eating 
  • Get trapped in drug or alcohol use 
  • Avoiding social contacts or friends 
  • Refusing to work or study 
  • Loss of interest in activities 
  • Difficulty concentrating 
  • Thoughts of suicide 
  • Being antisocial or aggressive all the time 
  • Might experience physical pains including headache, backache 
  • Being anxious about physical experience or body shaming 

 If this is the case, then definitely your teen needs your help.  

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What can be the causes for teens to suffer from mental issues?

 The reasons can be manifold behind the teens suffering from mental health. A few of them may include: 

I. Academic anxiety

Academic anxiety can be one of the foremost reasons behind teens suffering from mental health issues. It may be the lower school grades, fear of scoring less in exams, competitive concerns, or any family pressure to perform better; any reason can affect the teen’s mental health.  

To help your teen cope with this, you need to be gentle with them and try following the below-mentioned tips to keep your teen mentally healthy. 

II. Cyberbullying

Getting indulged in online activities can lead to not so uncommon issues of cyberbullying that your teen might be facing. Coping with cyberbullying is indeed challenging, and your teen might try to hide it all from you because of fear. Make open conversations and let them feel secure with you to never hesitate to share anything with you.  

III. Body Shaming

Body shaming is one of the most common reasons leading to affecting mental health. Some teens are healthy, some may have a pretty face, and some may not, comparing them with other teens or their own awkward or insecure feeling about how they look, their physical appearance, or anything.  

Try to talk with them that it is okay not to have a perfect face, body, or other factors. Please encourage them to keep their self-confidence well so that they do not get influenced by such negative aspects.  

However, whatever may be the reason, your teen needs your attention never to feel unwanted and choose the correct path that will encourage their mental health and well-being. So, what you can do for them to get back on track with a healthy and peaceful state of mind. Let us dig into a few tips on it.  

What can you do for them? 

1. Focus on listening to them instead of lecturing

Do not criticize or pass judgments on your teen; instead, listen to them. The most important thing that can help you in helping your teen cope with mental health issues is communication. Let them communicate freely with you; tell them often that you are there for them. 

2. Acknowledge their feelings

Don’t avoid your teen’s feelings and concerns; they are the only way out they can share. Even if it all appears silly to you, taking them in confidence that their feelings and concerns matter a lot can make a huge difference. It will boost their confidence that there’s somebody who cares for them. 

3. Be gentle and persistent.

The only key to bring your teen out of mental issues does not to give up. Even if they shut you at first, just keep trying. Talking about mental conditions is not something strange but can be difficult.  

However, your persistent and gentle tries can only help you succeed and keep your teen safe from getting trapped in something severe. They may find it difficult to express it all but let your teen get comfortable sharing with you, and you can do this by showing the willingness to listen.  

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4. Get your teen involved.

Suggest activities and get your teen involved in them. Please encourage them to be a part of the activities. Choose the activities of their interest and encourage your teen’s talents to perform well. Appreciate them for their small achievements. 

Your teen may lack the motivation at first, but you can be a fantastic source of inspiration for them. Once they get engaged in the activities and start communicating, they will start feeling better and regain their enthusiasm. 

5. Combat social isolation

Do whatever you can to keep your teen socially connected to others. Encourage them to go out with their friends, indulge in activities, spend some family time, and several other way-outs to keep them engaged.  

 6. Get your teen indulged in physical activities. 

Mental health adheres to the same importance as physical health. But do you know that these two are connected as well? Yes. Physical and mental health are associated with each other, and exercising daily, performing yoga and meditation can be a great source to help your teen cope with the issues.  

It will not only keep the teen fit and healthy physically but also provide the desired mental peace and encourage mental and emotional well-being—such amazing benefits of performing one activity only.  

Try thinking out of the box; rather than emphasizing exercising only, you can choose the physical activities of your interest like dancing, skateboarding, going for a hike, and many more.  

7. Provide them with the balanced and nutritious meals

Ensure that the teen is getting enough nutrition they require for optimum health and mood support. Make sure your teen does not lack any of the nutrients. 

8. Encourage plenty of sleep.

Getting sound sleep can cut out half of the mental health issues. Not getting enough sleep is one of the vital signs that your teen needs some help coping with their mental and emotional health.  

Teens need more sleep than the other age groups to function optimally. Make sure your teen is not staying up until late and getting the desired rest and support.  

9. Set limits on their screen timings

Teens prefer spending time on screens to find an escape from their issues. And so their physical activities go down and the screen time goes up. This can also trap them in some suspicious activities that they will find hard to deal with.  

If this is the case, and your teen is finding an escape in the screens, you need to limit their screen time and encourage them to get involved in physical activities.  

10. Create a positive environment at home

Do not keep talking about your problems at home. Everyone faces issues at the workplace but talking about them at home and telling your teens how many difficulties you are facing gives them the desired comfort.  

Make a positive environment at home, indulge in family activities, cook together, talk about your families, how you used to spend time during your childhood, perform some activity together so they will get a sense of secured feeling.  

11. Help them develop self-esteem.

This can be a savior for you. Helping your teen develop self-esteem can help them feel good about themselves. You can do it by performing the following 

  • Show lots of love, care, and acceptance 
  • Praise them for performing better 
  • Recognize their efforts 
  • Ask them about their interest 
  • Help them set some realistic goals. 

12. Encourage them to share their feelings.

It is okay to feel sad, and you need to understand that your teen can feel low sometimes. What is essential here is to encourage them to speak out their mind. Your harsh behavior can make your teen feel unwanted, and consequently, they will start hiding their feelings from you.  

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Bottom Line! 

It’s not easy to differentiate between normal teenage growing pains and mental health issues. Recognizing it is itself a challenging task and then helping them cope with it is another next-level thing. But your love, care, and support can make a huge difference. 

Scolding teens at such unnatural behavior won’t help, but your love and support can bring real change. Try the strategies mentioned above and help your teen with no external help. If you find it complicated to deal with it, then seek some external help. 

No, no, we are not talking about some medical help. Getting medical help can sometimes make your teen more depressed. We are talking about the teaching experts who can manage it all while teaching the teens; some ample experts are proficient at teaching to maintain an appropriate balance between the teen’s mental health. 

However, it is indeed challenging to find one. If you are searching for one, your search probably ends here as TEL Gurus is backed by a team of gurus proficient in imparting education and maintaining the teen’s mental health and well-being. 

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